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International Film Festival Of Ahmednagar


04 Oct 2022
Call for entries

15 Dec 2022
Festival closed

30 Dec 2022
Notification date

06 Jan 2023
08 Jan 2023


Shri Krupa, Bunglow No.1,  414001, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India

Festival description
Short film festival 30'<
Feature film festival >80'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Feature Films  >80'
 Any language
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Photo of International film festival of ahmednagar
Photo of International film festival of ahmednagar
Photo of International film festival of ahmednagar
Photo of International film festival of ahmednagar


Festival start: 06 January 2023      Festival end: 08 January 2023


Vision: Ahmednagar Film Foundation is a firm believer of phrase “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” - The whole world is one family. It came in existence to create an environment which is healthy and supportive for new filmmakers which will increase love for film making along with the preservation of respective culture. There is plenty of potential talent in developing cities and rural areas which remains undiscovered due to lack of exposure and well cultural nourishment. “Ahmednagar Film Foundation” wants them to participate on our larger platform and wish to nurture people of Ahmednagar to understand the real taste of cinema. A small idea was born against this backdrop which resulted in creation of “International Film Festival of Ahmednagar” (IFFA).

This festival places a focus on presenting cutting edge Media Art and Artist's Film with most of the participants in the short film program identified as Artists or Experimental Filmmaker. IFFA also aims to introduce new forms to the audience. IFFA is becoming a place of intercultural exchange and a platform for an artistic cinematic exploration to the rest of the world.

The History of Ahmednagar:

Ahmednagar district is the largest district of the state Maharashtra. It has played an vital role throughout the history of India. Ahmednagar takes its name from Ahmad Nizam Shah I, who founded the town in the year of 1494, on the site of a battlefield where he won a battle against superior Bahamani forces. The victory broke up the Bahmani Sultanate, Ahmad established a new sultanate in Ahmednagar, also known as Nizam Shahi Dynasty.
Ahmednagar still has several dozens of buildings and sites from the Nizam Shahi period. ‘Ahmednagar Fort’, once considered almost impregnable, was used by the British to house Jawaharlal Nehru (the first Prime Minister of India) and other Indian Nationalists before Indian independence.

During his confinement by the British at Ahmednagar Fort in 1944, Nehru wrote the famous book “The Discovery of India.” Ahmednagar is also a birthplace of the cooperative movement and has 19 sugar factories. It is proudly one of the biggest military bases in India. The town houses the second-largest display of military tanks in the world and largest in the continent Asia. It has been home to many famous political and religious personalities. The city has created many talented actors and film artists such as….


Films Short films Documentary

“International Film Festival of Ahmednagar” weaves the local communities and international guests in the celebration of creativity and cultural arts in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India.

International Film Festival of Ahmednagar 2022 is scheduled in January, 2022. IFFA welcome all Films, Short films ,Animation films and Documentaries in professional and student category. Along with the other categories, IFFA also has a special ARMY category considering the historical and geographical background of Ahmednagar and its vital role in army.

All Winners will receive Certificates and Trophy.

• IFFA Best Film
• IFFA Best Short Film
• IFFA Best Short Film (Indian)
• IFFA Best Short Film (Student Category)
• IFFA Best Documentary
• IFFA Best Short film on INDIA ARMY
• IFFA Best short Animation film
• IFFA Audience Choice Award

Individual Awards

• IFFA Artist of the Year Award
• IFFA Best Actor (Full length film )
• IFFA Best Actress (Full length film )
• IFFA Best Child Actor/Actress (Full length film )
• IFFA Best Direction Full Length Film (From Open Category)
• IFFA Best DOP Full Length Film (From Open Category)
• IFFA Best Editing Full Length Film (From Open Category)
• IFFA Best Music Full Length Film (From Open Category)

*Extra Awards from listed above may decide by ‘Film Selection Committee of IFFA.

Rules & Regulations

• Last date of Entry Form Submissions (Online and
Offline) is 15th Nove. 2022.

• Officially Selected Films/Short Films/Documentaries will be informed via Phone/Email/Social Media/Website by organizers on 30th Nove. 2021

• Duration of Films:
Full Length Films More than 80 mins.
Short Films & Documentaries (All Categories) Max 30 Mins

• For Online submission of entries please login into

• For Offline submission of entries kindly send 2 Sets of DVDs (For Short Film &
Documentaries) in .MOV pal format and 1 Blueray DVD (For Full Length Films) via courier along with Demand Draft or Current Dated Cheque which will be in favor of Ahmednagar Film Foundation
Office Address to Courier:
Shri Krupa, Bungalow No. 1, Designer's Colony, Savedi, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra,
India 414003, Contact. : +91 9730003920

• All the films in given categories must be completed after January 2021.

Incomplete films are not eligible for IFFA.

• It is mandatory that all Non-English language films must be with English Subtitles
and without any Watermark and Advertisement.

• Filmmakers can send multiple numbers of entries with separate entry forms and fees.

• If your film is get selected we need NOC for download & screening for IFFA-2022.

• Participant entries will not be considered official until entry fee has been paid via Online Payment/Demand Draft/Cheque before 15th nice.2022 . Entry Fees is non - refundable.

• After submission of entries, kindly check your Festhome account to make sure that your submission is correct, and it’s meet our requirements. Until and unless participant entries will not be considered valid.

• Officially selected films can use IFFA’s Laurel Icon on their promotional materials
like Print Media, Digital & Social Media etc.

• Participants will receive a confirmation email from IFFA.

• Once the film is submitted it cannot be withdrawn under any reason or circumstances.

• Organizers will not pay air-freight or any other travel charges to any participant. Also the organizers cannot reimburse any freight or other charges in foreign currency & INR too.

• Expenses will be taken care by participants only, which is related to their film. For Example; Courier Expense, Promotion of the film and its promotional material etc.

• Locations and Dates of Screenings will be informed by IFFA upon final selection of films.

• All the decisions about Selection of Films, Locations & Dates for Screening, Awards
in IFFA will be taken by “Official Selection Committee.”

• Selection Committee’s decision will be final, and it will be compulsory to follow for all participants.

• In case of any dispute related to Selection of Films, Locations & Dates for Screening,
Awards Ultimate decision will be taken by Festival Director after Official Selection Committee.

• Ahmednagar Film Foundation & International Film Festival of Ahmednagar will remain all the rights to make changes, add or subtract in given rules & regulations at any time till January 2023.



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