Festimaj (21)


06 Feb 2024
Call for entries

25 Apr 2024
Festival closed

28 May 2024
Notification date

27 May 2024
29 Jul 2024


1 Rue de Lorette - La Flocellière,  85700, SEVREMONT, VENDEE, France

Festival description
Short film festival 13'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  13'<
 Any language
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Photo of Festimaj
Photo of Festimaj

Photo of Festimaj
Photo of Festimaj


Festival start: 27 May 2024      Festival end: 29 July 2024

Since 2004, Festimaj has been offering international screenings of short films made by children and young people aged 4 to 30, and by professionals of all ages. The selected films are then shown on all five continents, thanks to co-organizers from around the world.

A festival of diversity, offering screenings of never-before-seen films in over 35 countries.

An international network of professional filmmakers, co-organizers and broadcasters, enabling children, young people and adults to see these unique programs.

An ethical cinematography of committed films dealing with crucial societal issues: education, tolerance, migration, peace education, children's rights, ecology..., the fight against discrimination, harassment at school, abuse, corruption... so many subjects to build a citizen's identity, change one's outlook and open up to others.

Access to culture for thousands of children and young people in a catchment area of over 300,000 spectators in more than 150 physical and online venues (everyone can sign up to see the films from home).

Unless we've changed our policy over the last few years, we no longer have the means to award cash or material prizes. However, we do publicize the winning films, and if you wish, we can send you an e-mail certificate mentioning your prize.
Winners must mention on their film "Prix Festimaj 2024".

From May 27 to June 29, 2024

Submission of the registration form constitutes acceptance of the rules.


The festival will take place from May 27 to June 29, 2024 in the countries and locations participating in The World's Biggest Cinema.
The festival is open to cinema workshops, elementary school, secondary schools, higher education, young filmmakers and professionals. Students or young people can be attached to a school or submit an unsolicited application. However, if the director is a minor, parental authorization must be provided at the time of registration.


All categories: Fiction, documentary, animation, music video.

To be accepted, films competing in the primary, junior high and high school categories must not exceed 8 minutes, including credits (which must not exceed 45 seconds).

For films in the Higher Education - Young Directors and Professionals categories, 13 minutes maximum, including credits.

We also offer a selection of films for english-, Spanish- and Arabic-speaking audiences (subject to availability). If you would like your film(s) to appear in this category in addition to the French-language selection, please provide your own english-language subtitles on the entry form.

For films in languages other than French, we ask that you also provide French subtitles.

Please note: subtitles must be integrated into the film and not on a separate file.


Accepted media: wetransfer, vimeo (with downloadable link) or other upload servers. NO YOUTUBE LINKS (compression is too bad).


No subject imposed.


Originality of the script, which may be adapted from an existing work, provided that the establishments, workshop leaders or directors have the agreement of the author, the copyright holders or the SACD, or of the competent jurisdiction according to the law in force in the country.

Technical quality: as most screenings will take place on large screens and in cinemas, we advise you to take the utmost care over the technical quality and digitization of your film. We remind you that we make digital copies of your films, which we then send to all distribution outlets. Insofar as we produce quality media, the festival cannot be held responsible for the quality of your film(s).

Acting, good direction and casting are also key to the quality of your film. Don't neglect this aspect or the sound recording!


Registration is free of charge

Registration form: before April 20, 2024
Submission of films and data sheets: unless otherwise agreed, films must be submitted by April 30.

Music must be original (unless otherwise agreed with SACEM or copyright holders). In any case, all music, composers and performers must be indicated on the registration form. Otherwise, your registration will not be validated.

Unless special dispensation is granted by the relevant authorities or rights holders, films must not include archive images or recordings.


After May 15, you will receive by e-mail the list of selected films, which will also be available for consultation on our website.

These films will be shown during the festival by category:

Films 4-6 years / 6-10 years (+/-)
Films 11-14 years (+/-)
Films 15-18 years (+/-)
Young filmmakers (18-30 years +/-)
Animation films
Documentary films
General public
Thematic films
english-, Arabic- or Spanish-language programs (depending on the number of films received)
Some selections mix the different categories


The selected films will be screened in all the venues participating in "The World's Biggest Cinema". Screenings are open to the general public and free of charge.

At the end of the screenings, each spectator is invited to vote for the films by awarding a score from 1 to 10 for each film.

The 5 films in each category with the most votes will be screened on the closing day (June 29, 2024) in the co-organizing venues that so wish, and on the closing day with the jury who, after a closed debate, will award two or three prizes per category (depending on the decision of the Chairman and his jury).

The winners will be announced at the closing ceremony on June 29 and by e-mail on sunday.


To simplify distribution to all venues, films will be posted on our dedicated Vimeo platform. They will be protected by a link and a password that will be communicated to Festimaj co-organizers and to Internet users who request it (on condition that they agree to vote for the films).


The jury will be made up of education, film and audiovisual professionals, and representatives of the festival's partner organizations.
The jury's decisions are final.

ARTICLE 11: prizes

Unless we've changed our policy over the last few years, we no longer have the means to award cash or material prizes. However, we do publicize the winning films, and if you wish, we can send you an e-mail certificate mentioning your prize.
Winners must mention on their film "Prix Festimaj 2024".

The most important thing is for your film to be seen by the widest possible audience, which we can assure you with Festimaj (over 500,000 spectators on 5 continents). In addition, other festivals or broadcasters often ask us to show Festimaj films, and if this is the case, we will ask for your permission, mentioning the location, context and date.


Receipt of a film at Festimaj implies acceptance by its author(s) of the transfer of rights for Festimaj screenings.

Filmmakers must ensure that they have image rights for the actors in their films.

Films entered, selected or awarded may be shown on the Internet, at events dedicated to cinema in all its forms, or on partner television channels and spaces during the festival.

Your films will not be used for commercial purposes, and except in exceptional cases no financial compensation will be paid.


Schools are responsible for obtaining the necessary parental authorizations for image rights during filming.


If, outside the festival period, we wish to broadcast your film as part of a magazine, a program, a partner festival or for a special event, you will be asked for authorization before your film is shown.

You will receive a personal request specifying the framework in which your film will be broadcast. At the time of this request, you will have the choice of accepting or refusing.

Your film will not be used for commercial purposes, and except in exceptional cases no financial compensation will be paid.


The organizers reserve the right to postpone or suspend the festival in the event of exceptional circumstances, such as lack of budget or partners, to amend the present regulations, and to grant any dispensations from the above provisions on reasoned request.

All cases not covered by the present regulations will be settled by the organizing committee, which will act as arbitrator in the event of a dispute.

Registration for the festival implies acceptance of these rules.

In the case of a minor director who chooses to enter his or her film, please enclose parental authorization.



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