Arthouse Asia (7)


10 Jul 2022
Call for entries

15 Jul 2022
Early deadline

24 Aug 2022
Standard deadline

23 Oct 2022
Late deadline

15 Dec 2022
Festival closed

09 Jan 2023
Notification date

08 Jan 2023
15 Jan 2023


D-68 Sammilani Park,  700075, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Festival description
Short film festival 60'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 November 2021
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  60'<
 Any language
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Photo of Arthouse Asia
Photo of Arthouse Asia

Photo of Arthouse Asia
Photo of Arthouse Asia


Festival start: 08 January 2023      Festival end: 15 January 2023

Watch festival trailer 20202 Arthouse Asia Film Festival.
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Arthouse Asia is an annual breeding space of independent filmmakers. Over the years independent filmmaking has changed a lot, the Asian independent filmmaking market is increasing steadily. The Past has taught us "United we stand, divide we fall".

Arthouse Asia is an effort to unite worldwide independent filmmakers in a single platform. We know the path is not an easy way but we believe independent filmmaking is the true way of practicing art through filmmaking medium. The studio system is a money generating system, it does not allow experimentation as it always tends to follow the already established monetary model.

So we believe independent filmmaking is the future of filmmaking.

7th Arthouse Asia Film Festival will bigger and better.

This year we are looking for fictions, documentary, animation, VR films, video arts, short films and full-length films. Every selected submission will be eligible for "Golden Wood Award" which will be presented at the conclusion of the festival.

The event will be happening at the "Niranjan Sadan". The home of arthouse films.

The filmmakers and cinephiles will experience eventful two days in the mid-May. There will be coffee table discussions, Meet the media sessions and post-screening discussion sessions along with dinner parties.

Best fiction feature

Best fiction short

Best documentary feature

Best documentary short

Best animation

Best VR

Best Video Art international


Short documentaries and fictions are preferably under 30 min long but not longer than 59 min.

Feature films are 60 min and up.

Films are very welcome to compete in the Narrative Fiction Features and Narrative Fiction Short categories.


Arthouse Asia does not demand an international or national premiere requirement.

We accept any films completed after 1st November 2021.

Please submit subtitles on all work.



All films are viewed by the festival programmers. Each film has been viewed a minimum of two times, rated, and will move on to the next stage based off of those ratings. Our programmers will make final decisions and notify filmmakers accordingly.

All decisions are final and feedback for individual films is not available.


All films will screen at the festival in DCP format. We will nominate according to the categories listed above and select the winning film in each category in the official selection. The winner is entitled to use laurels on posters and all marketing material.
For officially selected films, only transport costs between screening locations during the Festival are covered by Arthouse Asia. This does not include screenings organized by a film's producer or rights owner. In a case of loss or damage to a print, Arthouse Asia will not reimburse any amount.

-ArtHouse Asia reserves the right to make any necessary changes in regulations or scheduling.

- Films selected may not be withdrawn from the festival program after their registration.

- All submission fees are non-refundable. We will not return your screening and exhibition copies.

- The festival Directorate may deny participation to any film unable to meet the technical requirements for a public screening of good quality.

- Not all winning films will be screened. The festival has the right to screen and not to screen the winning films.

- Only producers, directors, and main actors/actresses can receive the physical awards at the award ceremony. Regardless of their winning status, winning filmmakers who can't attend the Awards Ceremony will only receive laurels. We reserve the right to decide which nominated films will be a part of the screening of 2023 based on the quality of their showcase Blu-Ray or DVD or HIGH-QUALITY MP4 as well as the program schedule. Winners will be announced online and in press. The festival has the right to work with any institution and partner festivals for all kinds of cooperation, including joint events or promotions.


The festival Management reserves the right to make changes in the profile of the festival if it becomes necessary to do so due to circumstances beyond their control.


The duration of this agreement shall commence as of the date of submission by the Owner and terminate at the close of the current year's festival.



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