Corrosivo Film Fest (2)

Corrosive Film Fest


01 Mar 2023
Call for entries

07 Jun 2023
Festival closed

10 Aug 2023
Notification date

01 Sep 2023
09 Sep 2023


Avenida 2, Calle San Bosco,  -, San José, San José, Costa Rica

Festival description
Short film festival 45'<
Feature film festival >60'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2020
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  45'<
 Feature Films  >60'
 Any language
Spanish English
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Photo of Corrosivo Film Fest
Photo of Corrosivo Film Fest

Photo of Corrosivo Film Fest
Photo of Corrosivo Film Fest


Festival start: 01 September 2023      Festival end: 09 September 2023

Corrosive is a new festival for those who find joy and entertainment in horror and fantasy films.

Taking place in San Jose, Costa Rica, our goal is to bring followers of dark, gory and fantastic stories closer to films that are not shown regularly at commercial movie theaters in the country. We expect Costa Rican audiences to be eager to devour all those movies during the 5 days of the festival.

But over and above all, Corrosive is the kind of film festival that we would have loved to attend back in our college years, to experience and digest all kinds of unique proposals in the genre.

All short films chosen to be part of the official selection of the Corrosive Film Fest will be participating to obtain the award for Best Short Film and Audience Award.
The award consists of a statuette and recognition by the festival.

The Jury for the Best Short Film category will be in charge of a specialized jury from different branches of the audiovisual industry with sufficient criteria to choose the winning film of the festival.

Feature films that meet the requirements and are selected for the competition may aspire to obtain the statuette for Best Horror Feature Film at the Corrosive Film Fest.

The Jury for the Best Film category will be in charge of a specialized jury from different branches of the audiovisual industry with sufficient criteria to choose the winning film of the festival.

The decisions of the jury for both BEST FEATURE FILM and BEST SHORT FILM will be final.


By applying for registration at Corrosive Film Festival, it is understood that you have read and accepted these regulations so that the film (fiction or documentary), short films of all kinds and videoclips received by the festival team can be shown during the dates of the festival in Sala Garbo within the time period of the festival.
The festival will take place from September 01-09 2023.


-Best Feature Film
-Best Short Film
-Public Award for Best Film
-Public award for best Short Film

Special Function

2- General Conditions

-Fill out and send the inscription form before June 7th 2023, accepting to be part of Corrosive Film Fest.

-The movie must be sent through Festhome in order to be analyzed and pre-selected by our team. If the link to your movie private screening needs a password, please provide as required.

-We encourage your digital submission of the film, however, if necessary, a physical copy can also be sent to SABANILLA MONTES DE OCA, Barrio Alma Matter, Apartamentos Don Alexis, Number 21, SAN JOSE; COSTA RICA with a date of 1 MONTH PRIOR to the closing date of inscriptions in order to have time for proper viewing.

-The registration dates for the festival range from March 01 to June 7th, 2023.

-To participate in the Best Feature Film category, the film must not have been released before in commercial theaters nationwide, and it must be released in Costa Rican territory.
If the film has already been released, it can still be part of the festival but it will no be able to participate for the festival prize.

-The Feature Films and Short Films sent to Corrosive Film Fest must be based on horror, terror or fantastic themes, in any of their own sub genres.

-The feature films and short films can be in ANY LANGUAGE, as long as the producer provides the subtitles (preferably in Spanish, but English is also valid)

The short films must have a MAXIMUM duration of up to 45 minutes, they must have been recorded from 2020 up to date.

The short films must have elements from the genres of terror, horror, fantasy, science fiction, or some subgenre or theme that incorporates elements of the aforementioned.

It can be a fiction, documentary, animated or experimental Short Film

The Feature Films must have a MINIMUM duration of 60 minutes, and must have been released from 2020 up to date.

· Feature films must have elements from the genre of terror, horror, fantasy, science fiction or some subgenre or theme that incorporates elements of the aforementioned.

· Feature films can be fiction, documentary, animated or experimental.

As music is a vital part of cinematographic culture, we will open the video clip section, for any musical genre, as long as it incorporates elements of terror, horror, fantasy, magic, or supernatural elements. There is no restriction to the musical genre.

The organization of Corrosive Film Fest will announce the results officially through a direct communication to those who have been chosen for their work, and then make the selected works known to the public with the information and the festival catalog.

- The shipping costs of the final DCP for the exhibition will be borne by the producer/distributor of the film, committing that they arrive on time.

- The costs of returning the DCP to the producer will be borne by the festival organization

By filling out the form and if they are chosen, the producer/distributor of the Film undertakes to send a PRESS KIT with all the necessary information for a correct and appropriate dissemination of the audiovisual.

Each entrant is responsible for the content of their work and for any potential copyright issues. The participant owns all the rights related to the use of his work in accordance with the regulations. The Festival Committee has no responsibility towards third parties. The Festival Committee has the right to reject films, if the content or technical quality does not correspond to the conditions of the Festival



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