NARICES FILM FEST (Festival Internacional de Payasas de Navarra) (1)

NOSES FILM FEST (Navarra International Women Clown Festival)


09 Mar 2021
Call for entries

31 Jul 2021
Festival closed

06 Sep 2021
Notification date

10 Oct 2021
17 Oct 2021


Estafeta,  31001, Pamplona - Iruñea, Navarra, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival >1' 3'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 3'<
 Any language
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Photo of NARICES FILM FEST (Festival Internacional de Payasas de Navarra)
Photo of NARICES FILM FEST (Festival Internacional de Payasas de Navarra)

Photo of NARICES FILM FEST (Festival Internacional de Payasas de Navarra)
Photo of NARICES FILM FEST (Festival Internacional de Payasas de Navarra)


Festival start: 10 October 2021      Festival end: 17 October 2021

The only requirements will be that a clown nose must appear and it must be shot in sequence.

Habra dos premios en esta primera edición de NARICES FILM FEST.

• Mejor Cortometraje (Seleccionado por parte del Jurado del Festival)

• Premio del Público (Votarán l@s asistent@s al las proyecciones)

The “FIRST INTERNATIONAL CLOWN FESTIVAL OF NAVARRA. NARICES ”organizes the short film festival in sequence shot“ NARICES FILM FEST ”

The selected short films will be screened in a place yet to be determined in the city of Pamplona - Iruñea, within the “FIRST INTERNATIONAL CLOWN FESTIVAL OF NAVARRA. NOSES ”next Saturday, October 16, 2021.

The short films must last a maximum of 3 and a half minutes *, that is, 3:30 * (with all the curtains included, which will last 30 seconds in total). This does not mean that the short has to necessarily arrive at 3:30; Within this limit, each participant will choose the most suitable duration.

It will be essential for a Payas @ nose to appear in the short film. It will also be mandatory that it be shot in sequence. If this is not the case, the short film will be rejected by the FESTIVAL organization.

The deadline for submission of short films will begin at 00:00 hours on June 1 and will end at 24:00 hours on July 31, 2021.
The selection of the selected short films will be made throughout the month of August by an expert team in cinematography.
On September 6, 2021, the selected works will be made public via email to those responsible for them as well as on Social Networks and the website of the FIRST INTERNATIONAL CLOWN FESTIVAL OF NAVARRA.
The selected short films will be screened in a place determined by the FESTIVAl on Saturday October 16 in Pamplona - Iruñea.

Anyone who so wishes, of any age, alone or in a team, may participate in the festival. In the case of being minors, when presenting the works, they will have to accompany them with an authorization from their legal totor @ s.

The number of short films that each participant can submit to the contest is unlimited.

The short films must be original and unpublished, that is, they cannot have been seen before in any medium (internet, television, movie theaters ...), festival or contest, nor done until the jury's decision is made.
Short films cannot be a shortened or extended version of another short film made prior to this festival.

Employees of the “FIRST INTERNATIONAL PAYASAS FESTIVAL OF NAVARRA. NARICES ”, sponsors or collaborators who intervene in the selection process of the short finalists, nominees or winners.

The shorts must include the two general festival curtains, one opening the short film and the second at the end. The first is animated and both its duration and its measurements must be respected. The second is static and should be kept in the image for 1 or 2 seconds. These curtains will be available for download on the website of the “FIRST INTERNATIONAL CLOWN FESTIVAL OF NAVARRA. NOSE".
The curtains can be downloaded from the link "Download curtains" in the PARTICIPATE section of the Festival website.

Therefore the order would look like this:

Home curtain
Short film
Final curtain

The short films may be shot in any official language of the State (Basque, Catalan, Galician, Spanish). In the case of Euskera, Catalan or Galician, they must be subtitled in Spanish.
If the short film is in any other language, it must include subtitles in Spanish.

We accept short films in any digital format, preferably mp4 and 1280x720px, with a maximum weight of 200 Mb. Short films may not exceed this weight in any case, regardless of the format in which they are sent.

In addition to the video file, two images must be sent:

Poster of the short film in .jpg or .png format, with a size of DIN-A3 and a maximum weight of 5 Mb.
Frame of the short, 1280 x 720 pixels and a maximum size of 10Mb, also in .jpg or .png format that does not contain the title (other than the initial frame), or subtitles overprinted.
A trailer of the short film of a maximum duration of 1 minute will also be sent to the email account for dissemination on social networks. The trailers will be shared on FESTIVALDENARICES channels and on the FESTIVAL website in order of arrival.

To participate in NARICES FILM FEST 2021, the following steps must be followed:

Register as a participant through the form in the Participate section of the festival website. Registration of the short film in the form in the Participate section. Each participant must fill in the technical sheet and send:
- Name and surname
- Title of the Short Film
- Technical file of the short film

Press the SEND button.

The video, poster and trailer will be sent via wetransfer to email with the title of the short film. After having received everything correctly, the organization of the festival will publish the trailer, the poster and the technical sheet both on the website and on its YouTube channel. Participants will receive an email in each of the states in which the short is located

Once the festival organization has verified that the short film complies with the rules, an e-mail will be sent to its author to inform him if he has been admitted to the contest. The organization reserves the right not to admit to the competition the pieces that, according to its criteria, do not meet the technical, artistic and / or legal conditions required by the festival. Likewise, it reserves the right to disqualify or exclude pieces that the organization considers that may hurt sensitivities.

Once the deadline for receiving short films has ended, a Selection Committee convened by the organization of the First International Clown Festival of Navarra will be in charge of viewing the short films admitted to the competition to choose the finalists.
After the public communication of the finalists on the festival's website and channels, the NARICES FILM FEST jury will be in charge of viewing said shorts to decide the award winners of the edition.

In addition, the SEGUNSURJA production company team, will participate in the deliberation of the decision to the Award for Best Production Direction Other well-known Film Directors.

Short films may also be presented through the Festival Page at FESTHOME.

There will be two awards in this first edition of NARICES FILM FEST.
• Best Short Film (Selected by the Festival Jury)
• Audience Award (Those attending the screenings will vote)

- All participating short films must have authorizations and transfers of copyright and other owners of pre-existing and original works that are incorporated into them. In this sense, the participants guarantee that the short films do not violate any right of exploitation, nor rights of honor, privacy and image, nor rights of Intellectual and / or Industrial Property and / or any other rights of third parties, and that they do not violate the legislation current. The festival organization declines all legal responsibility for the films submitted to the competition and their content.
- The author of the short film, by the mere fact of participating in the festival, cedes to the International Festival of Payasas de Navarra, free of charge, exclusively, and the power to transfer to third parties (sponsors) also exclusively, for the entire world and until the publication of the decision of the jury of the festival, the rights of reproduction, public communication and distribution of the short film or fragments thereof, so that the short film can be disseminated and broadcast through any medium and in any format, including the websites of the International Clown Festival of Navarra, as well as the social networks and audiovisual platforms on which you have an account, where you can enter pre-roll advertising. The exercise of these rights will be exclusively for promotional and informative purposes of the festival.
- Any exploitation or commercial use of the short film will require the prior and express consent of the author, signing, where appropriate, the corresponding agreements.
- The authors of the short films authorize the festival to use, reproduce, disseminate, print, publish and disseminate through any means of communication, the name of the director, interpreters and technical team, their artistic names, photographs and images represented by any means plastic, biography, etc., so that acts of promotion and communication of audiovisual works can be carried out, directly or indirectly.
- The organization of the festival is exonerated of all responsibility in case of the malfunction of the Internet network, which prevents the normal development of the contest for reasons beyond the control of the company and especially for external acts of bad faith. Nor will it be responsible for transmission problems or loss of email not attributable to it.
- The International Clown Festival of Navarra reserves the right to make modifications to these rules or to add successive annexes on their mechanics and prizes, provided that they are justified or do not harm the participants, and are duly communicated to them during the course of the Contest.

Participation in the festival implies full acceptance of these rules. We remind you that, in case you opt for any of the special prizes, you should consult their specific bases here. The Organizing Committee will decide on the unforeseen cases that arise and that are not included in these bases. For more information or for any questions, write to us at



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