Diminuto, Festival Internacional de Cine Mínimo (5)

Diminuto, International Minimal Film Festival


08 Jun 2024
Call for entries

08 Jul 2024
Early deadline

08 Aug 2024
Standard deadline

08 Oct 2024
Late deadline

17 Nov 2024
Extended deadline


22 Nov 2024
Notification date

05 Dec 2024
22 Dec 2024


Moneda 5,  06000 , Ciudad de México, México DF, Mexico

Festival description
Short film festival 8'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  8'<
 Any language
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Photo of Diminuto, Festival Internacional de Cine Mínimo
Photo of Diminuto, Festival Internacional de Cine Mínimo

Photo of Diminuto, Festival Internacional de Cine Mínimo
Photo of Diminuto, Festival Internacional de Cine Mínimo


Festival start: 05 December 2024      Festival end: 22 December 2024

Welcome to the five edition of Diminuto, International Minimal Film Festival, a celebration of short-films.

Diminuto comes from the Latin: extremely small. The minimal cinema is that tiny cinema, but immensely deep; brief, but extensive in possibilities; tiny, but capable of creating endless universes. Because we know that every second is important, this is a celebration of small short films, small projects that leave us with enormous emotions and diverse sensations. That is why we say that: The minimal cinema is the maximum.

Categories in competition.
In all categories we receive: fiction, documentary, fiction, animation, experimental and hybrids.

Zero: Under 59 seconds
One: 1 minute
Fractal: Between 1 and 3 minutes
Silent: Short without dialogues, between 1 and 3minutes
Vertical: Vertical shorts, between 1 and 3minutes
Tik Shorts: Shorts made by Tik Tok, under 3 minutes
Spot: Spot, under 5 minutes
Cassette: Videoclip, between 1 and 5minutes
Wide: Shorts between 3 and 5 minutes
XL: Shorts between 5 and 8 minutes

Non-competitive category.
For this category we receive fiction, documentary, animation, experimental and hybrids.

Alternative silms: Shortsfilms under 3 minutes, made by authors from Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela.

In this edition, it is contemplated that the works selected in the teen competing categories will be screened, scheduled and viewed in three modalities:

1. Screening of the official selection in at least four cultural spaces located in Mexico City.

2. The Official Selection will be hosted on the Retina Latina streaming platform, and Wahu Streaming.

The winning works of each category in competition will be screened in a cultural venue in Bogota, Colombia. Place and date to be confirmed.

The works selected in the Alternative Films will be programmed streaming on the festival's social networks and on Wahu, streaming platform.

The origin of Diminuto is referred to the online workshops: Short films taught in the last year by Aarón Álvarez, the director of the festival. In them, the concept of brevity and the ideology that allows highlighting the creative processes of the authors are promoted. Some works that were part of the Official selection and the Alternative films of the first edition were produced in these workshops.

Complementary to the exhibitions, programming and visualizations, the workshops will be given: Short films, short formats (level 1 and 2), there will be talks and master classes with specialists in cinematography, these activities will be carried out online, they are planned for the attendees and the interested public, seeking to promote new authors. Special online activities will be held for the authors of the winning short films in each category and the honorable mentions.

1. The works that make up our competing categories and the Alternative Exhibition, will be screened in December 2024, an exhibition circuit in various cultural venues in Mexico City, and in Barcelona, Spain (venue to be confirmed).

2. The works that make up our competing categories will be hosted on the Wahu Streaming platform.

A specialist jury will choose, based on a scoring system, a winning work from each category and honorable mentions will be considered necessary.

3. The winning works of each category in competition and the honorable mentions will be screened at a cultural venue in Barcelona, Spain in December 2024, venue to be confirmed.

4. The winning works of each category in competition will be hosted on the platform, Retina Latina.

5. The winning works of each category in competition will be programmed on television, on Channel 22, in the course of 2024.

6. The works selected in the Alternative Exhibition will be programmed via streaming on the Festival's social networks and hosted on the Wahu Streaming platform.

1. Short films completed from 2010 to 2024, may participate. The call is open to all audiences, both nationally and International.

2. The subject is free.

3. Short films may belong to any of the following categories: Silent, vertical, shorts films any genre: fiction, documentary, animation, experimental.

4. The works must have a maximum duration of 8 minutes.

5. The films may be made with any type of camera or digital technology, as long as we can display the film in digital format.

6. The selected foreign films must have subtitles in Spanish for their final screening. It is important that the artist commits to carry out this process, since we are in contact with cultural institutions in Mexico, in addition, the Mexican audience responds better when the works are subtitled. The Diminuto festival will NOT be able to translate the subtitles of the selected works, the delivery of the file with subtitles in Spanish will be the responsibility of the authors.

This process is for all selected foreign autors.
If the autors does not submit his film with Spanish subtitles, he will be disqualified and there will be no refund for his registration, take this information into account before sending your film.

7. We ask that when registering your work, do not change the password or download your project since this does not allow us to evaluate it and is a reason for disqualification.

8. In your registration, use an email that you constantly check since if your email is incorrect or you do not check it, we usually will not be able to establish communication with you. In case you are selected and do not send your digital files, your project will be disqualified.

9. The selected authors must send their film in a download link

Through platforms such as: Dropbox, We transfer, Vimeo, Drive or similar. The format must be MP4, H264 codec.

10. The registration deadline is 17 november 2024. Registrations made after this date will not be taken into account.

11. The official selection will be announced via email as well as the festival's official social networks from 22 november 2024.

12. The Jury's decision will be final.

13. The selected works will be screened on december 2024.

14. Contestants are responsible for the rights of the submitted works.

15. The projection times will be announced in the official program of the Festival, as well
as in social networks.

16. The Festival may use fragments of the selected films for dissemination of the event in the media, including the Internet.

17. The organization of the Festival will not cover in any case the coverage of tickets,
Travel expenses or accommodation for the authors of the selected shorts (in case the pandemic has been overcome).

18. The Festival therefore it will not pay screenings to the selected artists.

19. Once the work is registered there will be no refund.

20. Sending a film to Diminuto, Minimal International Film Festival, five edition implies acceptance of these rules.



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