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Intenational Animal Film Festival of Sabadell


26 Jun 2017
Call for entries

30 Sep 2017
Festival closed

20 Oct 2017
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11 Nov 2017
11 Nov 2017


Plaça de Sant Roc, 1,  08201, Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain

Festival description
Animal Films
Short film festival >3' 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2016
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >3' 30'<
Catalan Spanish
Catalan Spanish
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Festival start: 11 November 2017      Festival end: 11 November 2017

Fortunately the sensitivity of today's society towards animals is changing for the better. There are already many people who do not see animals solely as a product from which they are supplied or enjoyed, but as living beings with their own nature and therefore rights to respect.

There is a growing awareness that a prosperous and dignified society should not allow any kind of violence, not against animals.

People who live with animals have long known, which has been observed in several studies: "animals have emotions and experience pleasure, fear, stress, anxiety, pain or happiness." The current Law on the protection of animals, sensitive to this, defines them as living beings, endowed with physical and psychic sensibility and also voluntary movement, to which no one will cause suffering or ill-treatment or cause states of anxiety or fear.

In this legislature the Ajuntament de Sabadell, through the Department of Animal Welfare, has promoted a decided political line to ensure the protection and welfare of animals. To begin with, the Ajuntament de Sabadell in Plenary declared "Sabadell free of animal abuse" in September 2015 and, among other actions carried out, many of them in collaboration with the animalistic entities of the city, is now working on an Ordinance of Animal welfare that will not only collect the obligations of the owners, but also the rights and obligations of all citizens towards animals.

Another line of work of the Ajuntament de Sabadell is the promotion of training, diffusion and support to audiovisual production in the territory, taking into account the multiple aspects of creative and cultural work, communicative tool, economic activity and promotion of the city that have the audiovisual productions.

Joining these two objectives, the Ajuntament de Sabadell promotes the first International Animal Film Show of Sabadell, designed with the intention of promoting and recognizing quality documentary film productions, while contributing to a cultural change in favour of well-being, respect, Awareness and responsibility towards animals.

And within the framework of this exhibition, this contest is promoted for audiovisual short films related to the animal field, and which should serve to recognize creative talent, facilitate the access of citizens to quality productions and contribute to build awareness and responsibility for welfare and animal rights.

The award is in the amount of € 2,000 in cash for each of the following categories:

• Category 1: Short fiction
• Category 2: Short documentary


1.1. The purpose of these bases is to regulate the award #AnimalSabadell, of Ajuntament de Sabadell.

1.2. The competition audiovisual production animals #AnimalSabadell aims to promote, disseminate and facilitate access of citizens to quality audiovisual productions and simultaneously raise awareness about responsible pet ownership and raise awareness about the animal rights, strengthening its respect and encourage active participation in improving the lives of animals.


2.1. The award is in the amount of € 2,000 in cash for each of the following categories:
• Category 1: Short fiction
• Category 2: Short documentary

2.2. These awards are called in competitive competition, and are subject to the conditions listed below.


3.1. The productions presented should contribute to building awareness and responsibility for the welfare and rights of animals, and to prevent their abandonment and mistreatment.

3.2. The treatment of animals for the realization of the documentary must be safe and must watch over their rights and welfare.

3.3. The works must be in Catalan or Spanish or, if it is in a foreign language, have subtitles in either of the two languages mentioned.

3.4. In case of doubt, the Ajuntament de Sabadell will be responsible for the final decision regarding the acceptance or not of the proposal submitted.


4.1. To compete, you must be up to date in fulfilling your tax obligations with the Ajuntament de Sabadell, the Generalist and the State, as well as your obligations to Social Security; And not incur any of the circumstances that make it impossible to obtain the status of beneficiary of subsidies, in accordance with article 13 of Law 38/2003, of subsidies.

4.2. In case of underage participants, the express authorization of the parent or legal guardian will be necessary.


5.1. Each application may submit up to two audiovisual productions.

5.2. The works will have a maximum duration of 60 minutes.

5.3. To participate, it will be necessary to upload the work in the online platform that is indicated in the call and at the same time send the application form duly completed and signed to, to which the following documentation will be attached:

• Participant data
• Synopsis
• Complete technical sheet
• Publicity / project images
• Short trailer (if available)

Application Form

The registration will only be validated after receiving, in addition:

• In the case of natural persons, copies of the identity documents or passports of each of them must be attached.
• In the case of legal persons, a copy of the DNI or passport of their legal representative, a copy of the document that accredits the legal capacity of the legal person, and a copy of the statutes or deed registered must be attached.

5.4. Any proposal that violates fundamental rights and the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination, as well as those related to activities that may be unlawful, violent or dangerous, or in any other way against the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights.


6.1. The choice of winning productions will be made through a jury composed of a maximum of 7 members: one of whom will act as president; another representing the Ajuntament de Sabadell, as secretary; the rest, between professionals and representative entities, all linked to the world of cinema and the protection of animals.

6.2. The appointment of the Jury will be made at the proposal of the Councilor for Information and Communication Technologies.

6.3. Apart from the quality of audiovisual works, the evaluation criteria that the jury will take into account in selecting the winning entries will be:
• Originality and creativity
• Focus and sensitivity in the treatment of issues and problems
• Derived learning at the end of video viewing

6.4. The decision of the jury shall be final and shall be decided by a majority of votes. If at the time of issuing the ruling there is a tie in the vote, the presidency, in a second vote, will have a vote of quality.

6.5. The person who performs the function of secretary shall issue the minutes of the verdict, which will contain a motivated resolution, the result of the vote, as well as the name of the winning candidates.

6.6. The jury reserves the right to interpret the regulatory bases and can fill any gap or void according to the spirit and purpose of them.

The procedure for choosing the awarded documentaries will be carried out in three phases:

Phase 1. Acceptance of applications
The organization will accept the productions that are validly registered, can be correctly visualized, cover the contest theme and meet the other requirements established in these bases.

Phase 2. Selection of finalist nominations
There will be a first round of selection of the productions presented, in which each juror will vote 5 candidacies. The most voted works will become the finalist documentaries.
These works most voted are those that will be screened during the central act of the First International Animal Film Festival of Sabadell.

Phase 3. Selection of winning entries
In a second round, the jury will vote the winning productions of the different categories. In the event of a tie vote, a second assessment will be made, and if the tie persists, it will be decided by the casting vote of the president.

The jury, by reasoned decision, may declare any of the categories of the contest deserted if in its judgment none of the works presented has sufficient quality.


8.1. The jury will adopt the proposed resolution with total independence and following the evaluation criteria established in the base.

8.2. The jury proposal will be submitted to the corresponding administrative body for approval.

8.3. The verdict and the delivery of the prizes will be made at the closing ceremony of the Exhibition, which date will be indicated in the resolution of the call, and will consist of an award and the corresponding cash prize.

8.4. The maximum period to resolve and notify the resolution of the procedure is three months, and is calculated from the deadline for submission of applications. At the expiration of this period without having notified the legal resolution to the interested parties, their requests are deemed to have been dismissed by administrative silence. Notification of the resolution will be made through the Municipal Notice Board, in accordance with the provisions of Article 45.1.b) of Law 39/2015 of Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.

8.5. The resolution that is issued, will end the administrative route and against it, may appeal, appeals, replenishment, within one month, or administrative contentious appeal within a period of two months, without prejudice to the Interposition of any other that is considered opportune.

The participation in the contest implies the total acceptance of these bases.

The Ajuntament de Sabadell reserves the right to change the conditions if demanded by a justified and overriding cause.


10.1. Participation in the contest entails acceptance of the conditions and authorization for the processing of personal data of the participants and publication on the web pages of the name and population of the winners. The participants authorize the use of their image in audiovisual media (photographs, videos, etc.), during the acts that can be carried out.

10.2. Participants in the contest allow the Ajuntament de Sabadell to use their projections, within the framework of the Show, without any cost to be passed on to the organization.

10.3. The personal data collected from users and their representatives for the contest will be incorporated into a personal data file. These data will be used only for the management of the competition in the terms and requirements established by Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Personal Data Protection. Personal data will not be communicated to third parties for purposes other than those related to this article.

In order to exercise the rights of access, cancellation, rectification or opposition of the personal data provided for in the Law, users may communicate by sending a communication to the email or by telephone at 937453192


11.1. It corresponds to the participants the ownership and other rights of any kind of intellectual property that could be in their favor as creators of the documentary.

11.2. The Ajuntament de Sabadell reserves the right to use the productions presented to the contest for the purpose of promoting the event and / or raising awareness and protection of the animals, without any economic compensation in favor of the producers.

11.3. The producer of the film is responsible for the copyright and related rights of the work he presents.

Sabadell, 27 April 2017



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