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17 Jul 2021
Call for entries

10 Dec 2021
Festival closed

31 Mar 2022
Notification date

04 Apr 2022
09 Apr 2022


Sarmiento,  1650, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Festival description
Short film festival >3' 20'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online Festival
 January 2019
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >3' 20'<
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Photo of Cineversatil
Photo of Cineversatil
Photo of Cineversatil
Photo of Cineversatil


Festival start: 04 April 2022      Festival end: 09 April 2022

Short film festival on LGBT + Human Mobility (LGBT + migrants or refugees)


Edition 12

The 12th edition will be a NON-COMPETITIVE ONLINE show of short films on LGBT + human mobility, that is, short films about LGBT + migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.



Short film festival on LGBT + Human Mobility (LGBT + migrants or refugees)


Rules & Terms


CINEVERSATIL, International Short Film Festival on Diversity- Argentina offers an alternative on awareness of sexual and affective diversity through a film party that integrates the competitive exhibition of LGBTIQ + audiovisual narratives in short film format and new activist experiences.

The specific objectives for 2022 are: a) Make the online show of short films on LGBT + human mobility, b) make virtual forums with the participation of the government, NGOs and the private sector dedicated to helping the LGBT community, migrants and refugees, c) publication of the book "Activists for the tricolor rainbow"

The organization of the festival will be under the responsibility of José Alirio Peña and Juan José Díaz, leaders in Argentina of the AREMIDIAR group - Amiga Action for Refugees and Diverse Migrants in Argentina, and the support of the FAMICINE FOUNDATION based in Venezuela, and government entities, private companies, NGOs, LGBTIQ associations and film schools.

The running time of the short films will be up to 20 minutes maximum including credits (exceptions apply due to quality criteria)

The accepted format for exhibition is in digital support for all cases. Short films can be submitted via Festhome

Short films in Spanish or subtitled in Spanish are accepted preferably. Short films in another language are also accepted with their respective subtitle files in Spanish or english (.srt format) or burn it with Spanish subtitles.

Shortfilms between 2020 and 2022 inclusive are accepted. Exceptions apply for quality criteria for the year 2019.

The closing of the call for registration and submission of the works will occur at the time that the preliminary jury considers it (December 10, 2021).

To participate in the 12th edition of the Festival, the directors / producers must deliver:

-Link to download the short or downloadable version on the shipping platform used,
-Frames in medium or high resolution
-Official poster in high resolution
-Technical data
-Trailer (if you have it)
-Photo of the director
-Social networks of the short film and the director (a).

Enrollment in the festival implies the absolute acceptance of these regulations.

The Preliminary Jury (curatorship of the festival) will make a pre-selection of the works received according to the regulations of this call.

The official selection will be published in March, once the call is closed and the CINEVERSATIL Preliminary Jury considers by consensus which are the works belonging to the competitive official selection.

By registering the work, the FAMICINE FOUNDATION and the AREMIDIAR collective are authorized for its exhibition in the period corresponding to the celebration of the festival and in the previous events. In turn, CINEVERSATIL undertakes to notify such exhibitions in advance.

The director authorizes the FAMICINE FOUNDATION (organizing body of CINEVERSATIL) to use up to two minutes of the work for the purpose of promoting the festival on television, internet and / or cinema.

The director / director is responsible for not affecting the copyrights of third parties and exempts the organizers of CINEVERSATIL from any legal responsibility. Those responsible for the application on the platform take full charge of the intellectual property rights and copyright. They declare to the organizers of CINEVERSATIL that they are solely responsible for any type of claim or demand concerning the material presented, and that they expressly agree to indemnify the organizers against any type of claim or demand, including claims of copyright and / or other rights. rights, attorney fees, and other expenses generated by such circumstances.

Any additional information can be obtained by writing to the email



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