Aracnea Film And Book Festival (3)



11 Jul 2024
Call for entries

30 Sep 2024
Early deadline

01 Oct 2024
Standard deadline

03 Oct 2024
Late deadline

06 Oct 2024
Extended deadline


15 Oct 2024
Notification date

08 Nov 2024
10 Nov 2024


c/o ARACNEA HUB - Auditorium Comunale "7 Febbraio 1985",  74011, CASTELLANETA, Taranto, Italy

Festival description
Short film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2019
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Any language
 Any language
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Photo of Aracnea Film And Book Festival
Photo of Aracnea Film And Book Festival

Photo of Aracnea Film And Book Festival
Photo of Aracnea Film And Book Festival


Festival start: 08 November 2024      Festival end: 10 November 2024

ARACNEA FILM AND BOOK FESTIVAL is organized by the Cultural Association ARACNEA - APS CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC CENTER, will be held in Castellaneta (Ta), for the length of 3 days, on the first weekend of November.

It is an independent festival, entirely dedicated to cinematographies and cultures from all over the world.

The organization of events subsequent to the date of the Festival is foreseen, involving schools and experts in the local sector, all linked by the common thread of audio-visual training for the youngest and by the concrete link with the territory.

Statuettes and / or plates will symbolize the victory of the contest itself.

The first three classified in each of the two categories will be awarded.

There may also be special prizes, always “without portfolio” assigned by the Popular Jury for particularly deserving interpretations.

All the finalist works will be screened during the evenings of the Festival.

Parallel to the competitive programs, the Festival, during the three evenings, can be organized out of competition activities, such as the presentation of CINEMA-themed books, exhibitions, film screenings, invitations to relevant personalities from the CINEMA world to whom one or more Career Awards can be conferred and in addition, the active involvement of schools.

ARACNEA FILM AND BOOK FESTIVAL is an opportunity to meet and learn about quality cinema, which broadens its action perspective to also include the way in which Literature narrates Cinema. In fact, alongside the part of the competition dedicated to short films from Italy and the world, there is a part of the competition dedicated to Film Non-Fiction, with the addition of other non-competitive collateral activities.

The objective is to establish in the territory a new reality linked to the thousand languages ​​of cinema "to be seen" and cinema "to be read".

The Festival is managed by the ARACNEA Cultural Association - APS CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC CENTRE, which will avail itself of the precious support of production companies such as FILM SYNOPSIS, organisations, bodies, associations and sector experts.

The Festival has an Artistic Direction, found in the persons of Pietro Manigrasso (Producer of FILM SYNOPSIS and vice-president of the Association) and Domenico Palattella (SNCCI Film Critic); and an Organizational Management found in the person of the president of the Association Maria Rosaria Nardulli.

The Festival will see the support of other professionals, with the collaboration of the municipality of Castellaneta, institutions and partnerships.

ARACNEA FILM AND BOOK FESTIVAL has the high patronage of the SNCCI (National Union of Italian Film Critics).
For the definitive organizational chart of the ARACNEA FILM AND BOOK FESTIVAL, please refer to subsequent communications.

The Festival program is divided into competition sections and collateral sections.

Section dedicated to small audio-visual products lasting up to 20 minutes (including titles), coming from all over the world.

The aforementioned section will be divided into two competitive categories:

Judging, on the basis of a pre-selection carried out by experts in the sector, will be a local Popular Jury, open to all those who want to take part, in particular the younger classes. It will be the work of the organizational and artistic managements to create small training meetings in order to educate the Popular Jury on the criteria to follow to evaluate the cinematographic products. Joining the Popular Jury is free and will take place by sending your credentials (delivery address, personal data, name and surname) to the following email:

To correctly upload the film file, the product itself must be present on Vimeo or similar platforms, even in private mode, after indicating any password; or upload it to the portals mentioned above.

Alternatively, it is possible to send the material on DVD or USB stick to the following address: FILM SYNOPSIS - VIA SAN FRANCESCO 5, 74011 CASTELLANETA (TA); or send it via “WeTransfer” to the email address

The products must be sent in the original language.
For international works it is essential that they have subtitles in Italian or alternatively in English. For international works without subtitles it is necessary to send the Dialog List.

Registrations for the Festival must be received no later than 6 October 2024.

By October 15, 2024, the selections of the films admitted to the final phase will be communicated. It will then be the responsibility of the festival secretariat to communicate these results to the selected people.

The products competing in the Festival, if also sent on DVD, will be preserved by the Festival itself in its audiovisual archive for exclusively private use and are part of its artistic heritage. Together with the sending of the audio-visual product, where possible, we require the sending of posters and/or professional paper materials.

The ARACNEA - CENTRO CULTURALE ED ARTISTICO APS Association, creator and producer of the "Festival Aracnea Film & Book Festival", reserves the right to use the archived material for promotional purposes, without profit. With the request for participation, the author and/or those having any right to the work authorize its use for festival screenings, for study purposes and for exhibitions, for training initiatives at schools, for the sole purpose of promoting the demonstration.

Film non-fiction works published in Italian, regularly published between 2019 and 2024, will be admitted to the competition. A Qualified Jury of experts will select the three finalist works, which will be presented and awarded during the Festival evenings. Statuettes and/or plaques will symbolize the victory of the competition itself.

To enter the works in competition it is necessary:

- which were published no earlier than 01/01/2019;

- pay a registration fee of 8.00 euros, necessary for secretarial expenses, made out to ARACNEA, CENTRO CULTURALE ED ARTISTICO-APS, IBAN: IT43K0306909606100000175954, reason: REGISTRATION (BOOK TITLE) IN COMPETITION;

-send an email to, with the subject: REGISTRATION (BOOK TITLE) IN COMPETITION, attaching the synopsis of the book and a short biography of the author;

-send a copy of the book to the following address FILM SYNOPSIS - VIA SAN FRANCESCO 5, 74011 CASTELLANETA (TA).

Registrations for the Festival must be received no later than 6 October 2024.

The selections of the winning books will be communicated by October 15, 2024.

It will then be the responsibility of the festival secretariat to communicate these results to the selected people.

The literary works competing in the Festival will be preserved by the Festival itself in its library archive for exclusively private use and are part of its artistic heritage.

The Festival will not end in just the three days of its creation, but will be active all year round, through the creation of collateral, previous and subsequent activities.

- GUSTO CINEMA FILM REVIEW, which will talk about gastronomy through cinema, taking place on an annual basis.

- CINEMA AND STREET ART: Street-Art as an art form linked to the magic of cinema, to be created in the historic center of Castellaneta.

- “CASTELLANETA ARTISTICA” CONTEST. The Contest is aimed at all schools of all levels in Castellaneta and the surrounding area, who want to immortalize the same town, in a particular moment, highlighting its traditional, cultural and landscape aspects. All artistic variations will be allowed, from painting, to photography, to writing, up to the creation of short videos or short films lasting no more than 10 minutes. The originality of the product will be positively evaluated.

-ORGANIZATION OF MATINEES IN SCHOOLS, focusing on the links between cinema and the other arts and on audio-visual training and education.

-CINEMA FOR THE BLIND, in possible collaboration with UIC-TARANTO.

The three evenings of the Festival will be held at the ARACNEA HUB in Castellaneta, and entry will be permitted while seats last.

Press accreditations will be provided for all journalists who wish to request them. Accreditation requests must be received no later than October 15, 2024 by email to

The aforementioned applications must be submitted on headed paper and signed by the management of the newspaper concerned.

For further information, consult the Facebook page ARACNEA - CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC CENTRE; or the website at







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