Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes Sobre Personas Mayores (FICMA Salamanca) (9)

International Short Film Festival on elderly people (FICMA Salamanca)


17 Apr 2024
Call for entries

01 Sep 2024
Final deadline


30 Sep 2024
Notification date

20 Oct 2024
26 Oct 2024


Corregidor Caballero Llanes, 15, bajo,  37005, Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain

Festival description
Films about older people.
Short film festival >1' 15'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2023
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 15'<
 Any language
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Photo of Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes Sobre Personas Mayores  (FICMA Salamanca)
Photo of Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes Sobre Personas Mayores  (FICMA Salamanca)

Photo of Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes Sobre Personas Mayores  (FICMA Salamanca)
Photo of Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes Sobre Personas Mayores  (FICMA Salamanca)


Festival start: 20 October 2024      Festival end: 26 October 2024

The International Festival of Intergenerational Short Films on the Elderly (FICMA) was born within the Federation of Associations of the Elderly of Salamanca (FAMASA) with the aim of providing a cultural offer that contributes to improving the quality of life of the elderly, even with dependence or disfunctions by bringing them closer to a full citizenship and offering the cultural heritage of which they are protagonists. It is celebrated every year between September and October since 2016 in the city of Salamanca, being a meeting of intergenerational culture

The Festival poses as a place of debate and discourse for questions such as: How has cinema treated old age? The reflection of the role of the elderly in the family, sentimental, emotional and social relationships. The positive or negative consequences of cinema into stereotypes and believings about the elder and even if it treats the same way both man and women.

The importance of dignifying the intergenerational relationships between youngsters and elderlies becames vital in order to find ways towards a better future.


The goal of the FICMA is to archieve the people from Salamanca to be closer to the cinema from a third age perspective. This festival is a golden opportunity to offer a cinema party to the city and an active and positive vision from this part of the population.
The festival has as a goal to show the positive part of the elders and to reforce the intergenerationals relationships.

The communication to the authors from the selected films will be notified trough phone or e-mail. Simultaneously, the list of the works selected will be published in the social media of the festival and the Federation.

The prizes will be:
Fiction: 500€ and a prize.
Documental: 250€ and prize.
Especial from the public: 200€ and prize.
The Golden Charrito: 150€ and prize. (*)
(* This prize is only from films recorden in Salamanca that shows its most famous places)

Ins this part, it will be contemplated the next conditions:

The jury reserves any right to give the special accésit to any films presented.
The prizes can be subject of fiscals retentions.
Participant will be responsible of owning all of the rights over the films.


The associations of the Elderl of Salamanca calls the IX edition of the festival

They could be able to participate both individual and colectives.
Evety participant will be able to send up to two films, both documental of fiction.
All of the films sent have to include subtitles in spanish, independently from the original audio.
It will be valued positively that the works focus on the promotion of the positive values related with elder people with/without dependence, leaving themes of death and loneliness. Nevertheless, dramatic-themed movies can be posted.
Although, the inclussion and treatment of intergenerational relationships will be valued positively, recognizing the importance of interaccions between different generations.
Works made before 2023 will not be admitted.
Works shown before in the festival will be accepted.
The minimun duration of the films will be of 3 minutes, up to 15 minutes, excluding credits.
The original recordings have to be done in digital video.
The formats of the films have to be either MP4 and MOV, with compression H264.
The title of the films and author name have to be in the archive name.

The following information is mandatory to formalize the inscription and have to be remited by the platforms Wetransfer o Google Drive in the following mail: ficmasalamanca.contacto@gmail.com with the film title and the producer as the "issue".
The form of inscription and artistic file have to be filled correctly.
Fotocopy of the identification card of the author in pdf/jpg.
Two frames of the films in jpg.
Picture of the author.
Filmography with a picture of the author.
Brief sipnosis.
Mentions and/or prices (if have).
Once recieved the film, the reception will be confirmed via e-mail, furthermore, the Wetransfer platform will send an e-mail one the organization has downloaded the docs.


Inscription: The opening of the platforms will be opened on April 15th. 2024 and ends September 30.
Inauguration: October 20th. 2024
Activities: There will be activities related to the festival within the week of the October 21st. to the 24th. 2024.
The Final Gala and prizes will take part October 26th 2024 in the Teatro Juan de la Enzina (USAL)

The works sent will be somitted to a preselection from the comitee, that will determine if they are selected for the selection.
The organization reserves the right of declining a film cause of problems with sound and picture problems.
The comitee with have a selection with a number of films that considers appropiate.
For the competition, the jury will be constituted an official commission composed by proffesionals froms the sector.
The votes will be completely secret.
The jury can declare as empty any prize if it considers that the candidates do not archieve the quality needed.
The jury has authority to take dessicions about any aspects not comtemplated in the rules.



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