TUWUN - Muestra De Cine Indígena De Wallmapu (5)

TUWUN Muestra de Cine Indígena de Wallmapu


03 Jul 2023
Call for entries

10 Sep 2023
Festival closed

30 Sep 2023
Notification date

18 Oct 2023
21 Oct 2023


-,  -, Villarrica, Chile, Chile

Festival description
Indigenous Peoples
Short film festival
Feature film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2018
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Feature Films 
 Any language
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Photo of TUWUN - Muestra De Cine Indígena De Wallmapu
Photo of TUWUN - Muestra De Cine Indígena De Wallmapu

Photo of TUWUN - Muestra De Cine Indígena De Wallmapu
Photo of TUWUN - Muestra De Cine Indígena De Wallmapu


Festival start: 18 October 2023      Festival end: 21 October 2023

The TUWUN concept represents the Mapuche territorial origin, which together with KVPALME, the family origin, represent the Mapuche identity rooted in the LOF, a territorial space that in turn is the basis of the ancestral territorial structure of a broader space, the WALLMAPU, the entire Mapuche territory.

This concept of Mapudungun, the Mapuche language, gives rise to TUWUN Muestra de Cine Indígena de Wallmapu, created with the aim of making known through cinema, that identity and the realities related from ancestral knowledge and the way in which it is understood. life from the vision and relationship of each people with their environment, with their territory, with their own history, culture and spirituality and, therefore, from their own perspective.

In this sense, we believe that the TUWUN exhibition represents a valuable opportunity to learn about the way in which life is understood from the indigenous peoples' own culture and an important space to share the perspective and reality expressed from their own representative voices, through of the cinema. In addition to contributing to the decentralization of cinema and culture, generating a process of circulation at the territorial level and taking the traveling exhibition and its complementary activities to a wide and diverse public, in urban and rural areas, with the exhibition of the participating works in various spaces, such as Mapuche communities, schools and cultural centers in towns that generally have difficulty accessing the cinema because they are far from large urban centers, also generating Nvtram (conversation) spaces around its contents.

TUWUN is an indigenous film exhibition that consists mainly of the realization of a Central Exhibition, which takes place every year for 4 days, in the Municipal Cultural Center of Villarrica, accompanied by activities carried out in various areas of the city. And of an Itinerant Exhibition, which covers various places in Wallmapu, the Mapuche ancestral territory (southern Chile and Argentina) and is held from the month following the central exhibition, until June of the following year, where for the Mapuche people The cycle ends and begins again with the celebration of Wiñoy Tripantu (Mapuche New Year).

Within the framework of TUWUN, we develop various complementary activities, both during the central exhibition and during the traveling exhibition. Among them, a TRAWUN (meeting), special screenings by guests of indigenous peoples and the Mapuche people, NVTRAMCINE (cinema forums), TUWUN screenings inserted in other film and culture competitions, screenings for schools and communities, special cycles in the summer season . And a workshop for the appreciation of cinema with identity, which we have designed for training and mediation with different audiences, such as children and young people of school age, adults, leaders of organizations, Mapuche communities, etc.

TUWUN Muestra de Cine Indígena de Wallmapu, is coordinated and produced by ADKIMVN Cine y Comunicación Mapuche, with the sponsorship of the Municipal Cultural Center and the Illustrious Municipality of Villarrica, the Mapuche Wenteche Mapu Association, the Mapuche Parliament of Koz Koz, the Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén, the collaboration of Espacio Arte KoPanqui and a network of organizations, cultural centers, municipal departments of culture, Mapuche communities and educational centers.

TUWUN is a non-competitive sample

ADKIMVN Cine y Comunicación Mapuche, summons filmmakers of audiovisual works framed in the development of a cinema with identity, which address situations of various Indigenous Peoples of the world, especially from Latin America and the Mapuche People, to participate in the fifth version of TUWUN Wallmapu Indigenous Film Festival.

Participants: filmmakers from all over the world are summoned, with works that address themes of indigenous peoples and filmmakers with works on the Mapuche people.

Categories: Participants may register their works in two categories: “Mapuche People” and “Indigenous Peoples”.

Works: short films, medium-length and feature-length fiction, documentary and animation films. A video clip will also be accepted.

Production year: works produced since 2018.

Language: works spoken in languages ​​of indigenous peoples or other peoples of the world. They must be subtitled in Spanish.

Registration date: from July 3 to September 10, 2023.

Sample: the central sample of TUWUN takes place in the city of Villarrica (Chile). The traveling exhibition covers various territories of Wallmapu, the Mapuche ancestral territory, which includes the current regions of southern Chile (Ngulumapu) and southern Argentina (Puelmapu).

Submission: (1) the registration will be made by sending the registration form, graphic material (photos, poster, etc.) and the download link of the film (hosted on any server) through the link: https://forms.gle/ 5WM3TMugh98F67HJA
(2) registering online through the festhome.com platform
(3) Requesting the registration form (word format) and bases to the email tuwunwallmapu@gmail.com

Format: the works must be sent in high definition format, h.264 encoding, .mov or .mp4 extension, together with the registration form and 3 high-resolution photographs (300 dpi). Optionally you can send a poster and any other promotional material you deem necessary.

Selection criteria:
– Works that represent the identity and culture of the Mapuche people.
– Works that represent the identity and culture of indigenous peoples of Latin America and the world.
– Works focused on the ancestral knowledge of indigenous peoples.
– Works that contribute to the processes of safeguarding, protection and defense of indigenous territories.
– Works spoken in native languages ​​of indigenous peoples.
– Works that have been carried out in a participatory manner with indigenous communities.
– Works made through processes of formation of indigenous film schools.

Acceptance of participation: By applying, the participant declares to know and accept the bases and that the sending of the registration form implies the authorization for the exhibition of the audiovisual work, for cultural -non-commercial purposes-, in the various activities of TUWUN Sample of Wallmapu Indigenous Cinema, such as the Central Exhibition, Itinerant Exhibition, Special Exhibitions associated with other cultural events, workshops and training activities and mediation of indigenous cinema. As well as the use of extracts and/or graphic material for promotion and dissemination associated with the development of TUWUN.

For inquiries write to tuwunwallmapu@gmail.com
More information at www.tuwun.org, facebook, twitter and www.adkimvn.org



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