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23 Feb 2015
Call for entries

15 May 2015
Festival closed

15 Jun 2015
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16 Jul 2015
26 Jul 2015


Via F. Ferrucci 69,  59100, Prato, PO, Italy

Festival description
Short film festival 25'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2013
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  25'<
English Italian
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Festival start: 16 July 2015      Festival end: 26 July 2015

The international short film festival, Salento Finibus Terrae, is at its XIII edition. 13 years of success and great growth.

Six locations are concerned all in the Brindisi’s province, in Alto Salento, an attractive area in the Apulian region.

This itinerant festival has the characteristic to show the films in unusual places such as squares, castles, manor farms, involving the largest number of viewers. Its aim is to promote young talents of Italian and international cinema.
Many guests have contributed, from an edition to the other, to witness the success of the young directors awarded for the different sections.

Short films are divided into the following sections: Human Rights,Children world,
Short World (comedy and drama ) ,Thriller / Noir / Horror, Short- Italy, Documentaries, Reelove, Environment.

-Section: Human Rights
Best film for Human Rights
Best film for Children World

-Section: Short World
Best film

-Section: Animation
Best film

-Section: Thriller/Noir/Horror
Best film
Best direction

-Section: Italian shorts
Best film
Best direction

-Section: Reelove
Best film
Best direction
Best actor
Best actress

-Section: documentary
Best documentary
Best environment short


16-26 July 2015

Regulation 2015 ( 13th edition )


Human Rights
Children world
Short World (comedy and drama )
Thriller / Noir / Horror
Short- Italy

The competition is open to directors and production firms that present shorts made in film and/or digital format. The entry must be received within April 30. 2015- for the deadline of delivery, the stamp will be checked. Works must be sent by mail (indicating: no commercial value) including this regulation signed and the entry form signed.

The longest duration admitted is twenty-five minutes and the oldest production year admitted is 2013.

For the pre-selection, films must be in DVD. Each participant can send one work per
section at the most.

Works selected in 2015 by other festival organizations for the provinces of Bari, Brindisi,

Lecce and Taranto up to the 13th edition of this festival, will not be admitted, under
immediate pain of banishment from Salento Finibus Terrae, 13th edition.
Works selected in the previous Salento Finibus Terrae editions will not be admitted.

The selection will occur in two phases:

1) The authors of the works selected on the first phase will receive a communication from Events Production within 15 days from the work delivery.
2) The secretariat will communicate the final participation after the second selection
phase, within May 15. 2015.

For the final registration of the movies the sum of € 20.00 in required to be paid by May 30, 2015 by bank transfer to the following coordinates:

Events Production di Conte Romeo
Unicredit spa , Piazza Castellani ang. V. Giotto – 59016 Poggio a Caiano PO, Italy –
Iban: IT 63Q 02008 38181 000101417091 bic swift UNCRITM1570

On the payment received, you will be sent a receipted invoice in respect of the

Each author must send a copy of the film with the following features, within 15 days
from the communication:

For the works already selected on the first phase, each author must send a copy of the film with the following features, within 15 days from the communication:
- file (Apple ProRes, or H264) or Avid DnxHD; in case of H264, the
bitrate has not to be lower than 15Mbps
- 1080p resolution
- 25 Fps
- Audio stereo 44100 Hz or higher
Files can be sent tru’ FTP given by you or available files-sharing platform:

Or in a USB key sent to the following address:
Events Production di Conte Romeo
via F. Ferrucci 69
59100 PRATO PO
Works given in one of the above mentioned formats must be without subtitles except for those with Italian subtitles.

For foreign films it is necessary to send the dialogue list in English or Italian or an
electronic file with English or Italian subtitles in .srt or .stl or Adobe Encore.txt format.

Each author will be considered responsible for the content of the presented film; in no case, neither the organizers nor the jury will be.

The works participating in the festival will be shown on our web site The works received will not be given back. Uncompleted
and/or illegible material will not be considered. The festival management is not responsible for theft, damages or loss of works. For further information please contact this e-mail:


A commission appointed by the festival artistic director will meet to select the works sent to our base. The shorts selected will be communicated to the author/production firm by phone or by e-mail. All the shorts that will arrive after the 30th April 2015 will be taken into consideration for the Salento Finibus Terrae's next edition.
A jury of experts, nominated by the festival artistic director, will meet within May 2015 and will consider and judge the selected works and will award the following prizes:

Section: Human Rights
Best film for Human Rights
Best film for Children World
Section: Short World
Best film
Section: Animation
Best film
Section: Thriller/Noir/Horror
Best film
Best direction
Section: Italian shorts
Best film
Best direction
Section: Reelove
Best film
Best direction
Best actor
Best actress
Section: documentary
Best documentary
Best environment short
FURTHERMORE is hereby established a special prize for short films (maximum duration 15 min.) that will be recognized and awarded to the winner (in case of acceptance of predicted) and consisting of a distribution agreement with Anchecinema srl of Bari EXCLUSIVELY for the web and will ensure the publication of the short in the application of AncheCinema under the economic conditions fixed by the APP (sale to the public at € 0,89). The winner selected by the Festival undertakes, in case of victory and acceptance of the prize, to ensure the exclusivity of the circulation and distribution of the short on the WEB to AncheCinema srl, thereby guaranteeing the transfer of its rights and for the purposes aforesaid (distribution of the short). Upon completion of the award of the prize,
then, the winner in the person of the rights-holder agrees to enter into a contract with the AncheCinema and Festival, which will provide for the division of the proceeds of the sale in the following sizes: 33% to the Festival; 33% to the Production, 34% to AncheCinema srl. "

The response of the jury is indisputable.

Accomodation is foreseen only for the winners (half-board and lodging, one night in a single/double room). Transport expenses (flight, car, train, etc…) will not be refunded.

Within May 30th 2015 the winners will be informed about the prizes and they have to confirm their presence at the festival within 20th June 2015.

The festival will take place at San Vito dei Normanni and Fasano and, possibly, in other towns.

The festival invites all the winners to be present during the award ceremony. If this is not possible, their absence is considered as a waiver to the award, and the festival
organization will be entitled to reward the second work on the list as designated by the jury.

All the shorts received- the unselected ones included- will be placed in the “Mediatheca Salento Finibus Terrae” of the Culture and Tourism Councillorship of San Vito dei Normanni town.These works will be filed and kept and can be used only for a private vision in the mediatheca.

Through this regulation signature, the Author allows Events Production to publish photos and news concerning its own works on daily, weekly and monthly publications and festival catalogue, in order to promote also this festival. Besides, the Author allows Events Production to show the whole short film during other national/international movie projections, also through tv and internet, against no reward.

The author prohibits the use of its own works in a context that could compromise its own dignity, exonerating Events Production henceforth from any responsibility in case of an improper use of its works by third parties.


This tour is strictly bound to the festival. It is an itinerant review proposing the best shorts, that have participated in the different editions of the festival, in various Italian and foreign cities. These shorts, according to the Art Director's discretion, will be included in this tour.

During the tour legs, the audience can vote for the best film; the winner will receive a prize during the 2016 edition.

Works must be sent to:

Events Production di Conte Romeo
Via Francesco Ferrucci, 69
59100 Prato PO
Tel. +39.0574.1940224
Fax +39.0574.1940229



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