Festival Internacional Cine En El Campo ()

FICC, Cine en el Campo International Film Festival


20 May 2018
Call for entries

15 Aug 2018
Festival closed

09 Sep 2018
Notification date

09 Oct 2018
29 Nov 2018


Etla 9,  06100, México, México, D. F., Mexico

Festival description
Biodiversity, water, seas and rivers, flora and fauna.
Short Films >3' 15'<

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Any language
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Photo of Festival Internacional Cine En El Campo
Photo of Festival Internacional Cine En El Campo
Photo of Festival Internacional Cine En El Campo
Photo of Festival Internacional Cine En El Campo


Festival start: 09 October 2018      Festival end: 29 November 2018

Fundación Todo por el Cine, AC, organizer of the International Film in the Field Festival, invites national and international filmmakers to participate in the contest that will be held in the tenth edition of the International Film in the Field Festival (FICC) a celebrate in the months of October and November, presenting itself in 50 rural communities of the Mexican Republic.

The INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL FILM IN THE FIELD (FICC) promotes dialogue between rural communities in Mexico and film production in short film, with the intention of generating new circuits, projecting outdoor cinema.

We support the cinematographic production of short films that explore the cultural and natural conditions in which human beings live, cultural diversity and its link with nature. Likewise, we seek agents of change and original initiatives that encourage a positive change in the care of the environment. This is the basis for our theme this year, which revolves around how behaviors and negative actions towards a better planet can be modified.

THEME: "Actions by Nature: Cases of Success"

We are interested in all kinds of environmental issues and conservationists, as long as they are connected to the environment. From care to biodiversity to approach to agriculture, all of these are welcome topics in the 10th edition of the IFCC. We seek to disseminate messages that usually do not receive the necessary coverage, much less in rural communities where cultural and artistic exhibitions are sadly absent.

First place: La Sierra Award

Mexican and foreign short films with a duration of 3 to 15 minutes, spoken in Spanish, will be considered; in the case of indigenous languages ​​with subtitles in Spanish, in the genres of: fiction, documentary, experimental and animation. After the selection process, the result will be communicated to the invited participants and will be announced the official schedule and the route of the trip.

The official program of the tenth edition of the FICC will be shown in 50 locations in the states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo. The functions are free entry and are made outdoors in squares, plinths, parks and other public spaces.


The dates of receipt of the material to be considered in the ninth edition of the FICC are from May 20 to August 15, 2018. Materials should be sent in digital form to our mail produccion@todoporelcine.org

● Complete technical sheet and synopsis of the short film in question.
● Stills of the short film.
● Photos and brief biographical sketch of the director.
● Trailer of the short film.
● Press kit.
● Poster
The registration form will be found on our website www.cinecampo.org and must be previously filled out and sent with the data to produccion@todoporelcine.org.

A committee will choose the 10 short films that will be screened in the communities included in this 10th edition of the FICC, taking into account the theme, original idea, realization, message and script, as well as addressing the theme of this edition (Actions by the nature). The decision of the Committee is unappealable.

Once selected the 10 short films that will be screened in the various communities that will comprise the FICC, at the end of each function, a ballot will be given to the attendees to vote for their 3 favorite short films. The public will be the final jury.

● The participants of the contest, for the simple fact of being so, accept from this moment that Fundación Todo por el Cine, AC, as organizer of the FICC, will be able to use, disseminate and project the short films in the United States of Mexico or in the United States for a year. abroad exclusively for promotional purposes, excluding the marketing of such short films.
● The FICC is part of a cultural circuit between festivals, institutions, cultural centers and non-governmental organizations throughout the Mexican Republic and the world. The selected short films may be chosen and used to participate in other samples without marketing purposes, for which
Participants of the contest, for the simple fact of being, grant their authorization for the aforementioned purposes.
● The International Film in the Field Festival will not pay any amount for exhibition rights for the short films selected in competition.
The participants, due to the fact that they are, fully accept the present rules, as well as the resolution of the Committee of the Todo por el Cine Foundation, A.C. in relation to the short films selected to be screened in the communities that the FICC will cover, as well as the resolution that the public adopts to choose the winning short films from among the short films previously selected by the Committee.

For the simple fact of being a participant in the contest to which these rules refer, I grant my authorization to Fundación Todo por el Cine, A.C. or to the company that it designates for such purposes, to include the short film of my authorship in the DVD of the International Film in the Field Festival (FICC) that will be produced, in order to disseminate this material as part of our social work. The authorization of this clause is obligatory, in case of rejecting it the short film can NOT be registered to the competition.
As part of the objectives of the Todo por el Cine A.C. they are, to give the greatest possible diffusion to all the material that we receive every year. Within this diffusion, there is the possibility of participating in various competitions, both national and international. Generally these events deliver only symbolic recognition or prizes in kind. However, there are times when the prizes awarded are in cash. In virtue of the above, we extend the invitation to participate with us in different events. If the selected short film is the winner, the Todo por el Cine Foundation, A.C. request support with a donation equivalent to 30% (thirty percent) of the total prize (if it is in cash); the above in order to raise funds for the realization of various programs, including the International Festival Cinema in the Field and functions in public places in Mexico belonging to various programs carried out by the foundation.



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