MAU - Mostra Audiovisual Universitária Unochapecó (7)


06 Dec 2019
Call for entries

07 Feb 2020
Festival closed

02 Apr 2020
Notification date

01 Apr 2020
03 Apr 2020


Servidão Anjo da Guarda, nº 295-D, Bairro Efapi,  89809-900, Chapecó, SC, Brazil

Festival description
Short film festival >1' 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2018
 Production countries: Required
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 30'<
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Photo of MAU - Mostra Audiovisual Universitária Unochapecó
Photo of MAU - Mostra Audiovisual Universitária Unochapecó
Photo of MAU - Mostra Audiovisual Universitária Unochapecó
Photo of MAU - Mostra Audiovisual Universitária Unochapecó


Festival start: 01 April 2020      Festival end: 03 April 2020

The 7th MAU is an accomplishment of the Unochapecó Audiovisual Film and Video Production course, which values ​​the formation, production and circulation of audiovisual works by Latin American higher education students in the fiction, documentary and experimental genres.

The 7th edition will be held between April 1 and 3, 2020 in Chapecó - SC - Brazil


The 7th Unochapecó University Audiovisual Show - 7th MAU is a graduation in technology in Audiovisual Production - Cinema and Video from COMMUNITY UNIVERSITY OF THE REGION OF CHAPECÓ - UNOCHAPECÓ, organized by the faculty and students of that course.

Art. 01 - Identify, gather, exhibit and discuss the film production performed by
Brazilian and Latin American, community, public, and higher education students
Art. 02 - Promote reflections on production, circulation and access to goods from the diversity of perspectives on the university audiovisual Latin American.

Art. 03 - The Organizing Committee of the 7th MAU will be formed by student representatives and teachers of the Audiovisual Production - Cinema and Video Community University of Chapecó Region - Unochapecó.

Art. 04 - The organization of the 7th MAU will constitute a commission of selection of the works registered according to the following criteria:
a) Originality in the theme;
b) creativity;
c) Compliance with the rules of the notice.
Sole Paragraph: The decision of the Judging Committee will be unquestionable.

Art. 05 - The participants of the 7th MAU may register the audiovisual productions in the
fiction, documentary and experimental categories.
Art. 06 - Brazilian and Latin American productions will be accepted in any
capture format (digital or cinematographic) - between 2018 and 2019 - except those already registered and exhibited in previous editions of the show.

First Paragraph: Each production must have a maximum of 30 (thirty) minutes of duration counting credits.

Paragraph Two: Audiovisual content products in the form of a journalistic program, reports or advertising shall not be accepted.

Art. 07 - Registration for the 7th MAU will be open from December 06, 2019 to February 07, 2020 only online, by filling in the registration form and sending on the same platform the documents required by the Mostra, through the link made available in paragraph 2 of this Article, point 1.
First paragraph: To participate in the selection will be accepted files in format MP4, MOV, MPEG2 and AVI with minimum resolution of 720 x 1080p.
Second paragraph: Required documentation:
1) The application form must be duly completed (available at It is the sole responsibility of the filmmakers and mandatory to submit films to the show.
2) Fill in the assignment form for public display (ANNEX I) and submit the form together.

Art. 8- The screening of the selected films will be held from 01.02 to 03 April,
in the city of Chapecó - SC - Brazil.

Art. 9 - Producers / filmmakers, when registering for the 7th MAU will be
automatically, allowing the use of excerpts of the works for the purpose of dissemination and advertising of the 7th edition of MAU.
Art. 10 - The Organizing Committee will not be responsible for images and music of
third parties used in the productions, and any and all charges related to the Rights
Full responsibility of the producer / director and / or person responsible for
inscription of the work.
Art. 11 - The inscription in the 7th MAU implies the acceptance of the present regulation.
Art. 12 - The 7th MAU disclaims any liability with respect to the rights copyright of the submitted works, which is the sole responsibility of the filmmakers.
Art. 13 - The directors of the registered works will receive laures for their participation in the 7th MAU.
Art. 14 - The omitted cases will be judged and decided by the organizers of the 7th MAU.

Chapecó, December 5, 2019.




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