FESTIVERD- Festival Internacional De Cine Y Video Verde De Venezuela (9)

FESTIVERD Festival Internacional De Cine Y Video Verde De Venezuela


14 Apr 2021
Call for entries

30 Sep 2021
Final deadline


01 Nov 2021
Notification date

29 Nov 2021
05 Dec 2021


San Martin,  1020, Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela

Festival description
Medio Ambiente
Short film festival 15'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2019
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  15'<
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Photo of FESTIVERD- Festival Internacional De Cine Y Video Verde De Venezuela
Photo of FESTIVERD- Festival Internacional De Cine Y Video Verde De Venezuela

Photo of FESTIVERD- Festival Internacional De Cine Y Video Verde De Venezuela
Photo of FESTIVERD- Festival Internacional De Cine Y Video Verde De Venezuela


Festival start: 29 November 2021      Festival end: 05 December 2021

The FESTIVERD International Festival of film and Video green, fundamental purpose is promote a space for discussion and reflection of the production, dissemination and research of the Venezuelan and international cinematography on environmental matters.

The International Film and Video Festival Green FESTIVERD Venezuela opens its call for 2020. In the same may be submitted DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILMS, fiction and animation of any latitude, provided they relate to environmental issues (Environment).


The International Film and Video Festival -FESTIVERD Verde is a film meeting, activist, academic and cultural artistic and held in Venezuela. It is the first competitive festival of this nature created in Venezuela.

The International Film and Video Festival -FESTIVERD Verde's main purpose is to promote a space for discussion and reflection on the production, dissemination and research of Venezuelan and international environmental film.

The organization of the festival will be the responsibility of the Civil Association Cine Venezolano 100% supported by state agencies, private companies, NGOs, associations and film schools in the country.

The duration of the works will be up to 15 minutes for short films.

 The format is accepted for display in digital form for all cases. short and video art can be sent through FESTHOME (http://www.festhome.com)

Venezuelans can use traditional mail or dropbox.

Short films are accepted only in Spanish or subtitled in Spanish. FESTIVERD not be responsible for placing subtitles in Spanish in any of the work.

Work performed between 2017 and 2019 inclusive are accepted. Few exceptions apply for 2016.

The registration is free. An author can register a work for each competitive section. For jobs submitted by FESTHOME cancel the quota established by this platform, which is no registration fee.

To participate in the fourth edition of the Festival, the directors / producers, should make the shipment by traditional mail, they must submit:

Two copies in format accepted by the Festival.
Signed registration sheet.

A CD with: the registration, information director / producer, frames in high resolution, official poster if available, data sheet, synopsis, trailer (if available), biofilmography director and any material deemed necessary for promotion.

Enrollment in the festival implies full acceptance of these rules.

The Preliminary Jury, Members Inav and RICILA Red, will pre-select entries received based on the regulations of this announcement.

The official selection will be published once the call is closed and the jury Preliminary consensus FESTIVERD which are considered in the works belonging to the official competitive selection.

The International Film and Video Festival Green -FESTIVERD reward the best work in each of the following categories:

Best Short Film

Best Documentary Short

Best Short Animation

Shipping costs are borne by the participant. And they should be placed in the envelope "Material sent only for cultural purposes. Without commercial value"

They may not participate those films that have been raised publicly video platforms (youtube, vimeo, etc).

The shipping address is: Av San Martin.. Among Capuchins and sewers corner.

Residencia La Palma. Caracas. Capital district. Venezuela. Libertador municipality. Parroquia San Juan 1020. Construction Palo Grande. Benchmark: Fundafarmacia. Send the name of Peña Zerpa.

By registration of the work to the Civil Association Cine Venezolano authorizing 100% (organizer of the FESTIVERD) for display in the corresponding period the festival and the events before and after. FESTIVERD turn undertakes such advance notice exhibition.

The manager / director authorizes 100% Venezolano (organizing body of FESTIVERD) to use up to two minutes of the work for the purpose of promoting the festival on TV, internet and / or the Civil cinema Film Association.

The works selected in competition that have not been released in Caracas can not compete or displayed in another festival or show in Caracas, pending participate in the FESTIVERD 2018.

The manager / director responsible for not affect the copyright of third parties and exempts the organizers of the International Film and Video Festival Green -FESTIVERD (Civil Association Cine Venezolano 100%) from any liability. The / the undersigned responsible for the registration are made complete by intellectual property and copyright.

Declare to the organizers of FESTIVERD who alone / as responsible to any claim or demand concerning the material presented, and expressly agree to indemnify the Civil Association Cine 100% Venezuelan to any claim or demand, including claims of rights copyright and / or other rights lawyers expenses, and other expenses arising from such circumstances.

The film received Blue Ray and DVD formats will be stored in the library of the Civil Association Cine Venezolano 100% without any profit. FESTIVERD reserves the right to retain the DVD / Blue Ray copy for your records.

The 2017 jury will be composed entirely of Venezuelans and foreigners resident in Venezuela. Opportunity for the new generation and for those who have remained anonymous but whose work and experience qualify him as a judge is guaranteed.

The results of the jury will be recorded in writing and with the signatures of each.

Each of the jurors agree not to disclose the names of (the) director (as) and the titles of the films that are winning in any media or any virtual social network (blogs, facebook, twitter and related). The result will be revealed during the act intended for it.

Not be declared void on any competitive section.

The tie by category is not allowed. It is allowed only one winner competitive section.

You can create up to two honorable mentions in the competition.

In case of unjustified absence of a jury examiner, the Jury President can do without a vote.

Any additional information can obtain it by writing to email festiverdvenezuela@gmail.com.



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