2nd Traveling Film Festival By El Bierzo ’38Retinas 2019’


02 Apr 2019
Call for entries

31 May 2019
Festival closed

12 Jul 2019
Notification date

15 Jul 2019
15 Dec 2019


Avda. de Asturias, s/n ,  24403, Ponferrada, León , Spain

Festival description
Short Films 30'<
Feature Films

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2017
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
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Festival start: 15 July 2019      Festival end: 15 December 2019

"38Retinas", is an annual Itinerant film festival, which aims to bring the best of short and audiovisual on social and ethnographic issues from any corner of the world, to the 38 municipalities of the region of El Bierzo who so wish.

- Audience Award "38Retinas 2019" and € 300 for the best audiovisual work on social issues of the official "Social Shorts" section.

- Special mention "Values" for the best socio-educational audiovisual work.

- Special mention "Roots" to the best ethnographic audiovisual work.

38Retinas 2019



 "38Retinas", is an annual Itinerant film festival, which aims to bring the best of short and audiovisual on social and ethnographic issues from any corner of the world, to the 38 municipalities of the region of El Bierzo who so wish.

The projections of the official section to the contest and the parallel sections will be held between July 15 and December 15, 2019. Each section will have certain programming and projection dates that will be previously communicated.

The Association "Mi Retina me Engaña" is the organizing entity of this event that has the Regional Council of Bierzo as the main collaborating entity.


- Official section

Short films of fiction, animation and documentary of any country or nationality that comply with any of the social thematic contents requested by the festival and that do not exceed 30 minutes:

1) Social Shorts (Audiovisual works with social thematic content)

- Parallel sections

They can participate or be invited by the organization short films and fiction, animation and documentary films of any country or nationality that comply with some of the social and ethnographic thematic contents requested by the festival:

2) Values ​​(Audiovisual works with socio-educational thematic contents)

3) Roots (Audiovisual works with ethnographic thematic contents)


In the official section as well as in parallel, audiovisual works will be selected that fit one of the following thematic contents:

Social Issues: Children, youth, elderly, family, poverty and social exclusion, disability, violence, drug addiction, education, bullying, cyberbullying, gender equality, sexist violence, sexual abuse or harassment, sexual diversity, employment, economy, health, housing, social services, development cooperation, politics, human rights, solidarity, etc.

Ethnographic Themes: Rural, anthropological, historical, customs, traditions, rites and folklore, legends, stories, music, dances, oral history, lost trades, crafts, popular festivals, gastronomy, traditional games, regional audio-visual archives, rural schools, etc.


- Films shot in any format and produced with
after January 1, 2017.

- The maximum duration of the participating short films in the competitive official section may not exceed 30 minutes. In the parallel sections any duration is accepted.

- That film whose original language is not Spanish must be subtitled in that language, with embedded subtitles or with a file in SubRip format (SRT).

- Not having been registered or projected in previous editions of the Festival

- Films produced or produced in the province of León may only participate in parallel sections.

- The organization reserves the possibility of inviting films to participate in the parallel sections.

- All the films participating in the official section that obtain an acceptable vote by the selection committee but that are not finalists according to programming criteria, may be selected to participate in some of the parallel sections of the Festival.

- All participating films can be pre-selected to participate in the 17th Ponferrada International Film Festival, also organized by our organization and will be held from September 27 to October 5, 2019, with thematic cycles that will last until 17 December.

- The number of parallel sections and thematic contents selected to be programmed will depend on the level of the proposals received and the demand requested.


The presentation of works to participate in the official section has been published online through the Festhome platform (www.festhome.com). The forms or the record sheets of the films become more complete. It will be mandatory to upload as attachments: the poster and 2 frames of the film, as well as a copy of the identity document and a photograph of the director. It is advisable to send a promotional trailer.

Those films that want to participate in the parallel sections can register and send the film through any online platform (Festhome, Movibeta, WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, Vimeo, etc.) to our email (info@38retinas.com). Participation in these sections does not imply that these films are screened in the Festival's program but that they will pass through a Committee that will decide the selected works.

The movie admission deadline will end on May 31, 2019.


Each section will have a selection committee that will decide the finalist works, between the received copies and in their respective categories. The decisions of the selection committees will be unappealable. The organization will communicate as of July 1, 2019 the decision to those selected at the email address that you indicate in the corresponding section of the data or files of each film. The organization can change the section of the selected film whenever it deems appropriate. The selected films will appear on the Festival website (www.38retinas.com)

All selected films will have to upload before July 15, 2019 to Festhome (www.festhome.com) a Trailer for promotion and a Projection copy in HD file with codec H264 and minimum resolution of 1920 × 1080 -1080p- in .mov or .mp4 formats.

If any of these platforms does not offer the possibility of uploading the required projection copy, it could be sent by any other online file sending system.

Any questions or concerns will be answered at the email address: info@38retinas.com


Copies of the films and trailers sent by the participants will remain the property of the organization, which will be integrated into the Festival's visual archive. The finalist films of the official section and those selected to participate in parallel sections may be used for projections with a non-profit cultural character in collaboration with other entities.

The producers of all participating works authorize the use of the requested trailer or a fragment thereof (maximum 3 minutes) for its dissemination as an informative and promotional material in all the media used by the Festival (Cinemas, public screenings, televisions, Internet, etc.).

The projections will be made using the projection copy previously requested.


- Audience Award "38Retinas 2019" and € 300 for the best audiovisual work on social issues of the official "Social Shorts" section.

- Special mention "Values" for the best socio-educational audiovisual work.

- Special mention "Roots" to the best ethnographic audiovisual work.

The 38Retinas 2019 prize will be voted by the public attending the different itinerant screenings of the official section. Special mentions will be granted by the organization of the festival, in coordination with the different selection committees of each section.
All the works that have won prizes or mentions will be awarded a diploma and recognition laurels that certify their status as winners in the Festival.

All the finalist works of the official section and selected for the parallel sections will be awarded recognition laurels that prove their status.

The organization reserves the right to grant other prizes or mentions in consideration of the artistic and technical quality of the works presented.

At the end of all the projections of the official section, the prize "38Retinas 2019" and the special mentions will be announced.

The economic prizes will be paid by bank deposit, in favor of the individual or legal entity that owns the film, being subject to the withholding determined by the current law. In addition, the economic amounts may be modified in accordance with the agreements established with the sponsors, before the celebration of the Festival.


Participation in this Festival implies acceptance of these rules. The absence of any important data in the registration, as well as the material attached to it and the breach of the established deadlines, may suppose the non-participation in the Festival of the corresponding work. Any incident that arises during the celebration of it, will be resolved in the judgment of the organization.



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