Equilibrium CineFest (1)


25 Jan 2021
Call for entries

01 Mar 2021
Standard deadline

15 Mar 2021
Festival closed

29 Mar 2021
Notification date

15 Jan 2021
30 Apr 2021


Piazza Sant'Anna, 3,  90133, Palermo, PA, Italy

Festival description
Short film festival >1' 15'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 15'<
 Any language
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Festival start: 15 January 2021      Festival end: 30 April 2021

Equilibrium Studio Cinematografico organizes the first edition of its "CineFest".

Equilibrium Studio Cinematografico is an association of social and cultural promotion based in Palermo, Italy. It aims to promote the development and dissemination of film culture, a passion shared by the members of our team.

Equilibrium strongly believes that sharing and exchanging experiences plays a crucial role in boosting individual and professional growth in the film industry. As the name itself suggests, the Association intends to create moments of confrontation in order to bring about a balance between new talents and those who already have previous experiences. Equilibrium aims to become a place where cinephiles of all levels of artistic experience can meet, nourish their passion, learn from each other and embrace new challenges. To this end, Equilibrium created its own Facebook community (CineCommunity_Equilibrium), open to all interested parties, and organizes associative events of various kinds. Among these, stands out the Equilibrium CineFest, an annual short film festival that plays a fundamental role in consolidating this community.

Best Director Award
Best Actress Award
Best Actor Award
Best Italian Film Award
Best foreign film award
Best Animated Film Award
Best Screenplay Award
Best soundtrack award
Best sound award
Best photography award
Winner of the "Equilibrium CineFest"

Each winner in the "best" category will receive the Equilibrium CineFest Laurel, while the winner of the Equilibrium CineFest will receive the Laurel and the Equilibrium Prize, consisting of a statuette.


1. The theme and the genre of the works are free and participation is open to all those who respect this Regulation. Works with explicitly offensive/defamatory/advertising content will not be considered.

2. Each author may submit a maximum of 2 works of a maximum duration of 15 minutes (including opening and closing credits). All languages are accepted but works realised in a language different than Italian must be accompanied by english subtitles.

3. Each work presented must be accompanied by a high-definition poster.

4. The work must not contain copyrighted materials, in this case Equilibrium Studio Cinematografico is not responsible for the violation.

5. By submitting your work, you do not renounce to the copyright, which will remain unchanged.

6. Please, note that with the full acceptance of this Regulation, the participant authorizes Equilibrium Studio Cinematografico, pursuant to Legislative Decree 101/2018 (GDPR - Reg UE 679/2016), to use personal data for uses related to the competition. It should also be noted that by submitting their works, participants authorize the projection of the work during the online awarding event. In addition, unless the participants expressly prohibit it, the works that will enter the nominations list will be published on the social channels of the event and the Association to ensure the publicity and transparency of the Festival for all participants. The nominations will also be visible after the conclusion of the event to enable participants of future Festival editions to verify its effective holding. Any refusals must be expressed in written form and communicated to the organizers at studios.equilibrium@gmail.com within three days from the closing of registrations.
7. Participants understand and accept that the President of the Equilibrium Studio Cinematografico Association may, in compliance with applicable laws, assess and definitively resolve any disputes related to cases not covered by this Regulation.


In compliance with government regulations concerning the COVID-19 emergency, the Festival will take place online. The opening of registrations is set for January 25th, 2021. Registration is to be done only and exclusively on the portal https://festhome.com/.

Participants will pay a different registration fee depending on the period in which they will submit their work:

- a registration fee of 10 Euros per work will be applied to works submitted between January 25th and March 1st 2021 ("regular deadline");

- a registration fee of 13 Euros per work submitted will be applied to works submitted between the 2nd and the 15th of March 2021 ("late deadline").

It must be noted that Festhome will oblige participants to pay an additional fee of 2 Euros for each registration.

After the end of the registrations, the Equilibrium Studio Cinematografico Association will watch all the short films received in order to select 3 or 4 nominations for each category. The nominations will be examined by the Selection Jury, which will be responsible for identifying the winner of each category (section d of this Regulation).

The winners will be announced in April, during an online live event that can be followed from the Association's social media accounts.
During the event, fragments of the nominations will be screened, the winners of each category will be announced and the short film winner of the Equilibrium Prize will be screened in its entirety (section d of these regulations). The date of the event will be communicated at least 15 days in advance on all promotion channels of the event (Festhome portal and the Association's social account). Participants understand and accept that it will be their duty to regularly check these channels in order not to lose the opportunity to follow the event live.


The selection jury will be composed of six experts from various artistic sectors (theatre, cinema, music, video) and will have the task of establishing, in a completely independent way, a winner for each category. The members will be announced on the Association's social channels. The opinion of the Jury is to be considered unquestionable and unappealable.



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