Transcinema Festival Internacional de Cine (4)

TRANSCINEMA International Film Festival


29 Mar 2019
Call for entries

27 Oct 2019
Final deadline


15 Nov 2019
Notification date

06 Dec 2019
14 Dec 2019


-,  -, Lima, Lima, Peru

Festival description
Short Films
Feature Films

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2017
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
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Festival start: 06 December 2019      Festival end: 14 December 2019

TRANSCINEMA is an independent film festival that aims to be a space for critical reflection towards filmmaking and its new forms of expression in cinema.

1. Transcinema – International Film Festival
Transcinema is an independent film festival that aspires to be a space for critical reflection on film and its new forms of expression.

2. Date of the event
The fourth version of Transcinema will take place in the city of Lima, Peru, from December 6 to 14, 2019.

3. Contest Categories
I. International competition: For documentary films and/or cinematographic experimentation from all over the world. No institutional or advertising pieces, reports or works of a journalistic nature are allowed. A duration limit for movies is not set.

II. Transandean Competition: Documentary films and/or cinematographic experimentation carried out and produced in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. No institutional or advertising pieces, reports or works of a journalistic nature are allowed. A duration limit for movies is not set.

III. National Video Clip Competition: for audiovisual-musical pieces made from 2018.

4. General Conditions of application
A. The registrations for Transcinema competitions are open for work whose production is January 2018 to date.
B. To participate in each of the categories the filmmakers must apply via the online platform FESTHOME, except Peruvian films.
C. The amount for each film registered via FESTHOME shall be:

1. Feature films
US $8 (Festhome fee) + US $5 (Transcinema fee)
Total: US $13

2. Short films
US $2 (Festhome fee) + US $3 (Transcinema fee)
Total: US $5

D. Peruvian films must submit to John Campos Gómez with the subject "Inscription Transcinema" to the email:

E. After accepting the invitation to one of the competitive sections, the films may not be removed from the festival schedule nor may be exhibited at any other event in the Republic of Peru prior to their official presentation in Transcinema.

5. Submission of material and date of enrollment
The Transcinema call will be open until Sunday, October 27th 2019.

6. Jury
A. The jury shall be composed of personalities of the audiovisual medium, of the arts and national and/or international culture.
B. Persons who are directly related to the works in competition shall be barred from being part of the jury.
C. The verdict of the jury is unappealable.
D. Winners will be announced at the closing ceremony.

7. Acceptance of bases and conditions-assignment of rights
The inscription in Transcinema implies the acceptance of the present bases and conditions and the transfer of the rights of projection of the material presented to the effects of the diffusion of this edition as well as of future editions from the date of selection of the material. Likewise, jointly with the signature of the present bases and conditions, the holders of the work Accept/n Assign the rights of projection and reproduction of the same one for the purposes of its exposure in the non-profit activities related to the festival, as well as for the publicity diffusion of it.

The festival will organize three public passes of the selected works, and not pay exhibition rights for them.

Once the reference is included in the catalogue, the film will not be able to withdraw unilaterally from the competition.

8. Rights of the participating works
A. The participants show that they are the only real owners of the audiovisual works that are presented to the festival, both in case of being author and of being assignee of them. In case of falsehood in the affidavit, not to be holders of the same responsibility for any claim of third parties will be exclusively the participant who presents the work, without having the festival anything to answer to third parties.
B. Participants show that they have all the rights involved in the work.
C. Participants show that the festival is left unscathed by any claim regarding the ownership of the work and/or lack of authorization regarding the rights contained therein.



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