II Congreso Internacional Estéticas Híbridas de la Imagen en Movimiento: Identidad y Patrimonio ()


22 Apr 2021
Call for entries

25 Jun 2021
Festival closed

25 Aug 2021
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20 Oct 2021
19 Nov 2021


Camino de Vera,  46022, Valencia, Valencia, Spain

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Photo of II Congreso Internacional Estéticas Híbridas de la Imagen en Movimiento: Identidad y Patrimonio
Photo of II Congreso Internacional Estéticas Híbridas de la Imagen en Movimiento: Identidad y Patrimonio
Photo of II Congreso Internacional Estéticas Híbridas de la Imagen en Movimiento: Identidad y Patrimonio
Photo of II Congreso Internacional Estéticas Híbridas de la Imagen en Movimiento: Identidad y Patrimonio


Festival start: 20 October 2021      Festival end: 19 November 2021

The II International Conference Hybrid Aesthetics of the Moving Image: Identity and Heritage is a meeting place for the different disciplines involved in the study of new media, visual studies, aesthetics, identity and critical theory, as well as preservation strategies of the audiovisual medium.

It is an initiative of the MICIU R+D+i EShID Project: Estéticas híbridas de la imagen en movimiento. Videoarte español y dinámicas identitarias en el mapa global (2019-2021), focused on research, transfer and dissemination of audiovisual works made in our country from the ARES archive. Aesthetics, identities and audiovisual practices in Spain; as well as the research group Visu@ls. Visual culture and identity politics. After the first edition, held in November 2020 at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Salamanca and focused on the theme of migration, globalization and interculturality, in 2021 the Universitat Politècnica de València will take over.

The meeting aims to generate critical thinking among researchers and professionals from different disciplines related to video art at an international level. Video art is understood as a resource capable of generating identity manifestations, as a medium that offers reproducibility, and at the same time questions the transmission of heritage because of its fragility and obsolescence. This broad panorama ranges from the production of imaginaries, such as the visualization of intimacy and gender roles through contemporary audiovisuals in the "image-world" we inhabit today, to the conflicts that arise in cultural and educational institutions when it comes to cataloguing and preserving the social memory of videographic practices. We could speak, then, of a dual nature of video art: one that directly affects the construction of identity that creates and projects collective imaginaries, and, on the other hand, a mediological identity that investigates the effects of technological innovations in the field of heritage.

Part of the congress will focus on discussing video art as a construction of identity, as a tool for inclusivity, analyzing the relationship between video and issues of indisputable social relevance such as feminism, sexual and gender diversity. The relationship between video art and the new instrumental strategies of conservation will be, therefore, the second major topic of debate of the congress, through which it is intended to establish a certain consensus that facilitates the decision-making process related to this type of works increasingly common in our institutions.

At the same time, an exhibition of video art works selected through this call will be held at the Josep Renau Exhibition Hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV.

The Conference will be open for the submision of Communication abstracts, Posters and Video Artworks that propose new solutions or reflections on the cross-sectional issues adressed in the following topics:


Microelectronic registers and possibilities of artistic intervention in the space of the "global village" that expose identitary problematics.


Audiovisual as a present doer practice in the "network culture society".


Mediological identity of video art vs. heritage.


Seeking possibilities and relevance against semantic obsolescence.

First Stage: Video abstracts

Candidates must send a 300-word summary of the reflections or issues raised in the Video and an image before March 22, 2021, indicating which thematic line it corresponds to and following the instructions indicated in the submission guidelines. The abstract must be anonymous and may be in Spanish or English. The proposal must include a title and 5 keywords.

The abstracts will be evaluated by peer review, so that the authors won’t know the name of the reviewers, and the collaborators won’t either know the name of the authors. Please prepare the abstract in a way that preserves anonymity until submission of the final paper, taking into account:

- Do not put name, email or institution of the authors below the title.

- Do not indicate in the acknowledgements data of partners that could identify the author or its institution.

- Check that the attached material does not contain data that could identify the authors or its institutions.

Authors will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of their proposal to the Conference on April the 22nd, 2021.



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