FIC Lgbt El Lugar Sin Llímites (18)

LGBT Film Festival El Lugar Sin Límites


06 May 2021
Call for entries

01 Aug 2021
Festival closed

19 Nov 2021
Notification date

18 Nov 2021
28 Nov 2021


Guayaquil N9-59 y Oriente,  170511, Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

Festival description
Short film festival
Feature film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Feature Films 
 Any language
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Photo of FIC Lgbt El Lugar Sin Llímites
Photo of FIC Lgbt El Lugar Sin Llímites

Photo of FIC Lgbt El Lugar Sin Llímites
Photo of FIC Lgbt El Lugar Sin Llímites


Festival start: 18 November 2021      Festival end: 28 November 2021

The Place Without Limits, is considered among the top four film festivals Ecuador and is one of the most important activities of the Ecuadorian LGBTI community is further described as one of the film festivals LGBTI most important in the region.

All entries must be dubbed in Spanish or subtitled in Spanish, whose main theme is about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and INTRESEX.



1. The Festival accepts only cinematographic productions whose main theme is focused around the LGBT community, meaning that it covers the life experiences of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans or intersex. These works include feature films, documentaries, short films, fiction, and art-video.

2. The 18th edition of the Festival will take place mainly in the capital city of Ecuador, Quito, from November 18 to the 28, 2021. The closing date of the call will be August 1, 2021.

3. The applicant declares to be the intellectual author or hold the exhibit/showing rights of the film and authorizes the team of the Festival to exhibit the material.

4. The presentation of a cinematographic work supposes the full acceptance of the present document. The Festival board will individually evaluate any requirements or questions.

5. Under no situation, the applicant will pay any monetary amounts to the festival nor receive any financial compensation from it.

6. All applications will be reviewed via email sent to using digital platforms and private access; no hard copies will be accepted.

7. Fiction and documentary films can apply without year production restrictions.

8. The festival board reserves the right to accept only short films (fiction or documentaries) whose production year is 2020.

9. The duration of each participating film is open. However, for better programming purposes short films will be considered all works whose length is less than 40 minutes including the titles and credits. Films with a span of more than 40 minutes will be regarded as films.

10. The Festival mainly accepts the following formats in optimal quality:
• Feature films: Blu Ray, DVD (NTSC or PAL), QuickTime, mov.
• Short films: HD digital only in QuickTime format, mov or mp4.

11. An applicant may submit more than one film, each must be sent separately with its information and must include:
i. A copy of the film in any of the formats described above.
ii. Signed and complete the registration form as a Word document.
iii. Film frames in high resolution.
iv. Film Poster, 70x100cm (28x40 in) 300dpi CMYK.
v. All electronic material to promote and market the film including photographs, trailer, press kit, etc.

12. For films submitted in Spanish audio or whose original language isn’t Spanish, it is recommended to send the film with captions in Spanish or email the list of dialogues in english with time code.

13. We will appreciate if you could send us posters, postcards, brochures, cards, or any printed marketing material that you consider relevant for us to use during the Festival to promote your film.

14. If you wish to obtain a hard copy of the application, please contact us at, make sure to include your complete mailing address, we will send it using regular mail, we do not use Courier delivery services.

15. The Festival is not responsible for shipments that may face any taxes, government fees, or fines and is not liable for damages of the material being sent. Defective or materials that arrive after the deadline will not be considered for the Festival.

16. Only film productions whose central theme is lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex community will be taken into consideration.

17. Only cinematographic works in Spanish audio or with Spanish subtitles will be considered and selected; the Festival is not responsible for translating or adding subtitles to any films that are submitted.

18. Due to a large number of applications, the Festival reserves the right to select only short fiction or documentary films whose production year is 2020.

19. Works that have previously been shown in Ecuadorian territory at any other film festivals, movie theaters, broadcasted on TV or uploaded to public video platforms may not participate. These works may be accepted in special cases out of the regular application process.

20. The Festival Board reserves the right to arrange the Festival program schedule, date, time and location according to the film characteristics. The sections that make up the Official Selection are:

Films nominated for awards. Conformed by the most current cinema (maximum two years since its premiere), selected for the cinematographic quality and its history.

Film Talks. Films chosen because of their social approach, the narrative and message, that facilitate the conduction of talks and discussions of current LGBT issues, events will be made in coordination with LGBT activists, members of the academia, higher-education students and the public at large.

Films not considered for awards. Films selected because of their relevance to the history portrayed.

Retro section. Conformed by films that have represented milestones in LGBT activism, including retrospective films, cult films or those awarded in previous Festival editions.

21. Those who are selected to participate in the Festival agree to include the following sentence in their marketing materials, "Official Selection of the 2020 El Lugar Sin Límites International LGBT Film Festival" and / or the official Festival Selection films logo, which will be sent for its use via email.

22. If you are interested in traveling to attend the Festival in person, please let the organizers know in advance. The Festival will not be responsible for covering the air-fare but may assist in covering some of the lodging expenses if the economic resources of the Festival allow so.

23. The Max awards are considered for feature films produced in 2019 or 2020, and short films produced in 2020.

24. The Festival recognizes the best cinematographic works, one per the following categories:
• Best Fiction Feature Film (public vote).
• Best Documentary Feature Film (jury vote).
• Best Fiction Short Film (jury vote).
• Best Documentary Short Film (jury vote).
• Best Ecuadorian Short Film (jury vote).

25. Additionally, upon authorization of the applicant, the Festival will select a poster (from those submitted), for it to the image of this year’s Festival. Other prizes and special mentions may be announced during the Festival.

26. It will be composed of qualified professionals outside the Festival organization. Those people who have interests in the production and/or exploitation of the films presented may not be part of the Jury. Jury voting will be secret.

27. Once a film is part of the Official Selection, the owner of the rights of the film undertakes that they will not show, publish and/or exhibit the film in Ecuador before the end date of the Festival except for close media or academic functions.

28. The Festival may make excerpts of the submitted works (up to 3 minutes each) for TV and other marketing purposes. Same way, the films may be selected for press exhibits or opening.

29. The material presented becomes part of the Festival's video library and may only be used for academic or cultural purposes with prior authorization from the person holding the rights.

30. The Festival is committed to ensuring each film of its video library.

31. The duly completed and signed application form is the authorization to show the film at the Festival. The data in the application form is the one that will be published in the catalog (please take this into account to avoid any errors or misunderstandings). Missing, incomplete or inaccurate information will be completed according to the Festival criteria.

32. Submission of a cinematographic work to the International LGBT Film Festival El Lugar Sin Límites, implies the total knowledge and acceptance of the 2021 Rules.



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