Festival Internacional de Cine por la Memoria Democrática ()



15 Jun 2020
Call for entries

31 Aug 2020
Festival closed

25 Nov 2020
Notification date

12 Dec 2020
17 Dec 2020


...,  ..., Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Festival description
Democratic memory and human rights
Short film festival 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2017
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Any language
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Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine por la Memoria Democrática
Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine por la Memoria Democrática

Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine por la Memoria Democrática
Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine por la Memoria Democrática


Festival start: 12 December 2020      Festival end: 17 December 2020

FESCIMED was born with the desire to consolidate itself as a reference in the panorama of short film festivals organized in Spain in order to help raise awareness of the need to deepen and protect the values ​​that underpin justice, freedom and democracy. As a film festival, it is a tool for the promotion of Human Rights in various aspects, ranging from the exhibition and compilation of audiovisual material on the subject of the Right to the Truth as a file, to the programming of debates, performances, exhibitions and lectures on the subject of the hands of historians, filmmakers, journalists and any other culture professional in order to foster dialogue.

Best Short Film Award: 300€ + Trophy.
Public Vote Award: 200€ + Trophy.
Special Youth Award: 200€ + Trophy.
Best Actor Award: Trophy.
Best Actress Award: Trophy.
Best Director Award: Trophy.
Best Script Award: Trophy.
Best Original Soundtrack Award: Trophy.
Best Editing Award: Trophy.
Best Photography Award: Trophy.
Best Sound Award: Trophy.
Best Costume Design Award: Trophy.
Best Make-up and Hairdressing: Trophy.


1. Participation in the IV International Film Festival for Democratic Memory is open to all film makers that wish to participate, regardless of age, nationality, gender, etc. Minors will be allowed to participate as long as they provide the Festival Organizing Committee due written parental authorization from at least one of the parents or legal guardians. This authorization may be downloaded from the FESCIMED website and must be completed and available for download on the selected registration platform (see section II. Inscription).

2. The subject of all pieces will revolve around Historical Memory: truth, justice and reparation for victims, and any other topic the authors might consider appropriate in relation to the theme of this competition.

3. Works may have all types of genres and formats –fiction, documentary and animation. Every author will be able to participate with as many works as he/she wants to.

4. The running time of short films will be 30 minutes or less, credit titles included.

5. Works that portray values or ideas of a racist, sexist, xenophobic, intolerant, fanatical or other violent nature, or opposed to human and social rights will not be accepted.

6. Works that were selected for any of the sections of the previous edition of this Festival will not be allowed to participate, either in the Official Section or in parallel Sections.

7. Short films can be presented in any film or video system, including those provided by IT platforms, as long as they have been produced after January 1st 2017.

8. The names on the registration form must be the same of those contained in the film credit titles. The Organizing Committee understands that those presenting a piece of work to the Festival hold film rights over it, so candidates are solely responsible for any failure to comply with those.

9. A Selection Committee will choose the short films which will be included in the Official Section. The Organization Committee may program one or more parallel sections outside the competition but within the framework of the Festival.

10. The Jury will announce its decision and the Public Vote Award at the Closing Ceremony. The decisions of the Selection Committee and the Jury will not be open to appeal.

11. Given the unprecedented health situation that Spain is facing at the time these terms and conditions are issued, any decision regarding the postponement or cancellation of the Festival will fall solely on the Organization, including the possibility of re-defining the festival as an on-line contest being held in the dates announced above, and always under conditions of emission and coverage previously discussed and agreed with the corresponding authors and representatives. This sole judgement criterion of the Organization will be grounded on those recommendations, indications and instructions which could eventually be made public or put into force by local, regional and national authorities in order to avoid putting the health and safety of all people who might attend FESCIMED 2020 in person at risk, either organizers, filmmakers or audience.


12. Short films will be presented in their original language. Those with an original language other than Spanish must be subtitled in this language.

13. Registration will only be done through one of the Festhome platform. In all cases, the poster of the short film, photograph of the director and at least two frames of the film must be available for download. In the case of minors, also the corresponding authorizations duly completed as described in point 1 of theses rules.

14. Participation will be completely free, except fees must be paid in the selected platform to make the registration.

15. The registrations and all required materials must reach the Organizing Committee before 23:59 Spanish peninsular time on Monday, August 31st 2020 at 23:59 (Peninsular Spain GMT).

16. Candidates who wish to cancel their registration to this Festival must give prior notice before the registration deadline.

17. Candidates who fail to submit the required documents described in these Terms and Conditions before the deadline, will be out of the competition.


18. The Selection Committee will decide which short films will go to the Official Section among the works presented. All films in the Final will be eligible for every award, except for the Special Youth Award for film makers under 30 years of age, born after December 1st, 1990.

19. Between September and October 2020, the Organization will get in touch the selected ones who must submit to the Festival Organizing Committee a copy of their works in high definition in accordance with the following criteria:

Format: DCP/ MPEG2 or H.264.
Minimun resolution / Speed: PAL 1920x1080p 25fps.
Audio: 48kHz.

20. These copies will be submitted via Internet to the Festival e-mail address -through WeTransfer, Dropbox, Drive or Mega- or through any download system that allows the registration platforms. The HD copies must reach the Organizing Committee before November 1st 2020.

21. The Festival Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject those copies presented that, in its judgement, do not meet the technical conditions required for their screening to the public.


22. Screening of short films, both in the Official Section of the competition and in the parallel sections, if any, will take place between dates to be specified throughout the month of December 2020, at a place and time that the Organization deems appropriate.

23. The final programme will be announced both on the Festival website and on social networks, together with every other channel the Organizing Committee may find suitable.

24. In no case will be paid screenings payments to the selected short films.

V. awards

25. The official list of winners of the Festival will be made of three cash prizes and thirteen trophies.

26. The Public Vote Award will be based on the votes of audiences attending FESCIMED. The winner will be determined by a percentage of votes received in relation to total votes given each day. Should FESCIMED 2020 become an on-line contest as stated in point 11 of these terms and conditions, the Organization will decide and announce in plenty of notice the criteria that will determine the awarding of this price.

27. All other awards will be decided by the jury appointed by the Organizing Committee for the third edition of the Festival.

28. All short films will be eligible for the Best Short Film Award, while only those directed by film directors younger than 30 years of age will also be eligible for the Youth Special Award.

29. No film will be awarded the three main prizes or more than a total of three awards.

30. The thirteen trophies will be personal and individual according to each categories.

31. Trophies will not be exchanged for their value in cash.

32. The awards of the Festival will be established as follows:

Best Short Film Award: 300€ + Trophy.
Public Vote Award: 200€ + Trophy.
Special Youth Award: 200€ + Trophy
Best Actor Award: Trophy.
Best Actress Award: Trophy.
Best Director Award: Trophy.
Best Script Award: Trophy.
Best Original Soundtrack Award: Trophy.
Best Editing Award: Trophy.
Best Photography Award: Trophy.
Best Sound Award: Trophy.
Best Art Direction & Costume Design Award: Trophy.
Best Make-up and Hairdressing: Trophy.

33. The winners commit themselves to attend the award ceremony to collect the prize. For reasons beyond the reasonable control, winners may delegate a third party to attend the ceremony and collect the prize, prior authorization by the Organizing Committee and commit to send, before the date indicated at the time, a personal video accepting and thanking the award.

34. Once the awards have been announced, the participating film-makers will have ten days to provide any information required by the Organizing Committee in order to grant the prizes. Once this period of time is over, it will be understood that the film-makers renounce their prizes (both cash and trophies), although the Winners List will not be affected.


35. The Organizing Committee may use fragments of the works selected –with a maximum of two minutes by film-- on platforms and media with the only purpose of promoting the Festival.

36. Once the Festival is over, the Art and Memory Association, with the previous agreement of their authors, may use the films included in the Festival in campaigns aimed at rising consciousness to democratic memory in cultural centers, schools, etc. Such activities will always be free of charge and of informative character. The film-makers will be informed of and invited to take part in the screening of their films or in QA sessions so that they may participate in them if they may wish to do so.

37. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify the dates and schedule of the Festival for causes beyond reasonable control, and not anticipated at the time of these Terms and Conditions. Equally, and at the discretion of the Selection Committee, the Organizing Committee may cancel the Festival if the number of works presented to the Festival is not sufficient to put the Programme together.

38. In case of suspension of the Festival due to causes beyond FESCIMED, the Organization will be exempt from all kinds of responsabilities to the participants.

39. Any issue not accounted for in these Terms and Conditions, even when these are definitive, will be submitted for consideration to the Organizing Committee.

40. Participation in the Festival involves full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.



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