Open World Animation Festival (6)


01 Dec 2023
Call for entries

31 Jan 2024
Early deadline

31 Mar 2024
Standard deadline

31 May 2024
Late deadline

31 May 2024
Festival closed

06 Jun 2024
Notification date

11 Jul 2024
14 Jul 2024


707 N. 4th St. Suite 103,  18102, Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States

Festival description
Short film festival 40'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 December 2020
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  40'<
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Photo of Open World Animation Festival
Photo of Open World Animation Festival
Photo of Open World Animation Festival
Photo of Open World Animation Festival


Festival start: 11 July 2024      Festival end: 14 July 2024

Open World Animation Festival encourages creators to explore the frontiers of animation through both traditional & emerging mediums. Its mission is to help general audiences understand the artistry in animation and its diversity of subject matter. It aims to showcase many voices, styles, & perspectives. Anyone is welcome to take part!

For the 2024 Festival we are partnering with the Emmaus Theatre as our official screening location! This 450-seat venue is one of only 600 surviving independent theaters in the Nation. The Emmaus Theatre is equipped with DLP Cinema for a state of the art cinematic experience!

Open World also features animation retrospectives, Virtual Reality set-ups, GIF displays, a cereal bar & more!

The festival began in 2016 as a series of independent animation screenings from around the world, curated in a 4-day celebration of the medium. Open World is organized by the Alternative Gallery, a non-profit community art space, and is run 100% by volunteers.

The Alternative Gallery is located in Allentown, PA within the Cigar Factory Artist studios, featuring; exhibit & performance spaces, over 40 artist studios, a printshop, wood shop, darkroom, film archive, makerspace, classrooms & more. The organization & festival are both run 100% through the efforts of dedicated volunteers.


The Voyager Award is given to the film Best In Show. This creator is considered a navigator of the Open World who has proven their ability to explore, conquer & create. Top prize gets $2,000 plus an Open World Animation Fest awards package.


Animated films come in all styles & lengths. This award will be given to the Best Animated Short under 30 minutes.


VR offers the chance to step into another reality, and animation can be utilized in that space in such incredible ways. This award will be given to the VR film that we feel most immerses the viewer.


Some of our favorite submissions of all time have been music videos. Something about the format really lends itself to endless creativity. This award is for our absolute favorite!


Theoretically, a student could win every single category of this festival. But just incase, we wanted to have one dedicated to the students out there to help ease the financial burden of suffering through school. You got this!


GIFS: Please send to -

ELIGIBILITY: Only films made after December 31, 2020 are eligible to compete for awards.

LANGUAGE: ANY (Please include English subtitles if not in English.)

STYLE: Any style that is considered animation, including but not limited to: Stop Motion, Digital & Computer, Film Cel, 3D, Claymation, Rotoscope, Mixed Live Action/Animation, Music Videos, Video Game Cutscenes, Virtual Reality & GIF.

ASPECT RATIO: ANY. We are open to unique framing methods. Please note if there are any special instructions for screening your film.

You may ONLY submit work which you own or have licensing for.

Films MUST be viewable in their entirety to be eligible.

If accepted, you will be contacted with additional information. Please note that due to high number of submissions & requests, we may not be able to respond to every inquiry.



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