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01 Feb 2019
Call for entries

15 Mar 2019
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29 Jun 2019
Standard deadline

13 Oct 2019
Late deadline

07 Feb 2020
Festival closed

23 Apr 2020
Notification date

07 May 2020
10 May 2020


-,  -, Denver, Colorado, United States

Festival description
Short film festival 49'<
Feature film festival >50'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  49'<
 Feature Films  >50'
 Any language
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Photo of Mile High Horror Film Festival
Photo of Mile High Horror Film Festival

Photo of Mile High Horror Film Festival
Photo of Mile High Horror Film Festival


Festival start: 07 May 2020      Festival end: 10 May 2020

The Mile High Horror Film Festival is now open for submissions!

The MHHFF is recognized as one of the top 5 coolest horror/sci-fi film festivals in the world by MovieMaker Magazine. It returns to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Littleton, CO May 7-10, 2020.

The MHHFF showcases the very best genre films from around the world. During our next festival, we will be celebrating our 10-year birthdate in an epic celebration of the horror genre.

We pride ourselves on giving a voice to quality, independent genre films and catering to the filmmakers who create them.

In our previous festival, we showcased over 90 films from several different countries, many of which were premiers.

We gave away thousands of dollars worth of prizes to filmmakers and screenplay writers.

We also recently launched the "Mile High Horror Shorts" package streaming On Demand and on select cable networks.

Recent MHHFF special guests included:
Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush, and Ryan Lee for the Colorado premiere of GOOSEBUMPS
Tobin Bell (SAW film series)
Lisa & Louise Burns + Joseph Turkel (THE SHINING)
Kane Hodder (FRIDAY THE 13th + HATCHET film series)
Dan Myrick (THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT) - Guest Feature Film Judge
Greg MacLennan (Drafthouse Films)
Nate Bolotin (XYZ Films)
Heather Langenkamp via Skype for a WES CRAVEN MEMORIAM screening (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET)
Ron Chaney (attending special 90th anniversary of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA w/ live musical score)
Linda Blair (THE EXORCIST)
Doug Bradley ('Pinhead' from HELLRAISER)
Rowdy Roddy Piper (THEY LIVE)
Tony Todd (CANDYMAN)
Gunnar Hansen ('Leatherface' from THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE)
Michael Berryman (THE HILLS HAVE EYES, THE DEVIL'S REJECTS), and many others!

Prizes for winning films and screenplays vary from year-to-year. Previous winners have received distribution to a worldwide audience on Crypt TV, Sony Creative editing software, Final Draft Screenwriting Software, VOD and cable distribution opportunities, marketing exposure to thousands of fans and personal introductions to industry insiders, writers, distributors and producers. Winners also have received custom MHHFF trophies as well as prize packages from the festival's sponsors.

Previous judges have included the writer and creator of the FINAL DESTINATION series, Jeffrey Reddick and the co-director of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, Dan Myrick. Judges for our next festival are TBA.

• All submissions to the Mile High Horror Film Festival (the “Festival”) must include, in one delivery: (a) agreeing with all of the Festival Rules; (b) the applicable entry fee; and (c) the submission. Multiple entries require multiple submission packages. All submissions are subject to these guidelines and rules (the “Festival Rules”).

• Film submissions must be provided on a streamable digital file and be available for screening on a DCP, digital HD .mov file, or on 35mm.

• Submissions must be English language or English subtitled.

• Include title and name of contact on all media, materials and containers.

• Do not send originals - In case of loss or damage while in possession of the Festival, the responsibility of the Festival is limited to the costs of repair or replacement of the physical media only. The Festival is not responsible for materials lost or damaged in transit.

• Submissions must be available for screening during the Mile High Horror Film Festival, May 7-10, 2020 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Littleton, CO, USA.

• Mile High Horror Film Festival reserves the right to change submission categories. Eligibility and category determinations, along with prize awards, are the sole discretion of the Festival.

• Submissions may be screened more than once during the Festival.

Additional Feature-Length Film Requirements:

• Films must be feature-length at a total running time of 50 minutes or longer in order to be considered for the Festival.

• Open to anyone who wishes to enter.

Additional Short Film Requirements:

• Films must be 49 minutes or less.

• Open to anyone who wishes to enter.

Additional Animated Film Entry Requirements:

• Films must be animated.
• Open to any form of animation.
• Open to anyone who wishes to enter.

Additional Local Colorado Film Requirements:

• Open only to residents of Colorado. (Must include proof of residency.)

• Short Colorado Short Films must be 49 minutes or less in duration.

• Feature Length Colorado Films must be 50 minutes or more in duration.

Additional Screenplay Competition Requirements:

• Short Length Screenplays must be 30 pages or less.

• Feature Length Screenplays must be 31 pages or more.

• Physical paper copies must be securely bound before sending.

• Digital copies are accepted in .doc, .txt. and .pdf file formats.

• Open to anyone who wishes to enter.

Additional Creative Colorado Competition Requirements:

• Creative Colorado entries must be 3 minutes or less in duration.

• Must be produced within the state of Colorado.

• Must creatively integrate the following into the film:
a) Pizza
b) Balloons
c) Clown
d) Scissors
e) Mile High Horror Film Festival logo

Returns and Acknowledgments: Press materials will not be returned under any circumstance. Include a self-addressed, stamped postcard for each submission if you wish acknowledgment of the receipt of your entry.

By submitting my project through, I/We warrant that I/We have the right to submit this project for consideration at the Mile High Horror Film Festival, and that the Festival will have the option, if my project is selected, to screen it in multiple public exhibitions. • I/We have read the Mile High Horror Film Festival Rules and agree to comply with them. Furthermore, I/We represent and warrant as follows with respect to my/our submission: • It is an original work, • There are no disputes regarding ownership, • There is no defamation, invasion of privacy, violation of rights of publicity, intellectual property infringement or similar violation of law, and • To the best of my/our knowledge, the above statements are true and completely accurate, and I/We understand that failure to adhere to Festival Rules may result in disqualification and fee forfeiture in the Festival’s sole discretion. I/We hereby authorize the Mile High Horror Film Festival to enter my/our submission into the Festival in accordance with the Festival Rules, and agree to indemnify, defend and hold the Mile High Horror Film Festival harmless from any and all loss, damage, cost, claim, liability or expense, including without limitation attorneys’ fees, related to or arising out of my/our breach of the above or the Festival Rules, or by my/our submission, whether or not groundless. In the event my/our submission is selected for the Festival, the Festival will request copies of any related press kits, trailers, promotional videos, poster images, behind-the-scenes materials and other marketing materials produced by participant (“Marketing Materials”), and I/we grant the Festival a non-exclusive limited license to display not only my/our submission at multiple screenings but to also copy and use our submission and Marketing Materials for the sole purpose of presenting and promoting the festival and its participants.



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