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06 Aug 2022
Call for entries

30 Sep 2022
Festival closed

23 Oct 2022
Notification date

22 Oct 2022
22 Oct 2022


-,  5000, Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina

Festival description
9:16 format
Short film festival >1' 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 30'<
 Any language
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Photo of YATAY Festival Vertical
Photo of YATAY Festival Vertical

Photo of YATAY Festival Vertical
Photo of YATAY Festival Vertical


Festival start: 22 October 2022      Festival end: 22 October 2022

YATAY International Vertical Festival based in Córdoba, Argentina. First exclusive festival of audiovisual content in 9:16 format in Argentina.

We propose ourselves as a space for exploring the vertical format as an expressive medium for audiovisual content. We seek to become a space for dissemination; propose the development of productions in this format and create training spaces.

YATAY is produced and organized in an assembly way by students and workers from the audiovisual field, design, communication and performing arts.

The WORKS chosen in accordance with article 6 of the Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions for participating in Yatay Festival Vertical

Last update: July 30th, 2022

Art. 1 - YATAY
Yatay is a non-profit organization created by students and workers from the audiovisual fields in Córdoba, whose objective is to promote the audiovisual production and to spread the vertical format in the artistic field. Its work team operates non-hierarchically with the commitment and willing of each member. In this planning, every decision is taken in assembly-like meetings so that pluralism prevails. We are committed to avoid reproducing or gestating any sexist, homophobic, lesbophobic, transphobic, fatphobic, fascist or any other forms of discriminating content since these attitudes are not accepted within the organization’s spaces and/or working groups.


2.1. “YATAY Festival Vertical” is an annual festival organized by YATAY, who makes the organized presentation of pre-selected audiovisual productions which are projected in a physical space for the public audience, to promote the audiovisual production and the spreading of vertical format (9:16) in the artistic field (hereinafter called “Yatay Festival Vertical”). Likewise, its objective is to make connections between different identities and institutions by generating workshops, and broadcasting spaces and debates. Its intention is to be a broadcasting media for independent social art, respecting the media producers’ intellectual property.

2.2 The Yatay Festival Vertical organization and production is in charge of YATAY members (hereinafter called the “Organization”).


3.1. Authors and Works
All students, workers from the audiovisual field and general public who makes audiovisual content which are interested in its distribution by Yatay Festival Vertical (hereinafter called the “AUTHORS”) can actively participate. This includes people of Argentinian or foreign origin, who are residents of the country or live abroad, that are over 18 years old, and submit one or more Works of their authorship or intellectual property possession (hereinafter called the “WORKS”).

3.2- Artists and interventions
Likewise, artists interested in the promotion of their Works, can participate in Yatay Festival Vertical by the intervention of the physical space where the festival takes place with plastic and/or visual works of art, such as photographs, videos, sculptures, etc., (always in vertical format) (the intervention works, hereinafter called the “INTERVENTIONS” and their authors, the “ARTISTS”). This includes people of Argentinian or foreign origin, who are residents of the country or live abroad, that are over 18 years old, and submit one or more Works of their authorship or intellectual property possession


4.1. Announcement
Yatay Festival Vertical will take place every year on the date established by the Organization.
The WORKS and/or INTERVENTIONS may be submitted from the BEGGINNING OF THE CALL until its CONCLUSION. Both dates will be determined by the Organization, and will be informed to the public and potential AUTHORS and ARTISTS, through mass media and/or social media, being these subject to change later by the Organization in its reasonable judgement.
Yatay Festival Vertical 2022, will take place on October 22th, 2022. The call starts on August 1st, 2022 and ends on September 1st, 2022, including both dates.

4.2. Works and Interventions
The WORKS and the INTERVENTIONS presented in Yatay Festival Vertical must be presented only by the holders of the intellectual property rights of the Works in terms of Act no. 11.723, and therefore, they are authorized to dispose of such Act for their participation in Yatay Festival Vertical regarding the conditions in these Terms and Conditions.
Unpublished WORKS and/or INTERVENTIONS won’t be an admission requirement, so the presentation of Works and/or Interventions that already have been participated and/or displayed in another convocation, either national or international, is allowed.
In order to be admitted in Yatay Festival Vertical, the Works and/or Interventions may not include, reproduce or gestate discriminatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, lesbophobic, transphobic, fatphobic or fascist content.

4.3. Registration and presentation of the WORKS
4.3.1. The AUTHORS can register in Yatay Festival Vertical through the online REGISTRATION FORM posted in the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-yq4iGytZtHULDq6T0fPFhrG3KwNHeZ6p4rSK2Jy2W0
4.3.2. Likewise, the AUTHORS can register via FestHome (https://filmmakers.festhome.com/festival/yatay-festival-vertical)

By using these platforms or accessing to any of the services provided by them, the Authors agree with all the terms and conditions included in those websites and all the rules, policies and operative procedures that may be published by FestHome on the website.

If you disagree with any of those terms, conditions, rules, policies or procedures, don’t use or access to those platforms’ services for your registration to Yatay Festival Vertical.

4.3.3. Please send these documents attached to your REGISTRATION FORM:
POSTER, in PDF, 9:16 format, 300 dpi
TRAILER: of 15 seconds in 9:16 format (it should fit in 1 Instagram story);
Sworn statement of the work’s intellectual property.
WORK: please deliver the material with the following characteristics:
Type of file: MP4 or MOV. Compression H.264. Minimum resolution: HD 720 × 1280 p. Minimum audio quality: 48kHz - 16 or 24 bits - stereo. duration: from 1 to 50 minutes (including titles). language: all productions must be presented in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles.
DATA SHEET: please include the following information: title, year, duration, language, country, address, production and script.

4.4. Registration and presentation of the INTERVENTIONS
4.4.1. The ARTISTS can register in Yatay Festival Vertical through the online REGISTRATION FORM posted in the following link: https://forms.gle/QLGdKLtLtf5GRULq8
4.4.2. Please send these documents attached to your REGISTRATION FORMA PDF file with the details about the content of the work and what is the material needed to develop it.
Sworn statement of work’s intellectual property.

For the admission in Yatay Festival Vertical, the WORKS and INTERVENTIONS must comply with the conditions set in point 4.2 and with the technical requirements set in points 4.3 and 4.4 from the previous article. For that purpose, the Organization will analyze the material received and after checking if they meet the requirements, a confirmation of the reception and acceptance of the WORKS and/or INTERVENTIONS will be sent to the AUTHOR and/or ARTIST, for their exhibition in Yatay Festival Vertical.
The AUTHOR and the ARTISTS —as well as their technical teams and production teams— of the selected WORKS and/or INTERVENTIONS, should refrain from disclosing the selection of their WORKS and/or INTERVENTIONS until Yatay Festival Vertical formally announces its official schedule.
The selection of the number of WORKS and INTERVENTIONS to be exhibited in Yatay Festival Vertical is at the absolute discretion of the Organization, considering the estimated projection time of the WORKS and the existing physical space for the INTERVENTIONS.


6.1. Official selection award
The “Official Selection Award” award will be presented for that work that is selected by the jury, it will be compound of a number of three members, with different technical and artistic backgrounds, chosen by the organization. The members of the jury cant be members of the Yatay Festival Vertical development team or people who may have interests in the content submitted for selection.
They will be informed during the course of the call.
The evaluation criteria to be taken into account will be on the one hand the creativity of the script, the quality of the production, the originality in the point of view and in the treatment of the idea; as well as the artistic merit and technical performance of the production team.

6.2. Public’s selection
The “Public’s Award” will be awarded to the work they select as their favorite. The selection of winners will be made according to the public’s total votes obtained by any of the exhibited artworks
6.3. RAFMA award
The “RAFMA Edgardo" Pipo "Bechara El Khoury” Award will be awarded for the work that is selected by him as a favorite. It is a distinction awarded in each of the more than 50 festivals that are part of the Network, which is awarded to an outstanding short film. The winners of the now RAFMA Award will be part of the traveling exhibition that RAFMA carries out through different screenings at festivals and special activities

6.4. awards
The artworks chosen according to point 6 above, will have an award to be defined by the Organization

The INTERVENTIONS of the ARTISTS in Yatay Festival Vertical will not be subject to any contest or awarding. A certificate of recognition will be granted to the ARTISTS for their participation.


8.1. Intellectual property and rights of use
The AUTHORS and the ARTISTS declare to hold the intellectual property rights of the WORKS and/or INTERVENTIONS presented in Yatay Festival Vertical under Act no. 11.723 of the Argentine Republic, and they will be responsible for the claims of any nature that a third party may do regarding their WORKS and/or INTERVENTIONS and its content. Yatay Festival Vertical is not responsible for third party content included in the WORKS and/or INTERVENTIONS, giving for granted that the production company, have acquired the corresponding permissions.
The AUTHORS and the ARTISTS have their intellectual property rights on the WORKS and/or INTERVENTIONS presented in Yatay Festival Vertical. The participants also have their rights on the Works or material for the exhibition in another festival or media.

8.2. Authorizations
The AUTHORS and the ARTISTS, through their registration in Yatay Festival Vertical according to the terms and requirements set in points 4.3 and 4.4 of the current Terms and Conditions, authorize the Organization for the exhibition of the WORKS and/or INTERVENTIONS in Yatay Festival Vertical and on the subsequent editions of it that may be done subsequently to the Original Edition, in another location or places in the Argentine Republic.
The AUTHORS and the ARTISTS give to the Organization the rights of use, of total or partial reproduction, communication and any other usage and application that may be given to their Works, without any previous consultation and without obligation of any compensation, always in the context of the exhibition, promotion, and similar activities done within Yatay Festival Vertical in its original editions, as well as in its subsequent editions.
In all cases, the Organization commits to guarantee the fidelity and the protection of the WORKS and/or INTERVENTIONS, as well as the mention of the AUTHORS and the ARTISTS in a clear and a visible way.
Likewise, the AUTHORS authorize the partial exhibitions of the WORKS —up to 1-minute duration— previous to Yatay Festival Vertical with promotional purposes, within YATAY digital platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Web page and other).
The AUTHORS and the ARTISTS also authorize the Organization the usage of their names, images and Works without any limitation, to be broadcasted with advertising, entertaining and/or promotional purposes through all the media the Organization sees convenient, in public, private and/or virtual spaces, without giving them the right to obtain any revenues and without any need of previous consultation.

Yatay Festival Vertical and its events and expositions will take place in Córdoba Capital, in a specific location to be defined by the Organization during the preparation of Yatay Festival Vertical. That location will be communicated to the AUTHORS via the e-mail registered on the REGISTER FORM and within 30 calendar days before the releasing date of Yatay Festival Vertical.
Likewise, the Authors will be informed about the dates of eventual subsequent editions of Yatay Festival Vertical in other places of the Argentine Republic.

The participation in Yatay Festival Vertical if free of charge, either for the AUTHORS or the ARTISTS, and for the general public who assist to it as spectators.

Participating in Yatay Festival Vertical implies the full acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions. Those can be read and downloaded from the Organization’s Instagram profile @festivalyatay.
You should claim to be over 18 years old, to be an emancipated minor, or to have the legal consent of your parents or tutors, and you are fully capable and competent to accept the terms, conditions, obligations, statements, representations and warranties set in these Terms and Conditions, and to comply with the obligations set therein.
The Organization has the right to modify the deadlines and the dates set in the current Terms and Conditions, as well as the nature of the prizes and their delivery. It is your responsibility to verify these Terms and Conditions regularly to check if there are any changes. Your registration in Yatay Festival Vertical or your continuity of registration, after the notification of any change in these Terms and Conditions constitutes the acceptance of those changes.

The advertising and promotion of Yatay Festival Vertical is under a special division of the team that is part of the Organization, where information that is exclusively related to the content, authors and dates in which Yatay Festival Vertical will be done are going to be named and spread.

Yatay Festival Vertical and the relationships that are generated between the Organization and the AUTHORS, the ARTISTS and/or third party will be governed under the laws of the Argentine Republic, acknowledging competence to understand the ordinary and/or federal courts present, as appropriate, in the city of Córdoba Capital.
Anyone participating in Yatay Festival Vertical, and specially the AUTHORS and the ARTISTS, independent of their nationality, place of residence, and/or territorial jurisdiction of the production of the WORK and/or INTERVENTION and/or since the moment they register to Yatay Festival Vertical, and/or their participation, accept the respect and compliance regarding this clause, and the corresponding withdrawal from any other norm and/or jurisdiction that could correspond to it.

Yatay Festival Vertical Organization



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