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Short Film Showcase Vila de Noia


02 Aug 2023
Call for entries

30 Sep 2023
Festival closed

20 Oct 2023
Notification date

01 Nov 2023
11 Nov 2023



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Short film festival 20'<

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 Film festival
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 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
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 January 2022
 Production countries: Any
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 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  20'<
Spanish Galician
Spanish Galician
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Photo of Mostra de Curtas Vila de Noia
Photo of Mostra de Curtas Vila de Noia

Photo of Mostra de Curtas Vila de Noia
Photo of Mostra de Curtas Vila de Noia


Festival start: 01 November 2023      Festival end: 11 November 2023

The City Council of Noia convenes the "24th Short Film Showcase Vila de Noia 2023", to be held in the last quarter of this year.

- Best short film: € 3,000 + Memorial Trophy

- Best Spanish Short Film: € 1,000 + Memorial Trophy

- Best direction: € 700 + Memorial Trophy

- Best script: € 500 + Commemorative trophy

- Xosé Manuel Olveira Pico ao Mellor actor award: Commemorative trophy

- Best actress: € 500 + Memorial Trophy

Special prizes:

- Best animated short film: € 1500 + Memorial Trophy

- Special audience prize: € 1168 + Commemorative trophy

- Galicia Amateur Short Award: € 300 + Trophy

The amount of the prizes will be charged to the budget item "Performing Arts"


All professional and amateur productions of fiction and animation short films, made after January 1st 2022, that have not been commercially released in public rooms, DVD, video or television, in Spain can participate. The works in competition must be carried out preferably in Galician or Spanish. The short films made in another language different from the previous two must necessarily include subtitles in Galician or Spanish.

The shipping costs will be borne by the participant, therefore the organization of the Sample will not be responsible for the deterioration or loss of the shipment during the transfer. The organization has signed an insurance for all those works that participate in the Mostra.

Participants will be responsible for the possible damages caused to third parties by the projection of their work in the “Mostra de Curtas Vila de Noia.” In this sense, the organization of the Mostra disclaims any legal responsibility in which it could have been incur with the display of these works.


Each author may submit to the contest works, on DVD, HD or 35 mm media, only supported formats for the exhibition. With each short film sent to the contest, the name of the work must appear, as well as a technical sheet of the same in which an email address and a contact telephone number of the DIRECTOR must appear, regardless of the one of the distributor .

The sample being a short film contest, the duration of the works must be equal to or less than 20 minutes, including credit titles. The theme and genre of the works is totally free.

Those tourist, documentary or advertising works, or those that do not offer minimum technical guarantees for a correct projection will not be projected. The works can be both silent and sound.

The reception period ends at 2:00 p.m. on September 20th, 2023.

The registration and submission of the works can be done online through the web portal: or by sending them by mail or courier to the address:

NOVEMBER 15,200 -

The following formats will be supported:

• FICTION AND ANIMATION SHORT FILMS in one of these formats:
-Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) / 1920x1080 / Frame rate 50i (interlaced) / MOV container - Mp4 or H264 / 1920x1080 / Frame rate 50i (interlaced) / MOV container
**NOTE. - For the pre-selection process wetransfer and the sending by mail of any link will not be accepted.


The organization of the “Mostra de Curtas Vila de Noia" reserves the right to select the works to be included in the sample among all the short films received.

The Selection Committee will assess all aspects related to the work: ideas, script, direction, realization, interpretation, style, editing, photography, positively valuing the artistic quality over that of production.

The organization of the sample will notify all participants of their selection or not through an email to the address attached in the data sheet that will be attached with the work presented as well as on their website and social networks.

The organization of the Mostra as it is being tradition will invite two people from the technical or artistic team to spend the days of the Mostra in Noia (in Full Board). Transfers to the nearest airports or train stations will be paid by the guests, putting the organization the necessary means to transfer from the nearest airports or stations to Noia.

The copies of video or DVD sent for selection will become part of the sample archive, with the understanding that the authors or producers of the works give their authorization to use them and be exhibited without commercial purposes. In the same way the data of the author, work, etc., of the works may be included in publications of the sample.


The selection and awarding of the Mostra prizes will be carried out at the proposal of the jury appointed by municipal resolution of the Mayor's Office and Presidency and will be made up of representatives from the audiovisual world, members of the organization and a worker from the town hall.

The criteria that the jury will follow for the awarding of the prizes will be:

- Best short film: The awarding of the prize will be made valuing the work globally, that is; the script, the direction, the assembly, the rhythm and narrative time, the photography, the interpretive work, etc.

- CORTO CORUÑA AMATEUR: The awarding of the prize will be made valuing the work globally, that is; the script, the direction, the assembly, the rhythm and narrative time, the photography, the interpretive work, etc. In this prize participate those amateur shorts produced in the province of La Coruña.

- Directors who have already won it in previous editions will not be able to participate in this section except for school projects or amateur charities.

- The criteria to be followed for the granting of the script, editing, animation, director, actress and actor awards will be the analysis of each of these points in each short film projected in the exhibition.

- The special prize of the public will be granted by voting the attendees of the exhibition before the conference that lasts. The winner of the prize will be the work with the highest arithmetic average, resulting from dividing the total score obtained in each session by the number of voters. Short films in the “Corto Coruña” section may not qualify for this award.

- The jury may grant, together with the official prizes, special mentions in each of the sections.

- Prizes may be deserted if the jury so decides.

5.1 Award-winning works

The jury's decision will be published on the information board of the Noia City Council, as well as on the pages and as well as our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Social networks.

5.2 Payment of prizes

Prior to the payment of the prizes, the winning participants must submit an affidavit stating compliance with the requirements set forth in article 10 of Law 9/2007, of June 13, on grants from Galicia, to obtain the status of beneficiary of a public subsidy, according to the model that is approached from the City Council.

The amount of the prize will be effective within ten days after the designation of the bank account in which the winners wish to receive the corresponding amount.


The mere participation in the Mostra Curtas Noia in each of its sections will force the producing / distributing companies to the insertion in the header of the films of the Festival logo with the indication ‘24th Edition’. Said logo and legend must also be included in all inserts in the written press, as well as expressly mentioning this participation in the different audiovisual media that include advertising of the film prior to the Festival or during its celebration.

The short film production companies accept, when registering their films in the 24th MOSTRA CURTAS NOIA that in the case of obtaining any of the awards granted by the Festival, they will include a written reference to the award of said prize at the beginning of each and every one of the copies of the film that they distribute for their exhibition in commercial rooms and / or in audiovisual contests, as well as in all the printed informative and promotional material (pressbooks, posters, etc.). This reference will consist of a text with the type of prize awarded, invariably accompanied by the corporate image (logo and name) of the Mostra Curtas Noia, which will be provided, together with its rules of use, by the Organization of the same.

This reference to the Festival prize must also appear in all the media in which these short films are shown and marketed.

The inscription in the "24th Mostra de Curtas Vila de Noia" implies the total acceptance of these bases.

The Councilor for Culture.

Asdo José Pérez Martínez



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