boyohboy [Gay] Films Marathon 2020 ()

boyOHboy [GAY] Films Marathon 2020

Festival Cancelled 


12 Feb 2020
Call for entries

07 Jul 2020
Festival closed

20 Jul 2020
Notification date

16 Oct 2020
18 Oct 2020


Paris,  75019, PARIS, Iles de france, France

Festival description
Short film festival >3'
Feature film festival 180'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >3'
 Feature Films  180'<
 Any language
 Any language


This festival is not currently open for submissions.

Festival start: 16 October 2020      Festival end: 18 October 2020

♥️ Please READ BEFORE to SUBMIT your FILM →

We are a nonprofit organization of general interest that centers around gay contemporary cinema in order to fight homophobia.

★ Website →
★ Video presentation →


What differentiates boyOHboy from commercial and community film festivals, is our concept of "Cinematographic Marathon" spread over the course of a full year, with a film festival at the end of the year (October 16-18, 2020).

Our initiative aims to educate youth, by going "on their ground", in high schools and colleges, to show them short films that challenge them on the importance of respecting each other, and accepting the fact that in society there are different ways of loving and approaching our sexual orientation.

The purpose of our October Film Festival, is to present to the audience, the films that have most touched the youth to whom we have shown them to during the year.

Unlike the already existing Paris LGBTQ Film festival, boyOHboy does not aspire to be a "discoverer of new films", meaning we do not care about the year of production, neither the fact that some films have already been invited to other LGBTQ festivals.

Niche events mainly attract an open-minded audience that is already won over to the cause. boyOHboy’s approach is different and complementary, since we do not address a community, and that all our revenues are distributed to the fight against gay bullying.

★ Best Short Film | Jury Award
(Prize provided by Canon)
★ Best Short Film | Audience Award
(Prize provided by the cultural fund from the city of Paris)

★ Best Feature Film | Jury Award
(Prize provided by Canon).
★ Best Feature Film | Audience Award
(Prize provided by the cultural fund from the city of Paris).

★ A Special Award from a jury composed of Students will be given to a film (short or long) promoting tolerance, inclusion, respect and diversity.
(Prize provided by the "Ministère de l'Éducation" - French government).

TERMS & CONDITIONS for the FESTIVAL part of boyOHboy [B.O.B.] films marathon 2020:

By submitting your film to boyOHboy [B.O.B.] films marathon, you acknowledge having read all of the following, and you accept all the conditions listed below. For your registration to be fully validated, you must DOWNLOAD the PDF of our ☆ APPLICATION FORM PRINT the 2 pages, and SIGN them both by hand, with a handwritten aknowledgement that states "I accept all these conditions without reservation".

Then scan both pages and send them back to us at filmmakers [a] boysinfilms . com

— For better traceability, we encourage you to submit your film using our profile on FREE, but you can also send us your film directly. If this is the case, as we don't accept unsolicited video files, you must provide a secure online (password protected) HD Vimeo link (minimum 1920p). Your film will be reviewed by 3 persons from our selection team of 12 independent industry professionals.

We do not accept DVD nor Blu-Ray screeners.
We do not accept unsecure links nor links from an unknown website.

In any case, your signed submission form must be included in the same email as the video link provided to show us your film. We spend so much time evaluating the huge quantity of materials we receive, that we ask you firmly, please READ our TERMS before you submit your work.

The submitter is responsible for the submission.
If the submitter is not the author of the film submitted to us, he/she is obligated to provide a written agreement from the author.

The screeners' links and passwords must stay active at least until October 21st, 2020, as we logistically can't stock all DCP video-files on our servers for a long time.

In the event of a change of password or URL, please advise us immediately, as your participation will be terminated otherwise.

Once your film is selected, for your registration to be fully validated and your film to be added to our program, your submission must include all the following elements:

- your application-form signed by hand,
- a final HD screener version of the film (minimum 1920p or 4k) WITHOUT ANY subtitleS ENCODED (subtitles must be provided SEPARATELY),
- the synopsis,
- a PUBLIC Vimeo or YouTube or Dailymotion link to the trailer,
- some good quality stills (minimum 200dpi) that you authorize us to use at no cost for the promotion of both your film and our event (which include our advertising promotional mediums such as posters, flyers, articles…).

It is the submitter's responsibility to make sure that these requirements are met: only the submissions that contain all the necessary materials will be validated.

— ALL FILMS (even english-speaking) MUST provide proper english subtitles, in a separate .srt file (meaning NOT encoded on the film), and if possible, but not mandatory, some French subtitles.

If you provide French subtitles, you don't need to provide english ones, but if you do not have French subtitles, english subtitles are mendatory, because we will use the english to create a French translation according to your timecodes.

Failure to provide working english .srt subtitles in an external file, before the submission deadline, will result in disqualification.

The (only) deadline to submit your film is August 30, 2020.

The download links must be available permanently until October 18, 2020.

Should your film be accepted in the 2020 edition of B.O.B., you grant us the right to utilize an excerpt from your film for promotional purposes on any support and in any media promoting B.O.B..

Each accepted film may be shown more than once during the festival, with the possibility of an "encore screening".

Scheduling is purely at the sole discretion of the B.O.B. staff.

Once your film is officially selected, you immediately grant the organizer of B.O.B. the right to show your film as many times as necessary to journalists and partners, before, during and after the festival, in order for us to promote it.

— B.O.B. does not ask for any submission fee, it is FREE to enter the competition.
If a submission platform ask you to pay anything in order to forward your film to us, know that it is their call and we don't receive any money from them.

— B.O.B. DOES NOT PAY for any screening, neither film director, nor producer, nor any member of the team/crew/cast...: by submitting your project, you acknowledge that B.O.B. will not pay to select, advertize and show your film publicly.

— B.O.B. will NOT PAY for transportation, nor accommodation, nor will we pay for any other expenses that film directors or other film-staff will encounter by coming to Paris for the festival. Your presence at the festival is at your own cost.

— By entering your film for consideration for the boyOHboy Film Marathon, you acknowledge that your work is cleared for public screenings, and that you, the submitter, own the full legal intellectual property of the film you are submitting.

Once your film is selected by our team and you have agreed to our terms and conditions, neither the submitter nor those associated with the project will have the possibility to refuse B.O.B. the authorization to show the film publicly, meaning we will be able to show the film at the festival without any compensation what so ever.

B.O.B., or any of its representative and affiliates, can NOT be held responsible for any claim, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including, but not limited to, attorney's fees and court costs) which may occur for any reason involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, loss of or damage to the film submitted to us.

If a film is illegally registered for the festival by a third party who does not hold the rights to the film, that person will be solely responsible, and will have to answer alone in court for this fraud, B.O.B. won't be held responsible.



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