Agora NFT Awards Festival (2)


10 May 2022
Call for entries

13 Sep 2022
Festival closed

13 Nov 2022
Notification date

05 Sep 2022
17 Oct 2022


Sequia Comtal 11,  08018, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival 10'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  10'<
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Photo of Agora NFT Awards Festival
Photo of Agora NFT Awards Festival

Photo of Agora NFT Awards Festival
Photo of Agora NFT Awards Festival


Festival start: 05 September 2022      Festival end: 17 October 2022

The goal of Agora Awards and our NFT Awards Festival is to provide visibility to talent worldwide. Everyone can participate in our Awards. The TOP100 finalists of each category will be offered to become part of our NFT marketplace: a curated marketplace of Photography, Art and Video Art. The most voted creation of each category will win $25.000.
The Festival will take place in Barcelona from the 27th to the 29th of October 2022.
Finalists will also be offered to appear with their work on Agora TV: our worldwide digital television with an audience of 30k of daily viewers. 

You provide your talent, we give you visibility. We win if you win.

How do we select the finalists?

The Agora Jury is in charge of selecting the TOP100 finalists of each Award. The Agora Jury consists of a mix of Photography, Video and Art experts, who are chosen internally, but also community members that proved their great talent on previous awards. The jury takes into account quality, diversity, artistry and originality. It takes into account that the final selection is from different countries, different ages and with the intention of having gender equity.

What happens if I am selected as finalist?

If you receive an email from us indicating you are an Agora Awards finalist, congratulations! This means your creation has gone through our Agora Jury curation process and been selected as one of the best among thousands of creations. Your creation will then move to the voting rounds, where the entire Agora community votes for the best via our app Agora Awards. As a finalist you will automatically be eligible to appear on our international Agora TV channel. If you succeed in the voting rounds, you will participate in the final round, where the winner is chosen! A fantastic prize of $25,000 is waiting for you. Will you be the lucky one?

The final awards ceremony will take place in Barcelona, from October 27th to 29th in 2022. At this event the best finalists will be exhibited, the awards ceremony will take place, our NFT market will be presented and we will have talks, podium discussion, further exhibitions, meetings and last but no least a big party. The event will be broadcasted on Agora TV.

We are looking forward to celebrate with you!

Power to artists

Power to the people

Power to you. 

#ShortFilmOfTheYear - $25,000

#DocumentaryOfTheYear - $25,000

#SongOfTheYear - $25,000

#DigitalArtOfTheYear - $25,000


- The films can have any production date.

- It is always recommended to include English subtitles and especially in cases where the language of the video is not English and is necessary to understand the work.

- The user who uploads the video must be the author of the video or have the intellectual property rights of the video.

- The author of the video must have the image rights of all the people who appear on it, as well as the rights to use any music containing

- In case the credits exceed 10 minutes, these can be placed in the video description.

Terms and conditions

- Agora may use any material that is added to the contest for promotional purposes for the platform itself

- Stolen videos, third parties, pornographic content or that violate human rights or the dignity of people are not allowed. Uploading videos that are not allowed may result in the deletion of the user account and, if the law is violated, the complaint to the relevant authorities.

- Agora reserves the right to remove any video that does not comply with the terms and conditions.

When you upload a work to Agora, the terms and conditions are automatically accepted

To read the full terms and conditions, go to



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