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05 Jan 2015
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31 Mar 2015
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01 May 2015
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01 May 2015
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31 May 2015
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17 Jul 2015
18 Jul 2015


P.O. Box 2266,  04106, South Portland, Maine, United States

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Short film festival 30'<

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 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
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 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Any language
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Festival start: 17 July 2015      Festival end: 18 July 2015

The Bluestocking Film Series is an exclusive showcase for Bechdel-Test, high-quality, provocative short fiction films featuring complex female protagonists driving the story and leading the action. This innovative screening series originates in the beautiful, culturally vibrant city of Portland, Maine and travels to other film-loving cities around the country and the world.

The only film event in the world to require female protagonists, submissions must also pass the Bechdel Test. We celebrate and promote talented, established and emerging filmmakers who take the creative risk of placing female protagonists front and center. We introduce audiences to those who are contributing to the art and craft of cinema and who have the potential to influence the future of filmed entertainment.

We encourage and promote production of narratives that reflect the diverse experiences of women. We have a marked preference for well-structured, highly visual, cutting edge, provocative films, especially ones that explore the plurality and variety of women’s relationships.

To be considered, your submission must feature a female protagonist and pass The Bechdel Test (film must feature at least 2 female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man). To find out more about the test, please Google it.

At this time, we invite submissions of short NARRATIVE FICTION films ONLY. Feature length films will not be considered. Straightforward documentaries will not be considered.

Our mission is to present films that place women and girl characters front and center, driving the story and leading the action, films that portray these characters as strong, capable, flawed, and complex as their male counterparts.

The Bluestocking Film Series was founded by filmmaker Kate Kaminski and is produced with partner Betsy Carson (Gitgo Productions).

Entries in both categories are eligible for Audience Choice Award ($50 cash) and 1st and 2nd Place Prizes (value and details TBD).

As a showcase for talented directors (whether established or emerging), the Bluestocking Film Series seeks high-quality, provocative, and innovative films that feature complex female lead character (protagonist) and pass the Bechdel Test.

We're specifically looking for cinematic stories that portray women (or girl) characters who are as strong, complicated, flawed, and heroic as their male counterparts.


You must be 18 years of age or older to submit a film.

By submitting your work, you guarantee that your entry is your original work, and does not infringe on the copyright or other rights of other people. You further guarantee that all listed creators have authorized submission to Bluestocking Film Series.

If selected, you agree to allow Bluestocking Film Series to screen your film in public, ticketed, for-profit screenings during our annual event as well as touring shows that take place after the annual event. By submitting your film, you also guarantee that you have no distribution agreements that would disallow us to screen your film as described.

Until dates and venue for our annual event are confirmed on our website, please note that dates and venue are subject to change.


We watch submitted films in their entirety. Submitted films are initially assessed by Artistic Director and Lead Curator Kate Kaminski, then films are viewed by a select panel of judges to be assessed and scored according to our guidelines and mission. Please read through all criteria before submitting your film. All selection decisions are final.

ALL submissions must first, feature a complex female protagonist in the leading role and second, pass The Bechdel Test. Therefore, all submissions are required to feature 2 (or more) women characters who talk to each other (for more than a few seconds) about something other than a man (or men or boys). To learn more about the Bechdel Test, please Google it.

Both categories carry a cash prize.

For submitters who wish to mail a DVD screener, please mail to:
Bluestocking Film Series
P.O. Box 2266
South Portland, ME 04116



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