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01 4월 2018
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30 9월 2018
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23 11월 2018

22 11월 2018
22 11월 2018


Dionis Bennassar, 24 ,  07010, Palma de Mallorca, Illes Balears, Spain 스페인

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Photo of Hacer Encima
Photo of Hacer Encima
Photo of Hacer Encima
Photo of Hacer Encima


영화제 시작: 22 11월 2018      영화제 끝: 22 11월 2018

Weird Shots is the contest of short films Weird Sci-Fi Show, the community of fans of geek culture of Palma de Mallorca. For the next 2016 we want to present, from our humble position, the talents of the future, who, from our prism (ie, science fiction, horror, fantasy ...) not only enjoy, but they dare to tell their own stories through a way never shelved and increasingly valued, as is the film. Weird Shots returns, a festival of short films that we hope will be positioned as a benchmark short of gender through its successive editions.

Of course the intention is placed on it: the whole team behind the Association has turned to a festival at the level that has the most historic theater in the Balearic as a means of exhibition, talks and enliven the Festival jury of some of the most compelling names in filmmaking Islands.

So authors, we are waiting. Please send your works, which will be treated with the utmost respect, valued in perspective and awarded (which gain) accordingly. Welcome to the future festival of short films by genre benchmark Spain.

Welcome to Weird Shots

The competing categories are: Best Short Film and Best Balearic Islands Short Film (only for residents in the Balearic Islands and compatible with the Best Short Film category).

The jury reserves the right to award as many honorable mentions as it sees fit, always without physical prize or trophy.


1. Participation is open to people from any nationality and from all over the world as long they are over 18 years old.

2. Each author may submit as many short films as they want.

3. The theme of the festival is concise: science fiction, horror and fantasy; if the short film looks like a blockbuster movie or B serie, if it is live action or animation, that is up to you. All we ask, is for it to be able to be classified within one of the afore mentioned genres.

4. The reception of the short films will begin on December 5, 2015 at 00:01 hours, the reception of the short films will be closed on March 1, 2016 at 23:59, the short films submitted outside the time limit will not be admitted.

5. The short films can be registered via the platformFesthome (www.Festhome.com).

6. The format must be MPEG-4 (MP4) or MOV encoded in H264 and AAC audio, the maximum resolution must be of 1280 x 720 pixels.

The display language will be both Spanish and Catalan. If the short is in another language , embedded subtitles should bring either supported languages ​​.

7. The lenght of the film must be three (3) minutes as a mínimum, and fifteen (15) minutes as a maximum, including the credits. Shorter or longer films will not be accepted.

8. The admitance for the contest will be done by a special jury, and the finalists films will be screened at the Rivoli cinema
(C / Antoni Marqués 25), on March 24, 2016 (date of the festival).

9. The competing categories are: Best Short Film and Best Balear Islands Short Film. All the winners will receive an acreditative award, no cash prizes will be awarded. The jury reserves the right to award as many honorable mentions as it sees fit, always without physical prize or trophy.


10. Each contestant warrants to the festival organization that they own all the rights to the work presented (of all of it or of music, images and sounds of others). Otherwise, you must have a written authorization of the author of the pre-existing rights; the festival will not take responsibility for claims arising from the failure of this article, The contestant who admitted the film will be responsible for providing appropriate explanations to who requests.

11. The owners of the works will sent grant to the organization of the festival (weird sci fi show) certain rights over the work for the duration of the festival (reception dates included):

* A- The personal data provided in order to participate in the festival (with the absolute guarantee that will not be disclosed under any circumstances)

* B- rights transfer, display and free issuance of the works in competition, in order to issue them not only the day of the festival in the case of the finalists, but with the aim of promoting the festival and the works presented through the media that the festival organizers deemed necessary (radio, TV, social networks ...) giving our absolute guarantee that in no event they will be used for personal profit, so we will use ONLY a piece of them for advertising, in no case showing any full short film outside the scope of the festival.

* C- Any commercial use or exploitation of any of the works submitted for the contest before, during or after the festival should be treated with the author's rights work.

* D- All rights will be dismissed once the festival is over.

12. The organization will decide on any unforeseen event not reflected in these rules, and it would be a final veredict.

13. Participating in the festival implies acceptance of these rules.



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