Mórbido Film Fest (13)

Morbido Film Fest


20 Aug 2020
Call for entries

04 Oct 2020
Festival closed

30 Oct 2020
Notification date

31 Oct 2020
06 Nov 2020


Tabasco 93-A Colonia Roma,  06700, Mexico DF, Ciudad de México, Mexico

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Short film festival
Feature film festival 120'<

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 Film festival
 Music Video
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2019
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Feature Films  120'<
Spanish English
Spanish English
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Photo of Mórbido Film Fest
Photo of Mórbido Film Fest

Photo of Mórbido Film Fest
Photo of Mórbido Film Fest


Festival start: 31 October 2020      Festival end: 06 November 2020


An uncertain future makes it crystal clear that the flexibility to adapt is key for survival. In those terms, Morbido 2020 will have a hybrid identity. The festival will take place on the pay tv channel Morbido TV, online, a drive-in and hopefully in theaters, fully respecting the sanitary guidelines of Mexico City.

Because of the pandemic and the present sanitary restrictions we will not be able to host international nor national guests but we underline that all our screenings will be accompanied by Q/A Sessions with the filmmakers in our selection. These sessions will be broadcast on Morbido TV and its app during the festival.

31st Oct through 06 Nov

31st Oct through 06 Nov

Due to the present conditions we remain alert to the development of the pandemic or any other extraordinary situation. In case festival dates or festival venues need to be modified we will duly inform all participants.


This year prizes will be awarded in two different categories:

• Films from Latin American

• Films from the Rest of the World

In each category Morbido Fest will award the following prizes:

• Gold Skull: Audience award for feature films 

• Blood Skull: Directors’ award for feature films

• Wood Skull: Press award for feature films 

• Bronze Skull: Special Mentions for feature films 

• Little Gold Skull: Morbido award for short films 

• Little Silver Skull: Morbido award for animated short films 

• Little Bronze Skull: Honorable Mention for short films

The festival reserves the right to award Honorable Mentions to those feature and short films that merit distinction. On this edition there will be no physical prizes.

Morbido accepts films of all productions techniques and budgets produced between 2019 and 2020.

Accepted running times for entries to the festival are:

• Fiction Feature Films: minimum running time 60 minutes
• Documentary Feature Films: minimum running time 45 minutes
• Short films: up to 30 minutes

In order to be eligible for the 2020 Official Selection, it is imperative that submitted feature films have not been screened at any other fantasy and horror film festival in Mexico. We are looking for Mexican Premiers.

In the case of short films, these have no restrictions if they have been exhibited at other fantasy and horror film festivals in Mexico. Nevertheless, our selection team will be keen to select short films that have not been screened at other fantasy and horror film festival in Mexico. We are looking for Mexican Premiers.

To enter the selection process all filmmakers must complete or send the following documents and materials:

1) Present the films through www.festhome.com
2) 3 Stills from the film at 300 DPI in either JPG, TIFF or PSD format
3) Vertical Poster of the film with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI in JPG or TIFF format
4) Trailer of the film in high quality QuickTime format or link to downloadable trailer
5) Links to all available social media of the film

Any fee generated by any of these services (Festhome) is independent of the inscription fee to the festival.

Taking into account the adverse situation worldwide, specially for cultural creators, we have decided to lower our inscription fees.

The inscription fee for each submitted feature film is $12 USD.
The inscription fee for each submitted short film is $6 USD.

All submitted films will be entered into the selection process once the festival has received all the after mentioned documents and materials. Two or more members of the selection team view submitted films. All programming selections are at the discretion of the festival director, whose decision is final.

Upon acceptance of a film to the official selection the film must be subtitled:

Subtitles are the responsibility of its’ producers
If the film is in Spanish, the films must be subtitled in English
In any other language, subtitles must be in Spanish

Confirmation from the film’s representative signifies the full acceptance of the festival’s guidelines, with no exceptions.

Screening formats in the Official Selection are DCP, Blu-Ray and QuickTime H264.

Morbido Fest will establish screening dates and times for all selected films. Submitting films to Morbido Fest implies full acceptance of the festival’s guidelines. Any situation not included in this call for entries will be considered and resolved by the festival’s management.

All promotional materials (stills, posters, trailers & social media) are essential for the timely promotion and publicity of selected films. These materials can and will be reproduced by Morbido publications & website as well as pay TV and press in all platforms. We invite you to deliver these materials in a timely fashion. Help us promote your work.

The festival’s management reserves the right to decline screening copies of a film that are deemed of insufficient technical quality for their presentation.

If your short film is selected for Morbido 2020, you accept that your film will play on Morbido TV and its’ app during the duration of the festival. Therefore, for Morbido TV: we ask for basic pay tv broadcast rights for a 3 week window for the following territories: Mexico, Argentina and Chile. For the app we required SVOD Rights for a 3 week window for Latin America.

The short film blocks along with the Q&A sessions will play from the 31st of October through November 6th. With possible replays from the 7th through the 22nd of November. Once this 3 week window is over the short film programs will not be available in either Morbido TV nor the app.

The festival will establish the order and play date of the selected works.

Features will be screened in a drive-in and if the situation permits in a theater.
Q&A with the filmmakers will be prerecorded.
The festival will establish the order and play date of the selected works.



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