Viana CineFest (3)

Festival de Cinema ao Ar Livre Em Viana


15 Mar 2022
Call for entries

10 Apr 2023
Festival closed

10 Apr 2023
Notification date

29 Jun 2023
02 Jul 2023


Vila Sede,  +244, Viana, Luanda, Angola

Festival description
Short film festival >1' 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2020
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 30'<
 Any language
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Photo of Viana CineFest
Photo of Viana CineFest

Photo of Viana CineFest
Photo of Viana CineFest


Festival start: 29 June 2023      Festival end: 02 July 2023


Non-traveling film festival that takes place annually thinking about the exhibitions to Covid-19 distancing and free face to Covid-19.

The second edition has free entries and submissions for Angolan territory only.

The general regulation defines the rules for registration, selection, exclusion, winners,
awards and honorable mentions.

✓ Best Animation (Diploma + Trophy + 100,000.00 Kzs)
✓ Best Documentary (Diploma + Trophy + Kzs 100,000.00)
✓ Best Sci-fi (Diploma + Trophy + 100,000.00 Kzs)

✓ Best Drama (Diploma + Trophy + 100,000.00 Kzs)
✓ Best Action (Diploma + Trophy + 100,000.00 Kzs)
✓ Best Comedy (Diploma + Trophy + 100,000.00 Kzs)

Honorable Mention - Diploma + Trophy.

Any cash prizes are subject to the goodwill of the
our partners.
Being a courtesy of our partners, there are no absolute guarantees that the
we will have unless made available by one of our partners in category
selected by it.

The project that wins the most prizes during the festival wins.

The festival's Curatorship is responsible for the selection, exclusion and disqualification
of films submitted in all categories.

Films produced between 2020 and 2023 in Angola and
produced by Angolans abroad, as well as foreign films
whether they are Portuguese-speaking or not.
Films that have already been shown in previous editions will be discarded.

Submission - Films are submitted from Feb 25th. on the 30th of March.
Selection - Dissemination of selected films from March 15th to April 10th.
Nomination - Films are nominated from March 5th to March 25th

Only films with nominations will be shown.

By submitting your film, you agree with the festival's regulations and authorize the
use of images for advertising purposes.



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