Massachusetts Independent Film Festival (10)


30 Sep 2019
Call for entries

05 Jan 2020
Early deadline

26 Apr 2020
Standard deadline

12 Jul 2020
Late deadline

19 Jul 2020
Festival closed

19 Sep 2020
Notification date

10 Sep 2020
12 Sep 2020


162 Summer Street,  02143, Somerville, Massachusetts, United States

Festival description
Short film festival >1' 45'<
Feature film festival >45' 190'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 45'<
 Feature Films  >45' 190'<
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Photo of Massachusetts Independent Film Festival
Photo of Massachusetts Independent Film Festival
Photo of Massachusetts Independent Film Festival
Photo of Massachusetts Independent Film Festival


Festival start: 10 September 2020      Festival end: 12 September 2020

The Massachusetts Independent Film Festival (MassIFF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run by filmmakers, film writers, and film lovers. Our goal is to showcase films from around the world made by truly independent filmmakers. We want to show the best of contemporary independent filmmaking in all genres(drama, experimental, comedy, horror, slow cinema, sci fi, fantasy, animation, documentary, and more). We dedicate Q&A time and conduct video interviews for visiting filmmakers. We also help promote the selected films to find a new audience. We love the art of cinema and we welcome all to join us! Please visit our website for a glimpse into previous festivals.

Best Feature:
Best Short:
Best Documentary:
Best Actor:
Best Actress:
Best Cinematography:
Best Directing:
Best Writing:
Best New England Film:
Best Feature Screenplay:
Best Short Screenplay:

Please submit a synopsis and film poster or stills. We hold the right to reject films that don't have a basic press kit after being selected.

All submissions material must have updated contact information.

Please only submit an online copy. Vimeo, YouTube, or Festhome. Send password if needed.

Foreign language films must be made available with English subtitles or dubbed.

Only completed films may be submitted. (No rough cuts).

If your film is selected please make sure an online copy of your film is still available until the festival is over for the jury.

No fee waivers will be given. MassIFF runs by money we get from submissions.
There is a non-refundable processing fee for all film & script entries.

Filmmakers attending the festival are responsible for travel, lodging, and all other expenses.

If your film is selected please provide a downloadable copy. Please do not send a film size of epic proportions.

It is up to the filmmaker to keep on top of all notifications and emails sent about the festival.

Your film being a premiere is not required .

No feedback on submissions can be given.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting your film for consideration to the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival, you are telling us that you have full authority to do so, that the film is cleared for potential festival exhibition, and that you accept full legal responsibility. MassIFF is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the festival for promotional purposes only. You shall also indemnify and hold harmless the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving the copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening films entered.



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