Кинофестиваль фестивалей БУДЬ! (2)

Buddy film festival


22 Mar 2024
Call for entries

03 Sep 2024
Final deadline


10 Jan 2025
Notification date

05 Feb 2025
08 Feb 2025


Большая Морская,  191000, Санкт-Петербург, Ленинградская обл., Russia

Festival description
Short film festival 59'<
Feature film festival >60'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2022
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  59'<
 Feature Films  >60'
 Any language
 Any language
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Photo of Кинофестиваль фестивалей БУДЬ!
Photo of Кинофестиваль фестивалей БУДЬ!
Photo of Кинофестиваль фестивалей БУДЬ!
Photo of Кинофестиваль фестивалей БУДЬ!


Festival start: 05 February 2025      Festival end: 08 February 2025

Film Festival "Buddyfilmfestival" is a festival of festivals and a year-round cross-cultural platform/film laboratory, which will explore the themes of the uniqueness of man as the Creator of his reality in co-creation with his divine component.

"Buddyfilmfestival" – February – Proskurinovsky Film Festival, which the president of the film festival, Irina Honda, dedicates to her husband, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Viktor Alekseevich Proskurin.

AnimationBuddyfilmfestival is a summer international festival of animated and animated films.

Buddyfilmfestival – festival of festivals of a unique person.

"Best Feature Film"

"Best Short Film"

"The best Documentary"

"The best animated film"

"The best social Film"

"The best film about nature"

"The best film about animals"

"Best Director"

"Best Actor"

"Best Actress"

General provisions

Article 1

The "Buddyfilmfestival" is being created as a long-term cross-cultural platform for cooperation between cinematographers around the world.

The film festivals also include the festival "AnimationBuddyfilmfestival" and "BuddyfilmfestivalDoc".

The main leitmotif of the films submitted for participation in the competition is the theme "Buddyfilmfestival".

The film Festival is held annually in the month of February.

Article 2

Organization of the festival

The organizer of the film festival ""Buddyfilmfestival" is IP Honda I.N.

The Organizing Committee, headed by the President of the Film Festival, is responsible for the preparation and holding of the film festival.

The first film festival "Buddyfilmfestival" is held with the support of partners, sponsors and public funding.

Article 3

The program of the festival.

The program of the festival includes a Competitive program and an out-of-competition screening of films by Viktor Proskurin, Director of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The competition program:

The main competition

Feature Film Competition

Documentary Film Competition

Short Film Competition

Audience competition-voting "Audience Award" (based on the competition program of the Festival)

Non-competitive program

Out–of-competition screening - films of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Alekseevich Proskurin.

The non-competitive program is formed by the organizers of the Film Festival.

The schedule of screenings at the festival is determined by the Organizing Committee. Each film can be shown no more than five times during the festival, including press screenings.

* the length of a full-length film is at least 60 minutes;
** The duration of a short film is no more than 59 minutes.

Article 4

When selecting films for the Main Competition, the Documentary Film Competition and the Short Film Competition, the premiere status is not required.

Films with a production date older than 2 years must have a rental certificate of the Russian Federation.

All films submitted to the competition must not violate the laws of the Russian Federation.

Article 5

Applications for participation are accepted from March 22, 2024 to January 20, 2025. Applications are accepted through the online system (in the "Application acceptance" section on the website https://www.buddyfilmfestival.com/uchastie/podat-zayavku ).
The applicant confirms that he has all the rights and authority to apply for selection for the "Buddyfilmfestival".

Article 6

Consideration of applications is carried out only after payment of the entrance fee. The fee is non-refundable and does not give a 100% guarantee of the film's participation in the Competition Program of the film festival.

After paying the entrance fee, the application is sent to the Selection Committee. The screening, selection, discussion and approval of films for the invitation to the "Buddyfilmfestival" is carried out by the Selection Committee and the President of the Film Festival.

The list of films selected for the "Buddyfilmfestival" program must be published on the festival's website no later than January 25, 2025.

Article 7

The final decision on the inclusion of films in the competition program of the film Festival is made by the Selection Committee of the Festival, based on the artistic merits of the presented works and corresponding to the general concept of the "Buddyfilmfestival". The Selection committee reserves the right not to explain the reason for the refusal and not to comment.

Article 8

The main themes of the film festival are films in which themes reflecting the idea of "Buddyfilmfestival" are raised.

The Festival's Organizing Committee determines the program and procedure for showing films at the Festival. The festival has the right to two screenings of films included in the competition program without the written permission of the film producer, his authorized representative and the owner of the rental rights.

Article 9

The decision on the Main Competition is made by a Jury consisting of five people.

The decision on the films of the Main Competition for the Audience Award is determined by the results of the audience vote during the festival screening.

The competition for the audience award and the summing up of the results is carried out under the guidance of the Organizing Committee of the festival.

Article 10

The competition program of the film festival is evaluated by the Jury of the film festival.

Article 11

The jury of the Main Feature Film Competition includes five famous film figures and representatives of culture and art. The President of the film Festival is appointed by the Chairman of the Jury, who has 2 votes in making decisions of the Jury. The jury may not include persons involved in the creation or commercial rental of paintings. All members of the jury undertake to refrain from making public statements about the competition films until the closing of the film festival.

Article 12

Together with the official invitation, the Organizing Committee of the "Buddyfilmfestival" sends a questionnaire to be filled out by the copyright holder and an agreement on participation. Receiving a scan of the signed agreement is a confirmation of the participation of the painting in the festival program.

The completed application form, as well as promotional materials (including stills from the film and photos of the director), must be submitted to the Organizing Committee of the Film Festival no later than January 25, 2025.

Other promotional materials, download links for trailers and/or teasers must be submitted to the Organizing Committee of the Film Festival no later than January 25, 2025.

Russian Russian. If the original language of the film is different from Russian, the participant must also hand over copies of the DCP with Russian subtitles to the Organizing Committee of the "Buddyfilmfestival". The preferred format is mutable subtitles (in the form of an additional package to the DCP). Embedded subtitles are a valid format.
Copies of the films must be handed over to the Organizing Committee of the "Buddyfilmfestival" no later than January 25, 2025. The preferred type of delivery of a copy of the DCP is transmission over the Internet.

Article 13

Participants of the "Buddyfilmfestival" agree to provide elements of the film (including, but not limited to: stills, photos from the set, texts related to the film, trailers, teasers, cuts) for use by journalists accredited at the "Buddyfilmfestival" on TV (broadcast, cable, satellite), in online media, in print media.

In addition, elements of the film can be used by the Organizing Committee of the "Buddyfilmfestival" in any official printed materials, online publications and other situations.

The "Buddyfilmfestival" guarantees that the full version of the film will be shown only as part of the competition program, and will not be transferred to third parties without the written consent of the content copyright holder.

Article 14

As part of the Main Competition, the Jury awards the following Official prizes:

"Best Feature Film"

"Best Short Film"

"The best Documentary"

"The best animated film"

"The best social Film"

"The best film about nature"

"The best film about animals"

"Best Director"

"Best Actor"

"Best Actress"

Article 15

Special prizes

The prize of the "President of the Film Festival"

The prize of the sponsors of the film festival

Article 16

The invitation of guests and media representatives is decided by the Organizing Committee of the film festival.

Media representatives are accredited at the press center of the "Buddyfilmfestival". Applications are sent by mail prbuddyfilmfestival@gmail.com .

All expenses for the correspondent's stay at the film festival are borne by the sending organization.

Article 17

Any changes to the rules, venue, dates, etc. come into force from the moment they are published on the website and on social networks.



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