Cutrecon - Festival Internacional De Cine de Serie B y Z de Madrid (14)



16 May 2024
Call for entries

01 Oct 2024
Final deadline


06 Feb 2025
Notification date

05 Feb 2025
09 Feb 2025


C/ San Leopoldo, 27,  28029, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Festival description
Feature film festival >60'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2023
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Feature Films  >60'
 Any language
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Photo of Cutrecon - Festival Internacional De Cine de Serie B y Z de Madrid
Photo of Cutrecon - Festival Internacional De Cine de Serie B y Z de Madrid

Photo of Cutrecon - Festival Internacional De Cine de Serie B y Z de Madrid
Photo of Cutrecon - Festival Internacional De Cine de Serie B y Z de Madrid


Festival start: 05 February 2025      Festival end: 09 February 2025

CutreCon, Madrid International Cutre Film Festival.

The worst movies in the world on the big screen, where nonsense and bad taste are the protagonists.

1. Participation.

The Cutre Madrid International Film Festival - Cutrecon - opens a call for its 2025 edition to low-budget attached feature films, both animation and real image in fiction mode. Productions of any nationality may be presented, in any language.

The ways to present works for the consideration of the Festival Programming Committee are:

- Through the digital platform FESTHOME (

- Sending an email to, with the subject "OFFICIAL SECTION 2025", with a link to VIMEO (or similar password-protected platforms).

The deadline for receipt of viewing copies is October 1, 2024.

2. Conditions for participation in the Official Section

The Programming Committee will only consider feature films that meet the following conditions:

- duration: The feature films presented must exceed 60 minutes in duration, without restrictions on their maximum duration. The festival reserves the right to make exceptions.

- Formats: In order to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible, the festival will request projection files that can be sent digitally (DCP, MOV, MP4, etc.)

3. Conditions for Participation:

Those titles that are selected will receive confirmation from the Cutre de Madrid International Film Festival - Cutrecon - in order to formalize their participation.

The company or individual that provides the feature film for its participation in the festival must provide publicity material: photos, posters, press kits, trailer, clips, etc. so that the organization can promote the film properly. The festival reserves the right not to return these promotional materials.

The producers and / or distributors of the selected films authorize, by accepting their participation, the use of one or more fragments of their title for dissemination as informative material in any means of communication or institutional presentation. For these purposes, the production companies and / or distributors will be able to make available to the Festival's Press Department a selection of sequences with a maximum duration of three minutes.

In addition, if necessary, subtitles in Spanish or the appropriate material to subtitle the film must be provided: download link and list of dialogues and / or subtitles. If the film is distributed in Spanish territory, the distribution company must provide the festival with a copy of the screening in OV with subtitles.

The inscription of a film in the Festival supposes the full acceptance and fulfillment of the present Bases of Participation and of its possible Annexes.
Once the selection of a film has been made and communicated by the Festival, and its participation confirmed by the producer / distributor that registered it, it cannot be withdrawn.

5. Selection for Competition:

The Selection Committee will announce before November 30, 2024 the works selected to be part of the competition of the eleventh edition of the festival. In exceptional cases, the festival may extend the date of these communications.

The selection of a feature film to participate in any of the sections does not imply the invitation (transfer, accommodation or subsistence) to the person representing the distributor, the director, or members of the artistic or technical team, etc., a decision that will remain subject to the interest of the festival.

The allocation of an award will not imply the invitation (transfer, accommodation or subsistence) to attend the festival.
The festival organization reserves the right of invitation for any of the participants.

6. Shipping.

The selected feature films must be available to the organization of the Cutre International Film Festival of Madrid before January 10, 2025.

In order to minimize the carbon footprint, the festival will request projection files that can be sent digitally (DCP, MOV, MP4, etc.)

The festival reserves the right not to accept copies that, after the necessary technical checks, are not suitable for projection. A new copy may be requested from the representatives and / or authors.

If for a reason beyond the organization the projection copy could not arrive in time for its exhibition, the organization may substitute the title for another.
The only cost of transporting material that the festival organization assumes are those derived from the return of the projection copies on physical support (hard disk or similar) to the distributor that has provided the feature film and / or short film.
If there is a third party interested in any of the selected and / or awarded feature films and / or short films (another festival, etc.), either the distributor, or that interested third party, will assume the expenses of transfer, in the terms that they stipulate and that are necessary.

Copies used for public display in established formats will not be returned immediately. The method and term of return will be agreed between the parties.

7. Programming:

The Cutre International Film Festival of Madrid will screen the selected feature films within the program of its 2025 edition.

The organization of the festival will decide the start and end dates of the event, as well as the days and times of projection, which may vary depending on the needs of this. If applicable, the changes will be promptly communicated.

Therefore, the festival date may be postponed or the screening days extended due to programming setbacks or force majeure events.

8. awards:

The Cutrecon Festival awards are non-financial.

- Audience Award. Through voting among the attending public, the winning work of the competitive Official Section will be chosen, with the Cutrecon 2025 Award

The decision is final.

The awards may be shared (ex aequo).

9. Legal responsibilities:

The contestant will be solely responsible for his feature film in terms of copyright and / or civil, criminal or any other kind or jurisdictional and / or administrative order derived from its content.

10. Acceptance of the Bases and supervening circumstances:

Participation in the Cutre de Madrid International Film Festival - Cutrecon - implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and possible Annexes.

Any unforeseen circumstance that arises during the Cutre de Madrid International Film Festival - Cutrecon, not contemplated in these Rules, will be decided by the organization of the contest.

In the event of discrepancy, the criteria of the organization shall prevail.

The Bases for participation may be supplemented or modified, prior to the start date of this Edition of the Cutre de Madrid International Film Festival - Cutrecon - and prior communication to the interested parties, with any other annexes deemed appropriate by the members of the organization.
Their interpretation will be the exclusive competence of the Festival Management.



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