Festival de Cine Infantil Churumbela (8)



31 May 2024
Call for entries

11 Aug 2024
Final deadline


20 Sep 2024
Notification date

21 Oct 2024
08 Dec 2024


Calle 45 324 Merida, Yucatán,  97204, Ciudad de Mexico Mérida, Yucatán , Mexico, Mexico

Festival description
Short film festival >1' 47'<
Feature film festival >48' 140'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2021
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 47'<
 Feature Films  >48' 140'<
 Any language
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Photo of Festival de Cine Infantil Churumbela
Photo of Festival de Cine Infantil Churumbela

Photo of Festival de Cine Infantil Churumbela
Photo of Festival de Cine Infantil Churumbela


Festival start: 21 October 2024      Festival end: 08 December 2024

From 31 May 2024 to 11 August 2024.

Do you remember the first film you saw on the big screen when you were a child?

For thousands of Mexican children in vulnerable situations this question has no answer. This is why the Churumbela Children's Film Festival was created, which invites all Mexican and Spanish-speaking children to experience cinema in an inclusive, completely playful and entertaining environment.

The 8th Churumbela Children's Film Festival will take place in a hybrid form; where some of the activities, workshops and talks with industry professionals will take place online and others in person with film screenings in Mexico City and Merida City, Yucatan. It will also continue with the Mission Mahoma programme, visiting Community and Cultural Centres in Mexico City. "Film and Dreams" is the thematic axis of this edition, which wishes to revalue the capacity of children to show how superior they are, with their desires, emotions and longings reflected in dreams.

The Churumbela Children's Film Festival will take place from monday 21 to Saturday 26 October 2024 in Mexico City and Yucatán, with the support of the General Directorate of Cultural Promotion and Festivals of the Ministry of Culture, as well as with the support of PROCINE, other entities and the Mexican private initiative.

The Churumbela Children's Film Festival promotes creativity, dialogue, the seventh art and artistic expression as tools for social transformation, and all activities are completely free of charge. In this edition we will have special selections of short films dubbed in Mayan and Mexican Sign Language (LSM).

Thanks to all the support we have received, it is possible to bring cinema to all children free of charge so that they can immerse themselves in the wonderful world of filmmaking.

To find out about the programme by venue of short films, films and workshops that can be seen in person and online, visit our official website: https://www.churumbelafest.com/

The Churumbela Children's Film Festival creates an inclusive environment, promotes dialogue, the seventh art and artistic expression as tools for social transformation and all activities are completely free of charge.


★Laurel Churumbela 2024.
★Diploma of participation.
★Dissemination in our social networks.
★Mention in our children's film debate spaces.


★Laurel Churumbela 2024.
★Diploma of participation.
★Dissemination on our social networks.
★Mention in our children's film debate spaces.

Thank you for your support!

The 8th CHURUMBELA CHILDREN'S FILM FESTIVAL will open its 1st call for entries on 2 June 2024 and will close on 11 August 2024.

Aimed at Mexican or foreign filmmakers and producers who have made feature films, short films and cineminutes aimed at children and family audiences; as well as Mexican and/or foreign mini-filmmakers. The material must be in Spanish or in a different language with Spanish subtitles.

The objective of the call is to gather, disseminate and exhibit national and international films free of charge, aimed at Spanish-speaking children, as well as children in vulnerable situations, where they have the opportunity to access valuable content that awakens emotions and empathy in them, that can lead to positive learning and that can bring culture through film, which will be decisive for their identity and social inclusion, improving their reality by contributing something positive to society.

The curatorship will be divided into short and feature films in the following categories:


The Festival categories may vary depending on the content of the projects entered.

Works aimed at children's audiences made by girls and boys between 5 and 12 years old, either independently or in a film workshop with an open theme and with a duration from 1 min or longer.


The registration of projects will be carried out through the FestHome platform:
https://festhome.com/festival/churumbela-cinema-movil for international short and feature films; for national films, they can be sent to the following e-mail address: churumbelaprograoficial@gmail.com.

The final exhibition formats will be exclusively in downloadable digital file, H264 compression, 4K (4096 x 2160) and/or in H264, (3840 x 2160) or (1920 x 1080). In the case of Minicinemasters, it can be received in an HD format (1920 x 1080) such as .mov or .mp4.

The short and feature films entered can be filmed with professional filming equipment or mobile devices.

The material should preferably be spoken in Spanish, otherwise a subtitled version must be submitted if the work is in a language other than Spanish.

The production date of the works can be between 2021 and 2024, as long as they have not been selected by our festival in previous editions.

The works can be submitted by authorised directors, producers and/or distributors. Mini-festivals must be submitted with the support of their tutors.

The registration of the works is completely free of charge for nationals.

To complement the information of each work it is important to send an e-mail to churumbelaprograoficial@gmail.com with the following information:

• 6 Stills of the work in .jpg format (300 dpi).

• Film poster in .jpg format (300 dpi)

• Director's photograph in .jpg format (300 dpi)

• Technical sheet (You can download the .doc format from our website)

• Trailer of the film for distribution and promotion. If you have such material, edit 30 seconds of the short film and send it to us.

The deadline for submission of the exhibition material is 11th August 2024 at 23:50 hrs.

The official selection will be published from September 20th 2024 on the social networks and official website of http://churumbelafest.com

Subsequently, a letter will be sent to each selected film and we will keep in touch via email.

The films that form part of the 2024 CHURUMBELA Children's Film Festival Selection will be included in different thematic areas for the better appreciation of the children's audience.

Some of the platforms where the Churumbela selection can be screened are:

Our website https://www.churumbelafest.com/
Churumbela social networks
Festhome TV
Different venues in the states of Mexico City and Yucatan.
Community and cultural centres in Mexico City and Yucatan.

The material will remain on our website and FESTHOME only during the scheduled exhibition dates of the festival, from 06 to 08 December 2024. Subsequently, they will be exhibited free of charge only on different dates throughout the year.

A letter of authorisation will be sent prior to the exhibition, in the event of failure to respond, you will not be able to participate in the festival.

The festival may make use of the selected material through its social networks and website on special dates, other exhibitions or children's cycles (Children's Day, Earth Day, etc.) on a temporary basis to continue promoting the works free of charge and using film as a tool for social transformation.

The festival is non-profit, and the aim is to bring their stories to many children to inspire, reflect, empathise, raise awareness and build self-confidence.

To find out about the programme of short films, films, activities and workshops that you will be able to see in person and online, please visit our official website: https://www.churumbelafest.com

Email: churumbelaprograoficial@gmail.com
Phone numbers: 55 3660 2163, 55 5435 4838
Website: www.churumbelafest.com



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