Humus Film Fest (9)


23 Apr 2024
Call for entries

15 Oct 2024
Final deadline


22 Oct 2024
Notification date

23 Apr 2024
08 Nov 2024


Ronda de Valencia, 2,  -, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Festival description
Environmental themes
Short film festival 5'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2022
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  5'<
 Any language
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Photo of Humus Film Fest
Photo of Humus Film Fest

Photo of Humus Film Fest
Photo of Humus Film Fest


Festival start: 23 April 2024      Festival end: 08 November 2024

The Humus Film Fest is an international festival of short films with environmental themes, focused on audiovisual pieces that show, from fiction or reality, agroecology experiences, urban gardens, connections between the countryside and the city or new ruralities.

The festival aspires to accommodate both the most professional and amateur creators, with
the aim of broadening views on the connections between these two ecosystems, the countryside and the city. We look for stories that tell us about these relationships from humor, poetry, surrealism or everyday life.

Up to 6 winning short films will be selected, five in the call and one more by the public on the day of the presentation.
The call has no monetary prize. The winners will receive material prizes related to the festival theme.


The Curator of the Humus Revolution Festival will be headed by Alberto Peralta. Founding
member of the Network of Community Urban Gardens of Madrid (Rehdmad), which in 2012
was recognized by the UN Habitat Committee as “European Good Practices in Cities”. He is
also part of the Ciudad-Huerto association: A collective that promotes citizen participation
projects that hybridize art and nature.


Short films may be submitted to this Call by individuals of legal age or legal entities of any nationality or residence.

In the event that a group of people is presented in a single candidacy, all of them must meet the requirements established in these legal bases and will have to appoint a representative who will maintain the relationship with the organization and will be responsible for indicating to Fundación Montemadrid, with the written confirmation previously collected from the rest of the participants, the way the prize will be distributed among them.


Given evidence that any of the participants does not comply with the requirements set out in these Legal Bases, or the data is not valid, their participation will be considered null and void and they will be immediately excluded from the Call, losing the possibility of accessing any of the prizes of the same.
Fundación Montemadrid reserves the right, if there is just cause and prior legal communication, to make any change, suspend or modify the Call.


he Call consists of the presentation of short films that deal with the relationships between
the countryside and the city (experiences of agroecology, urban gardens, food sovereignty,
composting, local commerce, consumer groups, countryside-city rapprochement, new ruralities, etc.). 5 categories are stablished:

- Fantastic
- Author Short
- Comedy
- Documentary 'Tribute Javier Garrido'
- Shorts made partially or completely with AI.

To participate in the ninth edition of the short film festival you must send the following:

-Still of the short film: Still of the short film, 1000 x 570 pixels and a maximum
weight of 400Kb, in jpg format that does not contain the title (other than the initial frame), nor the overprinted subtitles.
- Short films in competition, with a maximum weight of 200 Gb.

The festival jury will select 4 short finalists per category. The 20 finalist shorts will be shown at a gala open to the public.


The deadline for participation in the Call is from April 23 to October 15, 2024. No submission will be accepted after the deadline. The decision of the Call will be announced during the Humus Film Festival finalists' gala.


Fundación Montemadrid will assume the necessary expenses for the presentation of the
selected short films at a gala organized by La Casa Encendida of Fundación Montemadrid.
The following expenses are borne by the participants:

- Travel and stay to attend the gala.
- Expenses derived from the making of short films.


The themes of the short films submitted to the competition will be about the relationships
between the countryside and the city (agroecology experiences, urban gardens, food
sovereignty, composting, local commerce, consumer groups, countryside-city rapprochement, new ruralities, etc.).

Short films that have been presented at other festivals may be sent as long as they fit the theme and duration detailed in these rules and have been edited in the last two years (January 1, 2022).

Documentaries made entirely or partially with AI must be submitted in the specific category
for this.

The duration of the shorts will be a maximum of 4 and a half minutes (4' 30''), not including end credits. It could be shorter if the author so chooses. The videos can be recorded with any device: Mobile phone, tablet, camera, video camera, etc. The following formats will be supported: MP4 and MOV.

In addition to the video file, a frame of the short film must be sent, measuring 1000 x 570
pixels and a maximum weight of 400Kb, in JPG format that does not contain the title (other
than the initial frame), nor the superimposed subtitles.

If the videos are presented in a language other than Spanish, they must include subtitles in Spanish.


The jury may request to physically see the works submitted to the call or additional
information about the project. The works may be requested from their authors by the Jury in
order to carry out their decision-making task.


Work may not be submitted:
1. Whose rights of any kind are compromised in any way.
2. Work that violates the privacy rights or protection of personal data of third parties.
3. In general, works that violate current legislation.


Given that your participation implies the reception and use by the organizer of audiovisual works provided by the participant, it is the participant's responsibility to have, at the time of sending the work, all the necessary rights that are deduced from compliance with these bases and the end of the Festival. In this sense, the participant undertakes to hold Fundación Montemadrid harmless from any type of claim from third parties for infringement of copyright
or industrial property, as well as violation of image rights.

Through these rules, the participant transfers the necessary rights to the Organizing Entity on the work sent, free of charge, for the following purposes:
−So that the work can be valued and chosen, if applicable, as a winner.
-So that your work, or fragments of it, can be used and communicated publicly to promote this and future calls.
-So that the work, or fragments of it, can be used and publicly communicated as a participating and/or winning work.
-So that the work, or fragments of it, can be used for archival purposes, a historical
record of the activities carried out by the organizing entity.
-So that the work, or fragments of it, can be disseminated, disseminated by the organizer and the public, or users in general, through their own or third-party platforms, social networks and communication channels.

As an example, among the platforms, social networks and communication channels
mentioned, there are:
−The website of La Casa Encendida and the Montemadrid Foundation:
-The YouTube channel of La Casa Encendida and the Montemadrid Foundation
-The account of X from La Casa Encendida and Fundación Montemadrid:
-The Facebook and Instagram accounts of La Casa Encendida and Fundación Montemadrid:
-he Vimeo account of La Casa Encendida

All of the above includes the free and royalty-free, non-exclusive, transferable and with the right to be transferred or sublicensed, of the necessary rights of reproduction, distribution, modification, transformation, exhibition, communication to the public and representation, both for its access, use and visualization, as well as for the preparation of supporting informative material, its translation into other languages and technical adaptation according to the characteristics of the event, space or platforms in which it is communicated, disclosed, exposed or publicly exhibited.
The authorizations provided for here will be for the entire time allowed by current legislation, depending on the nature of the work, until it enters the public domain, and with a global geographic scope, for all platforms and media used by the Organizing Entities, even if they are owned by third parties. For more information, we recommend that the participant consult the sections related to the management of copyright of the platforms, channels and social networks mentioned.

In any case, you may direct any questions or requests related to the rights of the work sent to with the subject Humus Film Festival Call.

The registration of the works presented in the Intellectual Property Registry remains under the responsibility of the author, as well as the effects of non-registration against third parties.

Transfer of personal image rights:

The participant authorizes the use of personal images that he or she contributes or whose
creation he or she authorizes, to be associated with his or her participation in the call.

Likewise, the participant must have the necessary permissions related to image rights, of those that appear in the submitted work, leaving the Organizing Entity harmless, in the terms provided in the first paragraph of this clause.

Use of brands or other distinctive signs:

In the event that the participant uses trademarks or other distinctive signs to identify himself or his works, the use of said distinctive signs is authorized under the same terms as those provided for his recognition as the owner of the rights, and in the same way as stipulated for the transfer of personal image rights, as applicable.


The personal data of the participants will be processed by Fundación Montemadrid as the data
controller and in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data. You can consult the data of those responsible for the treatment at the following link:

Said data will be processed to manage the participant's participation in the Call, as well as to communicate the prize to the winners of the call and for the publication of the winners of the call.

The legal basis for the processing of your data is the execution of the contractual agreement for participation in the call regulated in these Bases. Your data may be kept once processing has ended for the period necessary to comply with legal obligations. Your data will not be communicated to third parties, and if communication is necessary and the legitimizing basis for this is not legal or contractual obligation, your prior consent will be requested.

The Participant, as the owner of their personal data, can exercise their rights of access, portability, limitation of processing, information, rectification, opposition and cancellation of their data free of charge by sending an email to the following address:

In the event that the exercise of your rights is not satisfactorily resolved, you can file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Data from third parties in the works:

Given that the work delivered may contain images, voice and other types of data from third parties, the participant must ensure that they have the corresponding authorizations, to guarantee that the use of the work does not violate the rights or privacy of third parties.


The Organizing Entities guarantee the confidentiality of the documentation provided in the call by the participant, based on the data protection regulations mentioned in the previous clause.


Participation in the Call implies acceptance of these Legal Bases. Partial or non-complete
acceptance of the same implies the immediate exclusion of the Participant and, consequently, the release of Fundación Montemadrid from compliance with the obligations contracted with it.


These legal bases are governed in accordance with Spanish Law. The Courts and Tribunals of
the city of Madrid will be competent to resolve any claim or controversy that may be raised in relation to validity, interpretation or compliance, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction that may apply.


For any additional information, you can consult the frequently asked questions or write an email to: with the subject “Humus Film Festival Call”.



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