Festival de cine fantastico de Barbate (1)

Fantastic film festival of Barbate


27 Sep 2021
Call for entries

15 Nov 2021
Festival closed

20 Nov 2021
Notification date

24 Nov 2021
28 Nov 2021


Plaza de la inmaculada 1,  11160, Barbate, Cádiz, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival 25'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2019
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  25'<
 Any language
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Photo of Festival de cine fantastico de Barbate
Photo of Festival de cine fantastico de Barbate
Photo of Festival de cine fantastico de Barbate
Photo of Festival de cine fantastico de Barbate


Festival start: 24 November 2021      Festival end: 28 November 2021

The International Film Festival of Barbate, is a cultural alternative that aims to put Barbate on the map of the international film industry as a forum for meeting, exhibition, presentation and projection of fantastic and science fiction films made all over the world. the heir to Fantarifa, the fantastic film festival of Tarifa and is twinned with the Sitges festival.

Tres premios en cada categoría


1. OBJECTIVES The Barbate Festival aims to disseminate and promote fantastic cinematography, including Terror, science fiction, animation and everything that encompasses fantasy cinema. Its functions include hosting the meeting of the various professional sectors of the cinema, promoting both its development and its international marketing. To achieve these objectives, the Barbate Film Festival. Cine en internacional will celebrate its 1st edition from 24 to 28 November 2021.

2. OFFICIAL SECTION FEATURE FILMS Feature films of fiction or fantasy-themed animation, made after 1 January 2019 that have not been commercially released on a regular basis in public rooms, DVDs, video, television, audiovisual event in Spain or VOD platforms (video on demand).

3. DOCUMENTARIES OFFICIAL SECTION (Feature and Short Films) Feature and short documentary films with fantastic production and/or theme, made after 1 January 2019, that have not been commercially released in public theatres, DVD, video, television or VOD platforms (video on demand) In all these categories only one film per director or group of directors will be admitted to competition, in the case of collective films

Fiction or animation short films, with a fantasy theme, made after January 1, 2019, that have not been commercially released in theaters, DVD, video or television, in Spain
The duration of the short films may not exceed 30 minutes and only a maximum of two per director will be admitted to a competition, counting in this sum those directed in collaboration with other directors.

To participate in the 1st edition of the Barbate Festival. It is mandatory to register and fill in the registration form, exclusively through FESTHOME (www.festhome.com), on the following dates:

• Feature films Official Section - open term September 27, 2021 closing of term November 15, 2021

• Documentaries Official Section (Feature Films and Short Films) - open period September 27, 2021 closing period November 15, 2021

• Spanish Short Films of Fiction or Animation - open period September 27, 2021 closing period November 15, 2021

If you do not complete the indicated, the films will be excluded from the selection process.

In order to register correctly, they must first create a profile on FESTHOME, register the film on said platform and finally register it at the Barbate Festival. The mere fact of uploading the film on the FESTHOME platform does not imply that it is registered in the Barbate Festival. For this, it is necessary to comply with all the requirements indicated above.

The Festival Management will designate the jury of the different sections in competition, whose decisions will be final and will not have to be justified.
People with interests in the production, distribution or any other type of exploitation or participation with the films selected for the competition may not be part of the jury of the different sections in competition.

The jury of the different competing sections undertakes not to publicly express their considerations about the selection of films for which they have to issue their decisions. The Management of the Barbate Festival may be present, with voice but without vote, in the deliberations and communications of the different juries.


• ------------ for BEST MOVIE

• ------------- to the BEST ADDRESS

• ------------- BEST ACTOR

• ------------- BEST ACTRESS


• ------------- to the BEST DOCUMENTARY



• ------------ for BEST SHORT FILM

• ------------- to the BEST DIRECTION SHORT FILM

• ------------- BEST ACTOR SHORT FILM

• ------------- for BEST ACTRESS SHORT FILM

In all categories, the financial endowment of the prizes will be paid to the producer.

The organization reserves the right to incorporate into the Festival archive a copy of the winning films for non-profit cultural purposes.

In the event that there are several production companies participating in the financing of the films, the prizes will be paid to the production company with the greatest economic participation (which will act as representative of the production as a whole), upon presentation of the authorization in their favor of the remaining producers.

The economic amount of the prizes will be subject to the withholdings determined by the legislation in force at the time of their payment by the Festival Organization, and will be understood, in any case, included in the economic allocation of said prizes.

The production companies must send the Barbate Festival two copies (in Bluray format) of the film for the exhibition in the official competition section.In addition, the company that has registered the selected film must certify the proper functioning of the copy (audio / video synchronization , color, etc.), testing it before being sent to Barbate, all the screening copies of the films selected in the different sections of the Festival will be presented in their original version, and those whose original language is not Spanish must include subtitles in this idiom.

The Festival reserves the right not to accept copies that, after the necessary technical checks, are not suitable for projection, providing a technical report to the film's representatives and requesting a new copy. The production company will deliver printed informative and promotional material for incorporation into the Festival archive.

The payment of the shipping costs (transport and insurance policy) originated by the remission from the place of issue of the copy of each film selected to participate in any of the Festival's sections to its copy warehouse, will be borne by the producing companies.

The companies producing and / or distributing awarded feature films, short films and documentaries must include a written reference to the awarding of said award at the beginning of each and every one of the copies of the film that they distribute for exhibition in public theaters, other film competitions. , DVD, BLURAY, television or VOD platforms (video on demand), as well as in all printed informative and promotional material (press-books, posters, etc.). Said reference will consist of a text with the award awarded, accompanied by the corporate image (logo and name) of the Tarifa Festival (Fantarifa), which will be provided, together with its rules of use, by the Organization of the same.

The mere participation in the Barbate Festival in each of its sections will oblige the production / distribution companies to insert the Festival logo in the head of the films with the indication '1 Edition'. Said logo and legend must also be included in all insertions in the written press, as well as expressly mentioning this participation in the different audiovisual supports in which advertising of the film is included prior to the Festival or during its celebration.

The documentation requested by the festival for the official catalog, program guide and website (synopsis, biofilmography, artistic and technical file, photographs of the director and the film, trailers and other audiovisual materials) will be taken from the online registration form that must be completed before the dates indicated in point 5, 'Registration and Documentation' of these Terms and Conditions.

If you need additional material, it will be required by the Festival to be delivered before November 15, 2021.

Once the selection of a film for any of its Sections has been made and communicated by the Festival, and its participation has also been confirmed by the producer / distributor that registered it, it cannot be withdrawn.

Likewise, said producer / distributor undertakes to have representatives of the film's technical and artistic team attend in their official pass at the Barbate Festival.

The registration of a film for competition in the 1st Edition of the Barbate Festival. implies full acceptance and compliance with these Terms of Participation and their possible annexes.

The Festival Press department will contact the respective production companies and / or distributors of the selected films in order to specify the materials that they must send, to which the media and those accredited will have access through the "Press" of the Web.

The producers and / or distributors of the selected films, documentaries and short films authorize, by accepting their participation, the use of one or more fragments of their title for dissemination as informative material in any media. For these purposes, the production companies and / or distributors will make available to the Festival's Press Department a selection of sequences with a maximum duration of three minutes.

These participation bases may be supplemented or modified, prior to the start date of the 2nd Edition of the Barbate Festival and prior communication to the interested parties, with as many other attachments as the Organization deems appropriate.

Their interpretation will be the exclusive competence of the Festival Management.



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