The Wild Bunch Film Festival (6)


07 Nov 2020
Call for entries

28 Feb 2021
Early deadline

19 May 2021
Standard deadline

01 Aug 2021
Late deadline

01 Aug 2021
Festival closed

03 Aug 2021
Notification date

01 Oct 2021
03 Oct 2021


PO Box 1434,  73045, Harrah, Oklahoma, United States

Festival description
Westerns Film
Short film festival >3'
Feature film festival 180'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2013
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >3'
 Feature Films  180'<
 Any language
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Photo of The Wild Bunch Film Festival
Photo of The Wild Bunch Film Festival

Photo of The Wild Bunch Film Festival
Photo of The Wild Bunch Film Festival


Festival start: 01 October 2021      Festival end: 03 October 2021

It's the 6th Annual Int'l Wild Bunch Film Festival, founded in 2015 by film producer Rock & Brenda-Marie Whitehead.

PLEASE NOTE: 2021 we'll be only using MP4 for screenings at the theater.

The film festival will be in conjunction with the 71st Annual "Rex Allen Days" that will have a Rodeo, Carnival, Gun Show, Car Show, Parade and more!! BOOK YOUR HOTEL AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE!!

Join us for a family fun 4 day weekend in Willcox, AZ and experience a film festival competition in Arizona solely for the western genre and sub-genres. It's for film, screenplays, songwriting, photographs, paintings, novel manuscripts, etc.. It'll be legendary!

THU Sep 30th - 3pm - 10pm - Screening, Q&A's.
FRI Oct 1st - 3pm to 10pm - Screenings, Q&A's
SAT Oct 2nd - 11:30am to 10pm - Screenings, Q&A's
SUN Oct 3rd - 10am to 10pm - Screenings, Q&A's & Award Show.
SUN Oct 3rd 10:30 pm to 12:30 am After Party at the Cattlerest RV Park & Saloon!

Western sub-genre's of film, screenplays and novel manuscripts can include Classical Westerns, Acid Westerns, Charro, Cabrito or Chili Westerns, Comedy Westerns, Contemporary or Modern Day Westerns, Electric Westerns, Euro-Westerns, Fantasy Westerns, Florida Westerns, Horror Westerns, Curry Westerns and Indo Westerns, Martial arts Westerns or Wuxia Westerns, Meat pie Westerns, Northwesterns, Ostern westerns, Revisionist Westerns, Science fiction Westerns, Space Westerns, Spaghetti Westerns, Weird Westerns, etc. More details on sub-genres at

Our hope is to attract high profile and novice filmmakers, screenwriters, authors, photographers, artist and more.

Attendees of the festival will enjoy an array of artistic experiences of western films and individuals driven by the true and raw spirit of independent movie making.

The Wild Bunch Film Festival is a competitive event for emerging filmmakers, screenwriters, authors and others, in hopes to inspire and encourage them to pursue courageous and bold artistic visions in the western genre.

The festival is known for embracing the heart and spirit of independent western genre films.

Details and tickets sold on the official website as we get closer! Tickets also sold at the door, on the days of events if available. We anticipate a sellout!

For more details visit and sign up for our newsletter at to stay informed!

TWBFF 2021 Awards

1. Jury - Best Feature Film
2. Jury - Best Short
3. Jury - Best Actor (Feature).
4. Jury - Best Actress (Feature).
5. Jury - Best Supporting Actor (Feature).
6. Jury - Best Supporting Actress (Feature).
7. Jury - Best Actor (Short).
8. Jury - Best Actress (Short).
9. Jury - Best Supporting Actor (Short).
10. Jury - Best Supporting Actress (Short).
11. Jury - Best Director (Feature).
12. Jury - Best Director (Short).
13. Jury - Best Cinematography (Feature).
14. Jury - Best Cinematography (Short).
15. Jury - Best Foreign Film (all combined)
16. Jury - Best Movie Poster (All combined).
17. Jury - Best Original Score (all combined)
18. Jury - Best Documentary.
19. Jury - Best Animation.
20. Jury - Best Comedy.
21. Jury - Best Web Series.
22. Jury - Best Trailer/Teaser
23. Jury - The Jerry Vance Award for - Best Stunt (short)
24. Jury - The Jerry Vance Award for - Best Stunt (Feature)
25. Jury - 1st Place - Best Screenplay (Short)
26. Jury - 2nd Place - Best Screenplay (Short)
27. Jury - 3rd Place - Best Screenplay (Short)
28. Jury - 1st Place - Best Screenplay (Feature)
29. Jury - 2nd Place - Best Screenplay (Feature)
30. Jury - 3rd Place - Best Screenplay (Feature)
31. Festival Director's Choice Award - (film).
32. Festival Director's Choice Award - (screenplay).


This festival is for the Western and western sub-genres. There are many types of westerns. See them here at and all accepted. If you have questions, contact us.

NEW IMPORTANT INFORMATION - All Filmmakers that have been selected are required to provide MP4 downloads for the 2021 season. If you mail a thumb drive, it will not be returned, unless you provided a return package that is postage paid in full.

Project Length Information:
Feature - 45-180 minutes.
Short 3-30 minutes.
Web Series - 3 - 20 minutes.
Animated - 3-90 minutes.
Documentary - 3-90 minutes.
Western/Country Music Video - 2-10 minutes.
Trailer/Teaser - 1-5 minutes.
Western Ads/Tributes - 1- 7 minutes.
Western Gunfight Reenactments 1-15 minutes
Western TV Show - 20 - 60 minutes.

The submitter agrees to indemnify TWBFF against any and all claims, expenses, losses, or liabilities that may be asserted against TWBFF in connection with the Material or any use thereof, including, without limitation those arising from any breach of the warranties and promises given by the submitter.

The submitter releases and discharges TWBFF from any and all claims and demands and will not assert, maintain or assist any party in asserting or maintaining any claims or demands against TWBFF in connection with the Materials, including, any and all claims for libel, rights of publicity, theft or misappropriation of ideas or trade secrets, or infringement of copyright and other intellectual property rights.

The submitter agrees to warrant that he/she is the sole owner and author of the described material or has the official representation of the co-author, and has the full right and authorization to submit the material to TWBFF.

The submitter has retained a copy of the Material and agrees that TWBFF shall not be obligated to return the Material to the submitter. The submitter releases TWBFF from all liability if the Material is lost, misplaced, stolen or destroyed.

The submitter acknowledges that TWBFF is under no obligation to use the Material in any manner and further represents and warrants that the Material is original, that the submitter has the right and authority to submit the Material to TWBFF on the foregoing terms and conditions, each and all of which shall be binding on the submitter, his/her agents, heirs, successors, licensees and assigns.

All entries are non-refundable.



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