El Meteorito: Festival de Cortometrajes de Molina de Segura (3)

’El Meteorito’


21 May 2024
Call for entries

21 Jul 2024
Final deadline


16 Sep 2024
Notification date

25 Oct 2024
26 Oct 2024


Ibn Arabí, s/n, Auditorio Virginia Martínez,  30500, Molina de Segura, Murcia, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival >5' 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 National Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2023
 Production countries: Required
 Shooting countries: Required
 Director nationalities: Required
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >5' 30'<
 Any language
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Photo of El Meteorito: Festival de Cortometrajes de Molina de Segura
Photo of El Meteorito: Festival de Cortometrajes de Molina de Segura
Photo of El Meteorito: Festival de Cortometrajes de Molina de Segura
Photo of El Meteorito: Festival de Cortometrajes de Molina de Segura


Festival start: 25 October 2024      Festival end: 26 October 2024

In the early hours of December 24, 1858, a meteorite, the largest recorded to date in Spain, fell in Molina de Segura, a historic, industrial and entrepreneurial town in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia.

This unexpected and lucky collision has become over time one of the hallmarks of the municipality. Giving rise to an amazing legend that still endures. It is believed that the crater left by the meteorite emits a happy, fertile and inextinguishable radiation that explains the disproportionate appearance of artists of all kinds and conditions that today exhibit a relationship, however light it may be, with the locality. Taking this mythological motif as a pretext, 164 years later, “El Meteorito” was born, at the Molina de Segura Short Film Festival. An initiative of the Department of Culture of the Molina de Segura City Council that will form part of the II SEMANA MOLINA ES CINE and that its continuity is guaranteed.

Its ultimate purpose is to select six short films that share the same nature as the meteorite, namely: short stories with an indelible impact on the viewer. But first, it intends to become an obligatory and recurring reference for national short films and arouse the interest and price of a public that is not specialized in this cinematographic modality.

In its final section -October 28, 2022- only the six selected short films will participate, which will be endorsed by the physical presence of their own creators. Reserving the morning of Saturday October 29 for the meeting of these directors and the awards ceremony.

The theme of the festival, whatever the genre and format of the works that attend the Festival, must be of an eminently social nature.

Award for Best Short Film: 450 euros.

Audience Award: 200 euros.

1.- Participation in the festival is open to all film producers and directors nationwide.

2.- Those films of Spanish nationality made in the years 2023 and 2024, whose duration does not exceed 30 minutes in any case, may register.

3.- Registration can be made until July 21, 2024, inclusive, through the FESTHOME registration platforms or the registration form on the official festival page: https://cultura.molinadesegura.es/el-meteorito -molina-de-segura-short-film-festival/

4.- The registration must be accompanied by 3 photographs of the short film. When registering the work, you will be asked for a series of data that will make up the registration form. The participant, once the online registration has been made, must not send anything else by post or e-mail.

5.- Only one short film can be registered per director.

6- The following projection formats will be admitted as a minimum: Quicktime Full HD 1920x1080 file, Stereo sound. The selected films must be sent before September 30, 2024 through any other file exchange platform.

7.- A selection committee will be in charge of choosing from among all the short films received those that will end up being screened. The decision of this selection committee is final.

8.- The 6 selected short films will receive a prize of 100 euros, respectively.

9.- To pay the amount of the prize for selection, the presence of its director or director in the projection will be essential online. In case of impossibility to attend due to irrefutably justified cause, the organization reserves the right to admit the presence of another member of the team that appears prominently in the credits.

10.- The decisions of the jury and the public are final.

11.- The incorporation of any other venue for the Festival and other prizes that do not appear in these rules, will be duly announced in the communication channels of the festival (web, social networks, press releases, etc.)

12.- The prizes cannot be declared void or ex-aequo.

13.- The amount of the prizes for selection will be paid to individuals or legal entities with the withholding of taxes prescribed by current legislation at the time of payment, leaving all taxes included in the economic allocation of each prize.

14.- The short films must address, in a broad sense, a social theme. The form, genre and format of the works are left free.


1.- The producers of the selected films authorize the exhibition of the films in as many sessions as deemed appropriate during the duration of the festival. Likewise, participation implies authorization for the use of a fragment of the work and the complementary graphic material, for its dissemination as informative material in any communication medium, as well as on the festival's website, official profiles on social networks and information screens.

2.- In case of sending the films in physical media, the festival organization is not responsible for the actions that the media containing the films may suffer.

3.- Any additional information will be provided by contacting the festival organization: info.elmeteorito@gmail.com

4.- All the participants, by virtue of being participants, fully accept these rules as well as the resolution by the festival organization of any unforeseen event not included in them.



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