Antakya Film Festivali (9)

Antioch film fest


16 Dec 2020
Call for entries

15 Feb 2021
Early deadline

31 May 2021
Standard deadline

31 Jul 2021
Late deadline

01 Nov 2021
Extended deadline


15 Nov 2021
Notification date

14 Dec 2021
20 Dec 2021


Emekyemez Mah. Yanıkkapı sk. No: 15/24,  34421 , Istanbul, Beyoglu, Turkey

Festival description
Short film festival
Feature film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 September 2019
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Feature Films 
 Any language
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Photo of Antakya Film Festivali
Photo of Antakya Film Festivali
Photo of Antakya Film Festivali
Photo of Antakya Film Festivali


Festival start: 14 December 2021      Festival end: 20 December 2021

Antakya Film Festival, is an International, competitive festival. (AFF) is a major destination on the Festival circuit and recognized by the sinema Academy as a Qualifying Festival in all film categories.mission is to provide a public forum in Antakya in order to advance public interest in films and the independent production of films. To draw worldwide attention to Antakya as a center for cinema. To encourage the rights of all Antakya residents to access and experience the power of independent filmmaking, and to promote artistic excellence and the creative freedom of artists without censure.

In 2018, the Festival presented 350 films, representing work that was shot and produced in 42 countries. The event offers well rounded, and for many, career-establishing experiences. Submit your work before the final deadline!

The festival is for and by independent filmmakers. The organizers of Antakya Film Festival bring 7 years of festival experience to this annual event. Antakya Film Festival accepts submissions in six categories: Narrative Features, Documentary Features, Short Narrative, Short Documentary, Experimental, Short Student, and Animation. Submissions are open from March to September of the year, the final selection of 150 + films is announced in September, and the film festival takes place in October. Selected films in each category are eligible for several awards. In addition to our lineup of films, the festival also hosts multiple filmmaker parties and networking events at venues around Antakya and Hatay.

Jury prizes in the following categories:

-Best Narrative Feature
-Best Documentary Feature
-Best Narrative Short
-Best Documentary Short
-Best Animation Short
-Best Experimental Short
-Best Student Short

If short-listed for a Jury Prize, additional preview copies of the film must be provided or authorized by the submitting party if requested by Antakya Film Festival.

Audience Awards:
-Narrative Feature Prize Categories:

• Best Cinema Film - Festival sculpture
• Best Cinema Film Director - Festival sculpture
• Best Cinema Film Screenplay - Festival sculpture
• Best Cinema Filmi Image Director - Festival sculpture
• Best Cinema Films Music - Festival sculpture
• Best Cinema Filmi Actress - Festival sculpture
• Best Cinema Film Actor - Festival sculpture
• Best Cinema Film Editing - Festival sculpture
• Best Cinema Film Art Director - Festival sculpture
• Cinema Film Jury Special Award - Festival sculpture

Documentary Feature:
1st place prize - festival sculpture
Jury special prize - festival sculpture
Audience special award - festival sculpture

Short Film: Fiction, Experimental, Documentary, Animation, Student
1st place prize - festival sculpture
Jury special prize - festival sculpture
Audience special award - festival sculpture

Features of the Films that will attend the Competition

1. Feature Movies which were finished after the date September 1st, 2019 and didn't appeal to Antakya Film Festival before may attend the competition.

Projection of Competition Films

1. Films attended to the competition are presented to the Board of the Festival to watch for making a pre-evaluation.

2. Films that reached the final in the competition are shown with or without fee in theaters in Antakya for Grand Jury, Audience (Public) Jury and Cinema lovers to watch between the dates October the 15th and 21th, 2021

3. The income collected during the projections belong to Antakya International Film Festival. Antakya International Film Festival can organize special projections with the attended films for the introduction of the festival.

4. Only legal owner of the film can attend to the festival.If there are more than one legal owners of the film, then there should be the signature of the other legal owner or a signed letter notifying the approval of the other legal owners of the film for the film to attend the competition should be attached.

5. Applicant must be in a condition that he or she could evidence that all the authority to attend is on himself or herself and all necessary permitations from related institutions and corporations were taken.

Last Attendance Date

6. Last day of attendance for applying the competition is September the 1st, 2021. Requests that would be done after that date can't be accepted.

7. The ones who want to attend the competition should fill the application form and deliver it with attendant's signature to the Festival Center.


Screening Times of theFilms

8. Films attended to the competition are held on screening in festival programmes between the dates 15th-21th October, 2021; no further permision is needed for this application. Producer applying to attend the competition count approved and committed the indicated matter with this application.

Documents and Presentation Materials that will be Given Together with the Application Form

a. Film’s tag

b. Film’s production operation license

c. Film’s summary less than 1200 characters (with12 points paces) (Turkish and English)

d. Director’s biography and filmography less than 1000 characters (with 12 point spaces) (Turkish and English)

e. Director’s photographs (in JPG format, 300 DPI)

f. 10 photographs from the film (in JPG format, 300 DPI)

g. Film’s poster in digital medium (in JPG format, 300 DPI)

h. If appliccable, the list of the festivals the film attended and the awards it won (Türkish and English)

i. English dialogue list with Time Code

j. If any language other than Turkish had been used, Turkish dialogue list with Time Code

k. Film’s musics

l. With the aim of presentation, Festival Organisation has the right to use an at most 3 (three) minutes part from the film, in case that no proper presentation fragment was sent.
They should deliver the materials above which are needed for festival catalogue, subtitle translation and presentation of the film and fully filled and signed application form to this address:

Special Conditions:

1. Correctness of all the informations written in the application form is in the responsibility of the person who signed the form. It is nonnecessity for Antakya International Film Festival management to investigate the trueness of the informations in the application form. Legal responsibility that will arise because of these informations belong to the signature owner.

2. Films attended to the competition can be shown along the Festival in the theaters and/or outdoor places, paid or free by Antakya International Film Festival management. Incomes procured from the screenings belong to Antakya International Film Festival management. Festival management can arrange special screenings of competition films for the aim of presentation, in Antakya/Hatay. Any permission isn’t taken from the producer and the creator for the screenings (other than TV) that will be done during the Festival.

3. Producer and creator team of the films competing in the Festival are invited to in the Festival in numbers and dates festival management determined. In this case, the invitees of the film participate to the shows, movie premieres, conversations, award ceremonies, special media meetings and press meetings Festival management determined, and represent their films.

4. Producers and creators of the films that won prize in the Festival are obliged to imply the prize they won in Antakya International Film Festival with the logo of the Festival in press releases and newspaper inserts they issued, and in every kind of presentation materials.


Preliminary Jury:

• Pre-evaluation is done by Advisory Board of the Festival. In the Festival, 10 films that will be presented to the final evaluation of the Grand Jury are determined by Advisory Board.



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