Festival de Cine de Maracaibo (8)


01 Sep 2022
Call for entries

01 Oct 2022
Festival closed

01 Nov 2022
Notification date

21 Nov 2022
26 Nov 2022



Festival description
Short film festival
Feature film festival >50'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 February 2021
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Feature Films  >50'
 Any language
 Any language
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Photo of Festival de Cine de Maracaibo
Photo of Festival de Cine de Maracaibo
Photo of Festival de Cine de Maracaibo
Photo of Festival de Cine de Maracaibo


Festival start: 21 November 2022      Festival end: 26 November 2022

The Manuel Trujillo Duran Foundation and the Maracaibo Film Festival Foundation, together with other organizations and institutions of regional and national prestige, present the VIII Edition of the FCM scheduled for November 21 to 26, 2022, which this time includes an academic event aimed at the discussion and analysis of new trends in the area of ​​communication pedagogy with long-standing national and international guests, maintaining its customary schedule of workshops, talks and exhibitions both in person and online.

This year 2022 we hope to culminate within the best expectations to create, promote and spread new and unprecedented ways of telling, hearing and seeing stories from the community itself and to the whole world. Local stories are transformed and gain global importance, because they are vital and unique testimonies of people, individuals and communities, hence the importance of maintaining a cinematographic and audiovisual event that records our experiences in Maracaibo.

In this 8th edition we have the support of: CNAC, Festival de Cine de Barquisimeto, Festival de Cine de Guayana, CAM Lía Bermúdez, FEDA LUZ, Cingaro Cine, Mestizo Producciones, Fe y Alegría, La Gárgola Film.


17.- The following prizes will be awarded:

- Certificate for Best Documentary Feature.

Certificate for Best Documentary Short Film.

Certificate for Best Documentary Medium-Length

- Certificate for Best University Documentary.

Certificate for the Best International Documentary

General disposition:

1.- The works of independent film and video directors or film and television production companies that wish to participate in the Festival must comply with the conditions and requirements indicated here.

2.- For the purposes of the 8th Edition of the Festival, the works completed as of February 2021 will be called for competition.

3.- The directors of the aspiring works must be Venezuelans, foreigners with a resident visa in the country, or Venezuelans residing abroad.

4.- The aspiring works must meet the following requirements:

a.) National production or co-production with majority national financing.

b.) Main Venezuelan or foreign producers with a resident visa in the country.

c.) Venezuelan producers residing abroad.

d.) Spanish version or in the native language with subtitles in Spanish; if it contains parliaments or texts in a foreign language, it must include subtitles in Spanish.

e.) Director, main screenwriter and most of the Venezuelan technical and artistic personnel, foreigners with a resident visa in the country, or Venezuelans residing abroad.

f.) Processing in laboratories or national post-production studies. In the event that any work has been processed abroad for being a co-production condition, admission to the festival will be a decision of the Organizing Committee.

g.) In no case may the duration be greater than fifty minutes (50) minutes for medium-length films and thirty minutes (30) for short films. The duration will not be limited in the case of feature films.

5.- A pre-selection of the works presented will be carried out to guarantee the quality of the contest. All the works will be exhibited publicly indicating those that were selected.


6.- The inscriptions of the works must be formalized by the filmmakers or the production companies in digital on the open Festhome platform to receive the materials, and failing that, they can do so at the following email festivaldecinedemaracaibo@gmail.com. The period of reception of the works will begin on September 1, 2022 and will end on October 1, 2022.

7.- For the registration of the works, only the official form designed by the Organizing Committee will be used, which can be downloaded from the festival blog: http://festivaldecinedemaracaibo.blogspot.com/

8.- At the time of registration, the filmmakers or production companies must download the registration form and send it with their data to the following email: festivaldecinedemaracaibo@gmail.com. They must also submit the form accompanied by (1) digital copy of the work, two (2) digital photographs of the director, two (2) photographs of the shooting, plot synopsis of the work and two (2) posters, if any. The works made partially or totally through animation techniques, must consign two (2) samples of the designs. (It is not a condition to have all the collections to make the registration)

9.-The Organizing Committee will deliver to the director or the production company an official receipt of all the collections presented.

10.- The Organizing Committee will be responsible for the fate and status of the films deposited as Festival participants.

11.- Registration in the Festival will grant the participant the right to obtain a certificate issued by the Organizing Committee that certifies participation in it, as well as a certificate that indicates that their work is participating in the Festival.


12.- The cinematographic works must be submitted to the contest in digital format through the Festhome platform or sent to the festivals' emails through a Vimeo link and/or other downloadable platforms.

of the jury

14.- The decisions of the jury will be unappealable and must be sufficiently substantiated.

15.- The deliberations of the Jury will be secret and the verdict will be announced at the Award Ceremony.

16.- Of the decisions of the Jury, a record will be drawn up that must be signed by the members that comprise it.

Final provisions:

18.- The exhibition of works admitted to the Festival will be done according to the official program prepared by the Organizing Committee.

20.- When registering a work to participate in the Festival, in some cases it will request authorization for its exhibition, promotion and dissemination prior notification, in order to promote the promotion and development of Venezuelan Cinema.

21. The registration of works will not be accepted after the closing date.



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