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22 Nov 2015
Call for entries

20 Dec 2015
Festival closed

27 Mar 2016
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08 Apr 2016
08 Apr 2016


Jablanovecka 37,  10000, Zagreb, Croatia, Croatia

Festival description
Comedy films
Short film festival 15'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  15'<
Croatian English
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Festival start: 08 April 2016      Festival end: 08 April 2016

Laughter :)

Laughter is the cure and the best means of combating the problems of life, it is also free and does not issue a prescription.
One of the greatest remedies that we have invented, and heal the world, entertaining it too.

Weed to entice and use laughter to achieve happiness and success in life.
Laughter is the art and skill of the world's most powerful habit.

Laughter is the exhaust valve of our soul, but it's a matter of us shell we use it.

It's reflects many virtues such as generosity, selflessness, optimism, altruism, hope, empathy, joy, serenity, happiness ...

These are just some of the thousands of words being sung in his honor, and that is why we, as FIFES's organisers, decided to provide the opportunity for all people of good will who want to express their creative soul, a very unique, funny, lighthearted way, through the art of film as a wonderful way of human expression.

Send us your work and thus force a smile on our faces.

We do not laugh because we're happy, but we are happy because we laugh
Who laughs the last, laughs too late ...

Commission will assign 3 prizes in each group.

Children Commission awarded its prize in the category of up to 18y.

Audience Award, shall be awarded based on ballots.

Rewards are copyright prof. Aurelija Rogic.
With the award, each individual author or group will receive a certificate.

ARTICLE I : General Settings
4rd FIFES will be held on April 8th 2015 in Zagreb. Exact place will be published on the website of the festival The purpose of the festival is to encourage and promote human serenity, joy and laughter, as an important factor condition of the human spirit. In this way we will promote one of the human qualities, which in this time of hustle and weight of life is very important, but often neglected. The various authors will present the Croatian public their creative work, and the cheerful atmosphere to socialize with their peers and their contribution to positively influence the development of film production and culture in Croatia.
FIFES will present movies in two separate festivals FIFES JUNIOR and FIFES SENIOR:

ARTICLE II : Organization
The organizer of FIFES SENIOR is Association of Mystical creatures based in Jablanovečka 37, Zagreb, Croatia.

ARTICLE III : Category and genre
a. Domestic authors up to 18 year
b. Foreign authors up to 18 year
The genres are: Animated, documentary, fiction and other funny movies.

ARTICLE IV : Report and its terms
The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2015. Signing up is free. Each independent author or association may submit a maximum of three films. The film can be submit by It must be sent to the sender and movies recorded HDV or DVD video format. On email should be send 2 images from the film and the completed application form and short description. All movies from one independent author or associations can be put on one common medium. For each movie should be filled one application form. If a movie isn’t in Croatian it has to have subtitled in English.

Address of the festival is:
For 4rd FIFES, Udruga Mistična bića
Jablanovečka 37
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Email Festival is:

Films must not last longer than 15 minutes.

Films that promote racism or any other form of intolerance or pornography are not included in the selection committee.

Eligible are the films that have not been reported in the third fifes

ARTICLE V : Selection and projections
Main Commission consists of three members, who will choose the films that will enter the competition. Festival organizers will on the website inform the authors if their films entered in the competition.

The awards were statues with the logo of Fifes and diplomas.

ARTICLE VII : Press materials and shipments
By signing the application, independent author, leader or organization that submitted the film authorizes the festival to use and publish all listed materials in the festival catalog and the use of material in print media and on TV (up to 3 min.) for promoting the festival in media. Movies on DVDs will not be returned to authors and remain in the archives of the festival. Selection committee of the festival reserves the right to reject the copies on technical quality, which can cause possible problems during the screening. Subsistence and travel costs are borne by the participants of the festival.

Films whose authors agree, will be screened on Croatian territory at events FIFES on his shoulder, at the option of organizers and the selection committee.

ARTICLE IX : Final Provisions
These Regulations are written in English and Croatian. In case of ambiguity in the interpretation of the text, Croatian version is taken as a starting point. Items that are not covered by these Rules shall be considered directly by the festival organizers in accordance with generally established Rule. All participants of the festival accept this Regulations. In case of complaints, for all the issues related to the festival, is responsible exclusively competent court in Zagreb.



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