Premio Piccolo Cinema Paradiso Prima Edizione 2022 (1)

Little Paradise Cinema Award First Edition 2022


13 May 2022
Call for entries

31 Oct 2022
Festival closed

31 Mar 2023
Notification date

10 Jan 2023
22 Apr 2023


Via Francesco Lana, 15,  25122, Brescia , Brescia , Italy

Festival description
Short film festival 15'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  15'<
 Any language
English Italian
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Photo of Premio Piccolo Cinema Paradiso Prima Edizione 2022
Photo of Premio Piccolo Cinema Paradiso Prima Edizione 2022
Photo of Premio Piccolo Cinema Paradiso Prima Edizione 2022
Photo of Premio Piccolo Cinema Paradiso Prima Edizione 2022


Festival start: 10 January 2023      Festival end: 22 April 2023

Until 1980 Franco Piavoli had only produced short films, but in Silvano Agosti was enough to understand that his friend's talent abounded, so he convinced him to face a feature film. They chose an Arriflex 35 mm, and since Franco was what they call a skinny, Silvano made some lightening changes to the camera, cut it out on him, so to speak, and at the end of the job he renamed it "the piavolina". With the piavolina Franco did not only shoot "The blue planet" but many other successful films. It is just a small anecdote in the history of a friendship. We have therefore decided to dedicate this Award to Friendship and the values ​​thatpermeate: trust, loyalty, respect, complicity, collaboration, not least, friendly affection. We do so at a dramatic moment in the history of humanity and we hope that this sentiment among the noblest, capable of uniting individuals, can equally extend to peoples.

It is a fortunate coincidence that the idea of ​​establishing a directorial award here in Brescia was born just when the city of the three lakes is preparing to be, together with Bergamo, Capital of Culture 2023.

Since we love extravagance, we have established that the PCP Award (Piccolo Cinema Paradiso) must have two Presidents of the jury: Silvano Agosti and Franco Piavoli. If you have passion and talent in directing, we are waiting for you. And if you know other talents, don't leave them alone; we look forward to them too.

Regulation and purpose of the
"Piccolo Cinema Paradiso 2022 I Ed Award"
“Piccolo Cinema Paradiso 2022 I Ed Award” (PCP-2022 Award), cinematographic competition in its first edition, aims to discover talented authors and authors.

The Award is aimed at both Italian and foreign authors and authors.

The subject of the work to be sent is free.

• The main purpose of the Award is to identify, encourage, promote directors and authors of all nationalities, and to make their works known.

• In this first edition, no age limits are required (provided that the / i
participants are of age by the day of registration for the prize)

• Works with a maximum duration of 15 minutes are allowed (opening and closing credits included) that were made between 2019 and 2022. The theme is free, whether it is fiction, animation, documentary, experimentation or other. Each participant can compete with only one work.

• A careful pre-selection of the finalized works received will be performed
to the identification of 20 short films that will be considered for all purposes "Finalists". These will be given visibility, regardless of the final outcome, inserting them in a special screening program at the Piccolo room
Cinema Paradiso in Brescia and Cinema Azzurro Scipioni in Rome.

• A special audience award will also be established.

• The Jury of the Piccolo Cinema Paradiso 2022 I Ed Award is made up of twelve (12) members who will select the three most works from the 20 short films deserving.

The Award Jury:

Silvano Agosti - Independent director and author, poet, writer, President of Jury.

Franco Piavoli - Director, author, co-President of the Jury.

Paola Agosti - Actress, Secretary of the Jury, President of the Piccolo Association Paradise cinema.

Paolo Buzi - Artist, writer, creator of the PCP Prize, Director of the Prize Little Cinema Paradiso.

Arnaldo Ragni - Actor, director and author.

Enrico Ranzanici - Lecturer and filmmaker.

Filippo Schillaci - expert in cinematographic language, photographer, writer Antonella Gandini - Artist and photographer.

Giacomo Andrico - Independent filmmaker.

Rossella Zucchi - Artist, set designer, author
Giacomo Colossi - Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, writer of science fiction, filmmaker and video producer.

Once the 20 finalist films have been selected, a jury will be appropriately set up of the public chosen and chaired by Vilma Razzi, professor of literature and history. Vilma, who graduated with a thesis on Cinema, has been working on for years cinematography also within the public school by promoting events e making short films.

The judgment of the 2 Juries is unquestionable.

The prices:

1st place - € 1200
2nd place - € 600
3rd place - € 300

There are also Special Mentions (signed by Silvano Agosti and Franco Piavoli) for particularly deserving short films in terms of genre, originality,
content, other.
The authors of the awarded "short films" will be honored with two DVDs:
a film by Franco Piavoli and one by Silvano Agosti.
• The 20 selected will receive a Manual for an Independent Cinema And Arthouse Cinema, entitled "How to make a film" by Silvano Agosti.
• A plaque for the short film that will be voted most by the jury of
• The announcement of the winners of the Prize will be held on Saturday 22 April 2023 starting from 18.00 at the Cinema Sereno, Traversa twelfth n °
158, Villaggio Sereno, Brescia.

How to participate:

a) The author / author of the work who intends to participate in the selection of the Piccolo Cinema Paradiso Award 2022 I Ed (PCP-2022 Award) will have to send a request for registration to the email address and provide at the same time a link that allows a good view of the short film (english subtitles are required in case the original language is not Italian). The application form (doc, docx, pdf) must contain
- 1) name and surname of the director
- 2) date and place of birth
- 3) place and address of residence
- 4) nationality
- 5) handwritten signature of the participant
- 6) telephone number, contact email, website, social page, etc.

b) For this first edition, there is a registration fee for the PCP2022 Award, equal to € 7.00 (Euro Seven / 00), to be paid by bank transfer to the c.c.
IBAN IT21D0521611201000000004330 in the name of Associazione Piccolo Paradise cinema.

The PCP-2022 Prize must be specified on the reason for payment.

Please DO NOT SEND the share in cash, shorthand, through letter, by ordinary or registered mail.
The proof or receipt (in copy) of the payment must be attached to the request registration and sent to the email address indicated in paragraph a).

c) The opening of the competition announcement for the Piccolo Cinema Paradiso 2022 I Ed (PCP-2022 Award) is set for May 13, 2022. The deadline it will expire at midnight on Monday 31 October 2022.
d) The owners of the 20 works that will be selected for the final will be notified by email (their names will in any case be disclosed through the portal of the Prize and the "social" pages where the PCP is present) by 10 January 2023.

e) The 20 finalists must send the following material by 31 January 2023:

Logline (in Italian and / or english)
• Synopsis of the film (in Italian and / or in english)
• Artistic and technical cast (in Italian and / or in english)
• Short comment by the director on the film (in Italian and / or in english)
• Biography of the director (in Italian and / or in english)
• Complete filmography of the director (if any)
• 1 photo of the director (HD, Res. 300 DPI)
• 3 or 4 photos of the film in HD

• If existing, a Teaser / trailer, of up to 30 seconds that can be published for purposes promotional.

• The movie file in HD format mp4 h 264 with subtitles (SRT with TimeCode) in english in case the original language was not in Italian.

f) It is also possible to send the work via physical medium (preferably pendrive), sending everything (including the registration form duly completed: see point a) at:

Paola Agosti - Viale Piave 193 - 25122 Brescia (I).

g) Or through Wetransfer (or similar) at

h) By sending the application form, the work and the payment made of the registration fee, the Author and all those entitled to accept what provided for in these competition rules of the PCP-2022 Award.

i) Failure to comply with the Regulations in each of its points is considered a cause of exclusion from the Award.

j) Participants give their consent pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 and of the EU Reg 2016/679 - GDPR on the protection of privacy for the processing of personal data for all initiatives connected with the award.

k) The Court of Brescia is competent for any dispute.

Award ceremony

The authors of the 3 awarded films will be invited to participate in the Festival and hosted in Brescia for one night. The invitation for the director is strictly personal.

The finalists authorize the organizers of the Award to disseminate informations and images related to their works in their own promotional materials and
communication, in the press and in any other location where this is necessary.

The Piccolo Cinema Paradiso 2022 I Ed Award (PCP-2022 Award) thanks in advance authors, authors, producers and distributors of the selected and awarded films who wish to include the official wording of the PCP Award - Piccolo Cinema Paradiso.
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