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12 Apr 2024
Call for entries

30 Apr 2024
Early deadline

30 Jun 2024
Standard deadline

31 Jul 2024
Late deadline

15 Sep 2024
Extended deadline


06 Nov 2024
Notification date

02 Dec 2024
07 Dec 2024


Vico Cacciottoli,57,  80129, Napoli, NA, Italy

Festival description
Short film festival 25'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  25'<
 Any language
English Italian
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Photo of CortiSonanti
Photo of CortiSonanti

Photo of CortiSonanti
Photo of CortiSonanti


Festival start: 02 December 2024      Festival end: 07 December 2024

The cultural associations AlchemicartS and Gruppo Augusteo, in collaboration with Tetra Vision Production, are pleased to announce the 15th International Short Film Festival, "CORTISONANTI 2024," renowned for its innovation and well-organized filmmaking workshops in Naples, Italy.

Awards, Cash Awards & Prizes

"Short Horn" - CortiSonanti's Official Statuette


- Best Prize - 800$

- Best Director - 250$
- Best Screenplay - 250$
- Best Cinematography - 250$

- Best Italian Short Movie - 150$
- Best International Short Movie - 150$
- Best Animated Short Movie - 150$
- Best Documentary Short Movie -150$
- Best Music Video - 150$
- Best Sport Short Movie - 150$

- Honorary Award
- Best Actor in a leading role
- Best Actress in a leading role
- Best Costume Design
- Best Film Editing
- Best "Cittadella del Corto" Short Movie
- Best "Social Short Web" Short Movie
- Best "ECOrti" Short Movie

More amazing prizes will be announced later on

Rules & Terms

Call for Entries "CortiSonanti 2024"

The competition is divided into 6 sections:

- Italian Short Films
Italian Short Films - 25 minutes long or shorter. No theme required.

- International Short Films
International Short Films from all around the world - 25 minutes long or shorter. No theme required. English subtitles required.

- Music videos
International Music Videos from all around the world - 10 minutes long or shorter.

- Documentary
International Documentary Short Films from all around the world - 25 minutes long or shorter. No theme required. English subtitles required.

- Animated Short Movie
International Animation Short Films from all around the world - 15 minutes long or shorter. No theme required. English subtitles required.

- Sport
International Sport Short Films from all around the world - 15 minutes long or shorter. English subtitles required.

Among the works sent, in accordance with the rules of registration, they will be selected by a special jury (five for each section). Titles selected, updates and notices will be made public on the internet site:

Many other news will be announced on our official social channels on Facebook ( and Instagram (


• Each author/working group may participate by proposing 1 or more video with duration no more than 20 minutes for Italian & International Short Movies & Documentaries,15 minutes for Sport Videos & Animation Shorto Movies, 10 minutes for Music Videos,

• Filmmakers may submit more than one short film, but each work must be accompanied by its own Entry Form and Entry Fee.

• Generally, CortiSonanti preferences newer films for inclusion. For the 2024 edition, we are ideally seeking films which are made on 2021/2022/2023/2024 or, barring that, had their world premiere no earlier than September 2020. All short films can be unpublished or published.


• CortiSonanti strongly prefers Vimeo links over Festhome’s video uploads.

• If you change your Vimeo link, or the password connected to it, make sure to email the updated information to

• CortiSonanti do NOT accept DVD as a submission format. All entries must be submitted by link via Festhome.

• The Entry Fee is non-refundable.

• Please keep us informed of any changes regarding your contact information by emailing

• Due to the number of submissions received, CortiSonanti unfortunately cannot provide
feedback on entries.

• For questions regarding submissions, see Festival Description or email


By submitting this short film, I understand that I am agreeing to the following:

• I have the legal right to represent and to submit this Film to the CortiSonanti International Short Film Festival and to the best of my knowledge, all statements on this document are true;

• There is no action, suit, claim or proceeding pending, affecting or, to the best of my knowledge, threatened against this Film or its producers, cast, or crew in connection with this Film or otherwise;

• Music and any other third party material clearances and all copyright clearances are my sole responsibility and, if selected for the Festival, I agree that the Film will be fully cleared prior to the first screening at the Festival and no part of the Film will violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party. None of the Festival will be held responsible for any legal disputes regarding the exhibition of the Film. Noncompliance may affect, delay, and/or disqualify my entry.

• If the Film is selected for screening at the Festival, I grant each of the Festival the right to screen the Film at the Festival;

• I understand and agree that the Film, if selected for the Festival, may be used for promotional purposes for the Festival, and/or its affiliates, partners and sponsors; and I grant each of the Festival, and its affiliates, partners and sponsors, the right to use footage, stills and/or titles and information from the Film for such promotional purposes;

• Should the Film win any award, I am authorized and/or empowered by all parties legally representing and/or owning the Film to receive all cash prizes and awards and to distribute them appropriately;


If the Short Film is selected to screen in the Festival, you will need to provide the following:

• Projection print or video by required deadline. Filmmaker is responsible for the delivery costs of the print shipment to the Festival, including any applicable customs fees. The Festival will return the print to the supplier or to the next domestic destination as indicated by the supplier at the Festival's conclusion. The Festival does not provide extra insurance for originals or masters.

• Press kits, trailers, promotional materials and additional screeners for preview;

• Screener links or DVD copies for the Festival press liaison (optional)
Please do not send these materials until your Film is selected for the program. The Festival reserves the right to complete any information not supplied by the filmmaker from whatever source available and will not be responsible if incorrect information is entered.
Note: The Festival has the right to change any information contained in this document (including Festival dates, venues, events, awards and eligibility requirements) without further notice.



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