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Cine//B Film Festival


05 Jun 2017
Call for entries

31 Oct 2017
Festival closed

15 Nov 2017
Notification date

01 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017


Lo Encalada 403,  7810031, Santiago, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Festival description
Short film festival
Feature film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2015
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Feature Films 
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Best National Feature
Best Feature Film Rest of the World
Best National Short Film
Best Foreign Feature
Best National Video Clip
Best Motion Picture Film (Work in Progress)
Audience Award



Films made after January 2015.

No limit minimum or maximum.

No matter if the movie participated in another festival.

No matter if the movie has been commercially released.

We prioritize first and second films.

We not discriminate gender.

If you apply for the contest, you can’t remove the film from programming.

If you apply for the contest, you accept Festival’s itinerancy.

The application is 100% free and online


Festival Cine//B it is organized together with Escuela de Cine de Chile Instituto Profesional.

1.2 The main office of Festival Cine//B is located in this address:

Festival Cine//B
Lo Encalada #403
Comuna de Ñuñoa
Santiago de Chile

Its official web www.cineb.org, offers detailed information besides how to contact with the festival and its different sections.

1.3 The Festival Cine//B aims to contribute in a positive way in culture’s development and cinematographic industry.

1.4 The 9th edition of Cine//B Festival will take place in the city of Santiago de Chile from November 24th - 30th 2017.

1.5 All films presented at the 8th edition of Festival Cine//B will be chosen by its selection committee, headed by the directorate of the Festival, advised by a network of international delegates composed of a number of professionals, specialists in the film world and film festivals.

1.6 All selected films in the 9th edition will receive a participation certificate from Festival Cine//B.

1.7 Festival Cine//B acknowledges that all intellectual property rights and content use, images and texts published in the festival are from the author, according to Law No. 17.336 about Intellectual Property and its subsequent amendments governing copyright in Chile. This law protects the rights that, by the simple fact of creation of a work, authors acquired intelligence in the literary and artistic domain, whatever their form of expression, and related rights which it determines. According to it, copyright includes the economic and moral rights, which protect the use, paternity and integrity of a work. This law protects the rights of Chilean and foreign authors domiciled in Chile. It states that foreign authors non-domiciled in the country has the protection, recognized by international conventions that Chile has signed and ratified. The works that are protected are, in general, literary and artistic type. In an exemplary way, the law states in its third article, a non-exhaustive list of specially protected works, among others, books, artwork, movies and software.

1.8 The Official Festival Cine//B catalogue will contain images, data sheets, synopsis and the contact information of all producers participating in the festival. This material will be promptly delivered by applicants through festival’s official registration form available in www.festivalcineb.com and its application means that representatives or producers of the film irrevocably agree that publication of such material in the official catalog and website does not violate intellectual property rights.

1.9 The distribution of the official Festival Cine//B catalog will be free and will not be reissued within 24 months after printing of the first copies.


2.1 Registration of films for Festival’s pre-selection.

2.1.1 They may only participate in the Festival Cine//B, films that accept the standards set by their production and have duly completed online entry form. All films submitted will be considered for any section of the Festival. This can be in competition or parallel samples out of competition. These selection criteria will be duly communicated by the management of the festival.

2.1.2 If these rules are not properly complied, the Festival management would reserve the final decision.

2.1.3 The debuts and second films, in addition to national and global premieres will have priority in being selected in Festival Cine//B competition. However, each of the sections that make up the Festival Cine//B program has its own requirements and specifications.

2.1.4 The submitted films will not be broken down by gender, having been produced during the prior 24 months to the date of the start of the Festival, and must follow the rules or guidelines of each of its sections.

2.1.5 Chilean films in competition, in the relevant sections, must not necessarily be global or national premieres. They can apply films released in theaters, movies never before exhibited and movies that have already been shown at other festivals domestic and/or foreign.

2.1.6 For films produced outside Chile will not require exclusivity.

2.1.7 Registration of films is free.

2.1.8 The admission for registered feature films to pre-selection will end on September 29, 2017. The Festival management it shall reserve the right to admit films registered after the deadline.

2.1.9 Feature films registered for pre-selection must be presented in its original version, subtitled in Spanish or English. In the screening process, the films whose original version is in Spanish will not need subtitles.

2.1.10 The accepted supports for pre-selection are data files (.mov, .avi and .mkv preferably.) DVD’s will no longer be accepted for pre-selection.

2.1.11 The network of international delegates who advise Festival Cine//B may help to all those who wish to register their films or have doubts how.

2.1.12 The traffic department of the Festival will solve any doubt about registration of films in the Festival.

2.2 Sending of registered films for pre-selection of the Festival.

2.2.1 The projection equipment for pre-selection should be sent via email, wetransfer, vimeo, youtube, dropbox, FTP or other means to jorge@escuelacine.cl or through festhome platform.

2.2.2 The cost of sending the films submitted for pre-selection (DCP, external disk, Blu Ray or flash drive), borne by individuals or companies that have registered.


3.1 Once the film is officially invited by the Festival director, producers or representatives of the selected films must confirm with its signature and/or company seal, and the online registration form sent before the Festival.

3.2 This confirmation means that the producers or representatives of the film irrevocably accept all the rules requiring the Festival and cannot remove it from the schedule.

3.3. If these rules are not properly complied with, the Festival management would reserve the final decision.

3.4. The invitation for each selected film by the Festival will be strictly confidential between the management of it and the producers or representatives of the invited film until the Festival Cine//B decides to officially announce it.

3.5. The global programming of Festival Cine//B and times of the projections are the exclusive competence of the Festival Steering Committee.

3.6. The required supports for the films are DCP, Bluray and data (preferably 1080p H264 .mov).

3.7. The producers or representatives of invited films must send, at its expense, 15 days before the Festival:

A copy in original version with Spanish subtitles if the version is not in Spanish, and with English subtitles if is in Spanish. The subtitling will be borne by the producers or representatives of the film. In case that the original version is not Spanish nor English, the Festival takes, at its expense, an additional electronic subtitling in English. The formats of the copy must be adapted to the demands of each section.

A file of the original final version of the movie subtitled in English and a list English subtitles corresponding to perform additional electronic subtitling.

A movie trailer for internal use of Festival Cine//B (galas, official website, etc.).

The address for shipment is:

Festival Cine//B
Lo Encalada #403
Comuna de Ñuñoa
Santiago de Chile

3.8. Shipment expenses of the selected films as the copy’s insurance will be borne by the participant or his customs agent until their arrival at the headquarters of the Festival. Meanwhile, Festival organizers will take care of the the copy’s insurance from the moment they arrive at the headquarters of the Festival, or his customs agent, until his return.

3.9. The Festival Technical Department is available to owners or representatives of invited films to resolve any technical consultation or questions.

The Festival reserves the right to reject copies after control of the technical department, are inadequate for projection. The Festival will inform a technical report to the owners or representatives of films if they found irregularities in copies.

3.10. In case of damage of a copy during the Festival, the responsibility for it shall not exceed the cost of a new copy, according to the current rates of laboratories for a new standard copy.

3.11. All necessary material for press releases, official catalog and Festival website (synopsis, technical and artistic profile, bio-filmography and photo of one or more directors, photo and movie trailer), must be sent by email once the film is invited to the Festival and before deadline. Exceptionally, all documentation material that was not attached to the form before indicated date, will be claimed by Festival’s Documentation Service, and also will resolve all doubts.

3.12 The Festival press department will require the necessary promotional material for the media accredited at the Festival. Shipment of promotional material shall be borne by the producers or representatives of the film.

3.13. Festival’s Mercado//B will require the necessary materials, assigned at the film industry assistants accredited at the Festival. Shipment of this promotional material shall be borne by the producers or representatives of the film.

3.14. In case of unforeseen conflict (organizational or operational) or that these rules are not properly complied with, the Festival management would reserve the final decision, subject to rules of the F.I.A.P.F., in terms the manifestations of international cinema.

If there is any divergence on the interpretation of these rules shall apply text in Spanish.

Any doubt that may arise from the interpretation of these rules shall be resolved by the production of the Festival Cine//B.



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