Mostra de Cinema do Rosal (4)



01 Feb 2024
Call for entries

10 Sep 2024
Standard deadline

30 Jun 2024
Final deadline


08 Jul 2024
Notification date

24 Jul 2024
28 Jul 2024


Estrada de Eiras, 118,  36770, O Rosal, Pontevedra, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2023
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Any language
Spanish Galician
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Photo of Mostra de Cinema do Rosal
Photo of Mostra de Cinema do Rosal
Photo of Mostra de Cinema do Rosal
Photo of Mostra de Cinema do Rosal


Festival start: 24 July 2024      Festival end: 28 July 2024

Festival of short films with a free theme.
As specified in the rules, any short film with a maximum duration of 30 minutes including credits is admitted.

Jury award for best short film.

Audience award for best short film.

Best acting award.

Best script award.

Best photography award.

The contest rules are as follows:

1.The competition is limited to short films. Other works, including feature films, may be screened out of competition.

2.A short film is defined as a work that does not exceed 30 minutes, including credits.

3.The theme of the works is free.

4.Galician works will be valued, especially those produced in the years 2023 and 2024.

Galician works are understood to be:

- Pieces produced by Galician production companies or Galician directors even if they reside outside Galicia.

- Pieces produced by producers/directors from outside Galicia, but filmed in Galicia.

- In any case, they must be presented in Galician, without prejudice to other languages or subtitles.

5.It will be valued that the works in competition are absolute premieres and that they have not yet been shown in other festivals. This circumstance will be stated in the registration form.

6.The deadline for submitting works will be June 15, 2024.

7.Registration is free and can be done at the e-mail address or through the website of the Mostra de cinema do Rosal by completing the corresponding form.

- For any questions, please contact the e-mail

8.In the registration form, it must be clearly specified who is the legal representative of the work.

9.In the case of winning a prize with an economic endowment, this will be paid to the designated legal representative. Any payment made to said legal representative will release the organization of the Mostra from responsibility if the payment was to be made to another person.

10.The authors of the works must have the necessary permissions to use images or music that are not of their authorship.

11.The formats admitted to compete or participate must be:

- AVI, MOV, MP4 or MPEG.
- Bitrate max. 15000 kbps
- Audio AAC
- Resolution: 1280*720 or higher. We recommend 1920X1080 or 4K.

12.Availability of short films.
Making the short films available.

- A link to Vimeo, Mega, Google Drive or any other system that allows downloading the work without loss of quality must be provided.

- Along with the short film, the corresponding poster will be provided, preferably in a resolution of 300 dpi, as well as a synopsis of the film and other information; direction, cast, etc.

- The organization of the Mostra will in no case cede the works presented to third parties, except with the explicit permission of the authors or their designated representatives.

13.If the dialogues are not in Galician or Spanish, the corresponding subtitles in either language must be submitted. Embedded subtitles are allowed.

14.The works selected for the competition will be notified by the designated representative at least three weeks prior to the competition.

15.The selected works will be screened within the program of the IV Mostra de cinema do Rosal, to be held on the dates indicated above.

16.The final conviction for any crime related to gender violence of any producer, producer, director or director, will cause the suspension of the screening and will be out of the competition if it is the case.

17.The Jury:

- It will be formed by professionals from the fields of cinema, audiovisual, music, communication and culture.

- It will be announced before the beginning of the Mostra and its decision will be final.

- To facilitate the audience awards, each attendee will be given a list of the screenings of each day, with a reproduction of the poster of the short film, so that they can leave their choice in a ballot box.

- The winner will be the film with the best arithmetic average, resulting from dividing the total score obtained by the number of voters.

- The public will be able to vote up to 30 minutes after the end of the last projection presented to the contest.

- A prize may be declared void by the jury, and the decision must be justified. In the case of an ex-aequo prize with a monetary award, the prize will be divided 50/50.

- The jury may establish the special mentions it deems appropriate.

The following prizes are established, with the economic endowment and awards indicated:

- Jury Award for the best short film: Ghorghalado figure and economic allocation.

- Audience award for the best short film: Ghorghalado figure and a cash prize.

- Jury Award for Best Screenplay: Ghorghalado figure and a cash prize.

- Jury prize for best acting (male or female): Ghorghalado figure and a cash award.

- Jury Prize for Best Cinematography: Ghorghalado figure and a cash award.

All prizes are shown in gross amounts. The corresponding withholdings required by the law in force will be applied to them at the appropriate time.

The organization will not be responsible in any case for the commissions of making credit transfers to non-European current accounts for the prizes awarded, so by virtue of this circumstance only transfers to European current accounts will be made.

Participation in this call for entries implies acceptance of these rules.



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