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18 Jul 2022
Call for entries

15 Aug 2022
Early deadline

15 Sep 2022
Standard deadline

15 Oct 2022
Late deadline

15 Nov 2022
Festival closed

03 Apr 2023
Notification date

12 Apr 2023
15 Apr 2023


Lima,  -, Lima, Lima, Peru

Festival description
University Films
Short film festival 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2021
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Any language
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Photo of V Festival de Cine Universitario Render
Photo of V Festival de Cine Universitario Render

Photo of V Festival de Cine Universitario Render
Photo of V Festival de Cine Universitario Render


Festival start: 12 April 2023      Festival end: 15 April 2023

The Render University Film Festival is a space that was created in the classrooms, with the aim of strengthening and promoting spaces for training, creation, and cinematographic exhibition that allow students from different regions of Peru to develop their skills in the trade. audiovisual.

Consequently, as part of the activities carried out by the festival, which will take place between March 9 and 17, 2023, and through this, we open the call for our national short film competition, which consists of 3 categories that we will explain in the next section.

a) The festival will award recognition to the winners through a certificate and trophy, in recognition of the best work in each category presented.

b) The festival's premise is to be a space for film education and discussion, so all the works that are part of the official selection of the V edition in all categories of competition, will receive personalized feedback from each member of the jury corresponding to their category, regarding their work.


a) Registration for the 3 international competition categories will be done through the Festhome platform. The rules can be viewed on our website: festivalrender.com.

b) The call has 4 date periods:

-First date: From 07/15 to 07/31- free of charge

-Second date: From 1/08 to 31/08 - 1.80 USD

-Third date: From 01/09 to 30/09 - 3.70 USD

-Fourth date: From 01/10 to 31/10 - 5.30 USD

c) The reception of works begins on July 15 at 00:00 hrs and ends on October 31 at 23:59 hrs.

d) The call is open to students or graduates from any part of the world, from universities, film schools and specialized training programs.

e) Graduates are those who have completed their studies from December 2021 onwards. The work nominated must have been produced during their university studies.


a) The duration of the work may not exceed 30 minutes, including credits.

b) Audiovisual pieces of any genre and language are accepted (in case the work has not been produced in Spanish, it must include embedded subtitles in the aforementioned language).

c) The themes and formats of registration are free, they must be original works, and made after January 1, 2021.

d) For the work to be admitted, at least 70% of the members of the production must be current students or graduates from educational institutions.

e) For the international competition, in any of its 3 categories, directors and producers of the works must be students or graduates of educational institutions.

f) Each participant is free to send as many works as he/she deems convenient, however, if selected, only one (01) work per author will be admitted as part of the official selection in one (01) of the competition categories.


The call for short films in international competition of the V RENDER University Film Festival is open for the following sections: 

a) Fiction:

Fiction is considered to be all works that propose a simulation of reality from the point of view of their authors, a simulation that is related to reality either by similarity, contrast or transformation

b) Non-fiction:

Non-fiction is considered to be works that are framed within a verifiable and verifiable fact, extracting from the surrounding reality, fundamental premises that are developed in the audiovisual work.

c) Experimental:

Experimental is considered to be works that present unusual forms of construction of the work, but rather are presented as disruptive of the already established classic audiovisual language. Each work goes through its own personal exploration of a certain element or concept.


a) The festival's programming team, in each category, will make a pre-selection of the works received. Subsequently, the panel of three jurors, made up of three audiovisual professionals, will evaluate the works according to their criteria. The jury's decision is unique and unappealable.

b) The jury will award the best work by cinematographic category, and will also make honorable mentions or technical distinctions, if deemed necessary.

c) The jury's official selection will be announced on December 16, 2022, through the festival's social networks and website. On the same day, those selected will receive an email with instructions to follow.

d) The selected short films must be uploaded to the platform indicated in the selection communication email, within 5 working days after the selection communication, in .mov or .mp4 format, H.264 video codec and in Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, and the following documentation and materials must also be included1: 

i)Film clip
ii)Promotional material of the work:

-Official trailer

-Official poster

-Three stills from the film

-Three photographs of the making of the film

-One photograph of the director

iii)Technical data
iv)Completed exhibition license

e) Once the work has been selected in any of the festival's categories, it cannot be withdrawn from the festival's program.

f) The authors of the selected works cede the rights of public communication to Render Festival and grant their permission for their virtual and in-person exhibition during the festival and in subsequent dissemination activities (prior communication) carried out by the organization.

g) The authors of the winning works commit themselves to use the laurels of the festival in the respective publicity material, exhibitions or future screenings.

h) Cases not foreseen in the rules will be resolved by RENDER, as the organizing entity, the fact of participating implies the total acceptance of the rules.



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