Bajo Nuestra Piel - Festival Internacional de Cine sobre Derechos Humanos (8)

Under Our Skin - Human Rights International Film Festival


07 Jul 2024
Call for entries

28 Jul 2024
Final deadline


15 Sep 2024
Notification date

08 Nov 2024
17 Nov 2024


Calle Colón, Edificio Litoral,  ----, Ciudad de La Paz, Murillo, Bolivia

Festival description
Short film festival 30'<
Feature film festival >60'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 December 2021
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Feature Films  >60'
 Any language
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Photo of Bajo Nuestra Piel - Festival Internacional de Cine sobre Derechos Humanos
Photo of Bajo Nuestra Piel - Festival Internacional de Cine sobre Derechos Humanos

Photo of Bajo Nuestra Piel - Festival Internacional de Cine sobre Derechos Humanos
Photo of Bajo Nuestra Piel - Festival Internacional de Cine sobre Derechos Humanos


Festival start: 08 November 2024      Festival end: 17 November 2024

Bajo Nuestra Piel International Film Festival on Human Rights is a project that aims to generate a debate and reflective space on Human Rights topics through the artistic representation in documental, fiction and animation format, of critical, socially compromised and quality cinema.

- Jury

The organization of the Festival will designate the president of the jury among several Bolivian and foreign personalities; they will cast their vote regarding the feature films and short films in competition.

- During the elaboration of the prizes, the vote of the jury will be secret. Decisions will be made by absolute majority of the votes in the first two rounds and by relative majority in the following rounds.

- The General Director of the Festival will attend the deliberations of the jury and will not participate in the voting.

- Any person interested in the production or exploitation of a film in competition may not be part of the jury.

- Awards
The following prizes will be awarded within the framework of the 8th edition of the Festival.

- Awards for films in competition:

The Jury will reward:

• Award for best feature film

• Special Mention of the Jury for best feature film

• Award for best short film

• Special Mention of the Jury for best short film

- Audience Awards

The audience attending the festival, through voting tickets, will award two prizes: the Audience Award for best short film and the Audience Award for best feature film of the entire Official Selection (with the exception of the Retrospective section).

- Independent Awards
Bolivian and international institutions directly involved in the work of the categories mentioned below will reward the works* that best represent human rights work in different ways:

• Best Bolivian film on Human Rights

• Best film on women's rights
• Best film on children's rights
• Best film on the rights of LGBTIQ people
• Best film on the rights of migrants

• Best film on defense and protection of the environment

• Special mention in any of the previously mentioned categories

*Applicable to the entire Official Selection (except for the Retrospective section).

ARTICLE 1 - Purpose

The purpose of the International Festival on Human Rights "Under Our Skin" is to generate a space for debate and reflection on human rights through artistic cinematographic representation in documentary, fiction or animation format, contained in the making of critical cinema. quality and social commitment. The festival is international in nature for several reasons: for having cinematographic works from different countries and for having headquarters established in Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Kenya.

ARTICLE 2 - Celebration

The 7th International Film Festival on Human Rights "Under Our Skin" will be held from November 8 to 17, 2024 in the city of La Paz, Bolivia and will later be distributed throughout the country through our well-known Film Weeks that They take place in the cities of Tarija, Oruro, Camiri, Riberalta, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Coroico, as well as in special exhibitions in schools, universities, rural communities, prisons and rehabilitation centers for young people in conflict with the law.

ARTICLE 3 - More celebrations
Inclusion in the Official Selection of the 8th edition will entail the possible participation in the route through the different places detailed in Article 2, which will take place between January and October 2025.
Additionally, Bajo Nuestra Piel will be launched in the country of Ecuador starting this year, therefore, the film selection in this sister festival in Quito, Ecuador in 2025 - in case it has been selected in BNP Bolivia - will be communicated and its approval by the filmmaker will be sought previously, using the mail address provided at the time of registration.

Participation in this tour will be previously informed to the email provided in the time of registration.

ARTICLE 4 - Pre-selection conditions
The Festival Selection Committee is exclusively responsible for the Official Selection and decides in which section a film may participate: Feature Film Competition, Short Film Competition, Out of Competition (Panorama, Retrospective). *

*The Festival reserves the right to create a new section based on the works received.

ARTICLE 4.1 - Registration

• 4.1.1 The registration of your film (short film or feature film) is not subject to any registration fee.

• 4.1.2 Registrations will be made through the Festhome platform. In the event that you experience any impediment that does not allow registration through the platform, you can send an email to:

• 4.1.3 Each author can register a maximum of three works.

ARTICLE 4.2 - Requirements

• 4.2.1 - Fulfill the objective of the Festival defined in article 1. Be related to education, promotion and/or violation of Universal Human Rights (as stated by the United Nations Organization [UN]) in general and/ or particularly. Works related to Education and Sustainable Development of the Environment will also be contemplated, as proposed by UNESCO.

.• 4.2.2 - Have been registered for selection through the Festhome platform or by filling out the registration form that will be provided by email in the event that the first option is impossible.

• 4.2.3 - Have been produced in the thirty-six months prior to the Festival (after December 1, 2021).

• 4.2.4 - Not having been sent and/or screened in previous editions of Under Our Skin.

• 4.2.5 - Not being available in the open on any online platform.

ARTICLE 4.3 - Reception

• The registration deadline will be July 23, 2024, Hrs 23:59 (GMT -4, La Paz, Bolivia).

ARTICLE 4.4 - duration of films

Short films:

A short film is considered to be any work that has a maximum duration of 30 minutes (including credits).

feature films:

A feature film is considered to be any work that lasts more than 60 minutes.

The Festival prefers to select films whose duration is not between 30 and 60 minutes.

ARTICLE 4.5 - viewing for selection

All films must be presented in original version (An original version is considered to be any language in which the film is or will be broadcast in its country of origin).

In order for the Selection Committee to view the film, it must be subtitled as follows:

- Movies whose dialogues are in Spanish:

Electronic subtitles in english*

- Films whose dialogues are in a language other than Spanish:

With Spanish subtitles in the copy (embedded) or via a .srt / .sub file.
+ electronic english subtitles*

*Electronic english subtitles are not required.

Subtitling costs will be borne by the producer of the film.

By electronic subtitles it is understood the additional digital text file that contains the time codes with each dialogue corresponding to the film in the .srt or .sub formats.


ARTICLE 4.6. presentation format

Regardless of the support used to shoot the film (mini DV, super 8, 35mm, etc.), only films with the following characteristics will be accepted:

•Audio, video and subtitles must be contained in a single file and the file size must not exceed 10 GB. (Electronic subtitles in an extra file in .srt or .sub format).

• Video encoding with a constant bit rate and 24, 25, or 30 progressive frames per second is suggested.

• The file name must not include any special characters. Do not use, for example, any file names like: "myfilm! @ &% $ § * ().mp4".

• The film must be sent only once and on a single support.

To ensure high technical quality, the following settings are suggested for file compression:

Size / aspect ratio
1920 x 1080px / 16:9 HD

Video codec / min. bit rate
H.264 High Profile
5,000 - 10,000 Kbit/s

Audio codec / min. bit rate
Sampling rate AAC / 320 Kbit / s 48 kHz

File conversion is offered, for example, by the "HandBrake" software which is free and available for all popular operating systems.

ARTICLE 4.7 - shipping

They must be sent through the Festhome platform or by filling in the registration form that will be provided by email in the event that the first option is impossible. In the latter case, the suggested delivery platforms are: Wetransfer, MyAirBridge, Dropbox, Google Drive or Vimeo (direct download).

ARTICLE 5 - projections
The main samples of the Festival will be held in different screening spaces in the city of La Paz, with one short film and one feature film per performance. Additional projections and replicas will also be carried out in alternative movie theaters or cultural spaces suitable for such purpose, always at no cost to the public.

ARTICLE 6 - Selected films

If your film is selected, you will be notified at the beginning of September, in which case we ask for confidentiality in this regard. Once selected, no film can be withdrawn from the program.

You must submit a trailer, in H264 HD file, no longer than 3 minutes, to be used solely for the purpose of promoting the exhibitions. (If you do not send a compact of the film (trailer), whoever holds the rights to the film authorizes the use of a fragment of the works, a maximum of three minutes, or a maximum of 10% of the total duration, for dissemination as informative material in any means of communication, including the Internet.)

An advertising poster of the film must be sent, in a JPEG or TIFF file, 60 cm. x 100cm. 300 dpi minimum (If a poster of the film is not sent, whoever holds the rights to the film authorizes the use of a fragment of the works for dissemination as informative graphic material in any media, including the Internet).

A photograph of the film in digital JPEG format (minimum 720x576 pixels) as an attached document for publication in the festival catalogue.

A photograph of the filmmaker or filmmakers in JPEG digital format (minimum 720x576 pixels), as an attached document for possible publication in the festival's Catalogue.

Digital copy of the identity document of the person who owns the rights to the film.
If you have any questions, contact us through the email address:

Those responsible for the selected films will receive the official laurels, evidencing their participation in the 8th International Film Festival Under Our Skin for Human Rights.

The films selected for this sample may be exhibited at the festival, as well as in special projections, always for cultural, charitable, educational or non-profit training purposes.

All copies of the selected films will become part of the Organization's Media Library, with the aim of possibly including them in future "Retrospective" sections of Under Our Skin.

The editorial contents of the Catalog are in charge of the Organization.

Any person or Institution interested in acquiring a copy of any of the films will be put in direct contact with whoever owns their rights.

ARTICLE 8 - Unforeseen cases
The Festival Selection Committee may decide on all cases not provided for in these regulations.

ARTICLE 9 - Responsibilities of the participant
Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of the regulations and compliance with the pre-selection conditions.

In the event that the submitted works include author's music, they must have the respective rights and/or give adequate credit to the authors of the music tracks.

Whoever owns the rights to the film must have the licenses, copyrights, copylefts and rights to images, sounds or any other intellectual property rights

that you use to make it.

Whoever holds the rights to the film, and does not choose to register through FestHome, agrees to send the Registration Form that will have the value of an Affidavit by which the conditions of this regulation are accepted and the rights and authorizations are granted. about the film for its screening at the Festival and its replicas.

These regulations apply to the entire Official Selection: Feature Films in Competition, Short Films in Competition and Out of Competition.

In case you have questions or need clarification regarding this regulation, please contact the email:



Address: C/ Colón 150, edificio Litoral, planta 8, La Paz, Bolivia


Instagram: @festivalbajonuestrapiel

Tik tok: @festivalbajonuestrapiel



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