Међународни фестивал филмске и видео уметности за нову ненасилну културу мира ()

Film and video art for a new non-violent culture of peace


01 Jun 2023
Call for entries

05 Aug 2023
Festival closed

23 Dec 2023
Notification date

22 Dec 2023
22 Dec 2023


Milosa Bajica 7,  21000, Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia

Festival description
Short film festival 3'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  3'<
 Any language
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Photo of Међународни фестивал филмске и видео уметности за нову ненасилну културу мира
Photo of Међународни фестивал филмске и видео уметности за нову ненасилну културу мира
Photo of Међународни фестивал филмске и видео уметности за нову ненасилну културу мира
Photo of Међународни фестивал филмске и видео уметности за нову ненасилну културу мира


Festival start: 22 December 2023      Festival end: 22 December 2023

Every artist bears his own responsibility for the state of reduced and diminished power of art in the modern world. We need to find new models of creation and a new peace-making and myth-making language and code of the new art of a non-violent culture of peace.

With his film, the artist can convey emotional impulses so that the viewer's soul, under the influence of the film, feels peace, harmony, happiness or restlessness, disorder and unhappiness of the artist as his own emotions. Therefore, the film has the role of a psychagogue, i.e. the guide of the soul, that is, the great power for freeing or enslaving the soul of the viewer. That's why the artist should and must be aware of his artistic actions and work, i.e. responsible for the feelings they evoke in viewers.

Can the language of film and video art, to begin with, bring closer and connect cultures and peoples (their ideas and symbols) that are in conflict and conflict so that they can better recognize and recognize each other's right to different meaning of styles of living, creating and existing ? Can film and video art, artists and their works build a bridge between opposing fundamentalist and radical political, economic, philosophical and religious ideologies and dogmas and thus reduce extreme hatreds and radical conflicts?

Film and video art for a new non-violent culture of peace is such an art that has the power to overcome tensions between religions, languages, peoples and cultures. It is an art that, with its stylistic and montage matrices of forms and symbols that communicate or convey ideas and emotions, restores faith in the common genetic pool of all humanity that no longer wants to deal with itself alone, i.e. to support unnatural programs and agendas that lead to new divisions, conflicts and "voluntary", read violent, domination of one over another, elimination of "different", read disobedient, war of all against all and self-destruction.

Every responsible film and video artist should try to design and realize in his works of art a beneficial intersection and permeation of the opposing forces of reality and utopia, limitations and freedom, subjective and objective, material and spiritual. It is necessary to create a new ascetic film and video art of a non-violent culture of peace that can become the common heritage of people today, if we want to preserve and guarantee the sustainable development of the diversity of the differences of the specifics of humanity tomorrow.

From all selected works (maximum 45), the jury will choose in the second round of judging (October 1 - 15, 2023) those that most satisfy the criteria of the festival and award the three best works with the gold, silver and bronze order of the knight of the art of non-violent culture of peace from the "Matica mira" Foundation. Novi Sad. Other artists will receive diplomas of special recognition by the jury and diplomas of appreciation and will be informed which three works received the most points.

All 45 best authors will be notified no later than October 31, 2023 and invited to attend the opening of the festival of selected film and video works at the "International Festival of Film and Video Arts for a New Nonviolent Culture of Peace" and will be awarded medals, diplomas and certificates of appreciation, and if there are donors and sponsors of the festival, they will also receive corresponding monetary awards.
The official announcement of the three winners, the awarding of medals, diplomas, certificates of appreciation and desirable cash prizes will take place on the opening day of the festival in December 2023. The orders will be presented to them personally or through embassies if they cannot, due to possible new pandemic measures, come to the opening of the festival in Novi Sad. The authors of all selected works (45) will be sent diplomas in electronic form or delivered in cardboard form if they come in person to the opening of the festival.

In addition to the order, the three first-prized and decorated artists will also receive the title of Knight of the Art of Nonviolent Culture of Peace of the Foundation "Mother of Peace" Novi Sad, and their awarded film or video works will be sent in electronic form, with the author's permission, with our recommendation, for inspection by the United Nations and UNESCO .
All three award-winning artists will be given the opportunity to give short lectures to the audience (live or via Skype) about their view on engaged art of non-violent culture of peace and peacemaking in the modern world.

During the duration of the festival, a round table will be held with the same theme of the competition "Film and video art for a new non-violent culture of peace" where, in addition to the conclusions, the "Respectable Manifesto of film and video art for a new non-violent culture of peace" will be signed.

1. Every adult film and video artist from any country in the world has the right to prepare one author's work in free form and genre.

2. Up to three minutes duration.

3. Subtitled in English.

The competition criteria are: anti-war engagement of nonviolence and peacemaking, aḫimsa, constructive criticism of stable narratives, new spirituality, ascetic art of responsible freedom, newly created artistic values without canceling tradition, art towards tradition and its modernization, ascetic art and balancing ideas and emotions, film and video art in peacemaking diplomacy, the future of peacemaking art in the 21st century, art inspired by the sources of ḫarmonia, anti-apocalyptic film and video peacemaking art.

The author's work, lasting a maximum of three minutes, is sent in electronic form along with the completed application form (attached) and a scanned proof of the payment of the symbolic registration fee for participation in the competition, to the organizer by email in JPEG format, which will be used for the costs of organizing the Festival, the costs of making medals , diploma of special recognition by the jury, certificate of appreciation and designing and printing of posters and multilingual catalog of the festival, costs of the festival opening ceremony.



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