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17 Feb 2018
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31 May 2018
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31 Jul 2018
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05 Oct 2018
07 Dec 2018


Smetanovo náměstí 7,  702 00, Ostrava, Moravskoslezsky kraj, Czech Republic

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Outdoor films
Short film festival
Feature film festival

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 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
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Photo of International Festival of Outdoor Fims
Photo of International Festival of Outdoor Fims
Photo of International Festival of Outdoor Fims
Photo of International Festival of Outdoor Fims


Festival start: 05 October 2018      Festival end: 07 December 2018

The International Festival of Outdoor Films is a competitive touring cine-meeting of outdoor films. Within last fourteen years it has become one of the largest touring festivals in the World. In 2017 the festival visited 54 Czech and Slovak places. The Festival focuses on the sports and life with outdoor topics, on the adventure, extreme, adrenalin and travel films.

• A) adventure and extreme sport film – sports in the nature ( except climbing, mounteneering and water sports), skiing, extreme skiing, bikes, paragliding, speleology etc.

• B) climbing and mountaineering film – climbing sports, mountineering in expeditions, climbing on ice, polar expeditions, mountain landscape, man and mountains

• C) Adventure water sport film – rafting, water sports, cayaking, canoeing, yachting, diving, surfing, long-distance swimming,underwater speleology etc.

• D) Travel film ( films of special travel character not ranked in categories A,B or C)

Grand Prix - main award

Rules of the 16th International Festival of Outdoor Films® 2018 („IFOF“)

IFOF Organizer states following Competition Rules valid for 2018

IFOF focus is on adventure, extreme, adrenaline and travel film. On audience interested in extreme sports as well as travel expeditions and different cultures. IFOF is a touring competion film festival in places in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and eventually with co-operation of organisers in other countries. Organizers mission is to present films in IFOF competition all around the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and eventually with co-operation of organisers in other countries..


Filmmakers from the Czech Republic and all around the world, professionals as well as amateurs, film and TV producers are welcome to participate in IFOF competition tour. Submitted films must fulfill the conditions and rules of this competition. Also films submitted in the previous years of the IFOF or for other competitions and festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad can be submitted. The submitted films are not limited by year of creation.


IFOF is organised by OUTDOOR FILMS s.r.o., with registered office at: Smetanovo nám.7, 702 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic, ID No.: CZ28614593, Tel. No.: +420 739 016 466,,


IFOF – competition and touring festival of sports, adventure, extreme, adrenaline and travel film will be opened in Ostrava and it will take place also in selected towns around Czech Republic, Slovakia and eventually with co-operation of organisers in other countries from September to December 2018. The Final ceremony and award night takes place in Prague.


Films participating in the competition will be evaluated by festival jury choosen by the Organizer. Festival jury decision is final. The jury choosen by the Organizer will choose from submitted films matching the criteria stated for IFOF competition. Films in competition will be screened around cinemas and in other public organisations co-operating on IFOF in selected towns and co-operating organisations participating in festival tour. Festival jury has the right:

a. to reject films of poor quality, family or advertising nature, or for any other reason.
b. to reclassify films into different categories.
c. to cancel festival cathegory or award if the number of films submitted in this category is insufficient for opening a competition.

Selected films will be screened in co-organizing towns and organisations during the Festival.


Submitted films will be divided into the following categories announced for the relevant year.

A: Adventure and extreme sports film – outdoor sports (except for mountain climbing and water sports, for example, mountain biking, skiing, extreme skiing, ski-alpinism, speleology, paragliding, parachuting, aviation, motor sports, and others)
B: Mountain film (mountain climbing films, rock climbing, ice climbing, mountain scenery, man & mountains)
C: Adventure water sports film (rafting, watercraft sports, canoeing, yachting, diving, surfing, long-distance swimming, man & water)
D: Travel film (films exclusively of travel nature, not listed in the A, B C categories)

The films may also be animated, historical (filmed in previous years or black & white). The films must be listed in one of the above cathegories. Otherwise the films will be considered Non-Competing (N) category, in which the film can be screened but without any entitlement to any award.


Awards of IFOF 2018:

a. main festival Award - GRAND PRIX
b. award in each category (A, B, C, D) – 1st, 2nd, 3rd place;
c. special award

Winners will receive material prizes from sponsors and organisers of the IFOF, diplomas and a glass relief. Each participant of IFOF will receive a certificate and a catalogue. The Organisers states to send the prize not later than in 3 months after the end of the Festival – meaning last screening in the last Festival town. IFOF organisers will publish the list of winning films in selected sport and public media in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and eventually in other countries (also in the following years after film submission). IFOF Organisers will also inform about the Festival films and, if possible, offer the winning films to TV companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and eventually other countries. If interested, the organisers will contact the copyright holder. Festival jury reserves the right to cancel an award or to give more awards to one film.


Application form for the IFOF competition and touring festival must be sent for each film separately using the IFOF form available on IFOF web page, via FilmFreeway or FestHome. All mandatory fields have to be filled in (contact addresses, tel. numbers, e-mails, etc). A functional copy of each film must be available to festival organisers by 31. 5. 2018:

First option is to use IFOF online storage You can also use any file share service (like Vimeo, weTransfer, Dropbox, etc.) and send the download link to, enable for download on FilmFreeway, or FestHome.

Optimal video requirements: HD1080p, HD1080i, HD720p, HD720i. Formats: wmv, mp4, mov(h264), mpg.

IFOF jury has the right to exclude damaged copies, or copies of poor quality from the competition.

The application will be accepted if, by May 31st, 2018, the following conditions are met (films, applications or other materials sent later will be automatically registered into the following Festival year 2019):

a) The application form includes all mandatory data and short description of the film (up to 500 characters).
b) Copy of the film received without any errors.
c) Films must be either in Czech or Slovak language, or with dialogue list including timecodes in English (please send to
d) At least 3 photographs (also more is possible) are sent in an electronic format to Photographs to be sent in the highest possible quality. Photographs will be used for film and IFOF presentation.

Films will be screened in the provided original language version with Czech subtitles (translated from the provided dialogue list with timecodes in English). Films sent to the IFOF internet storage or to our correspondence address without a valid application form as mentioned above will not be accepted. IFOF organisers are entitled to make copies of selected films exclusively for the purpose of archivation or festival promotion, presentation of IFOF films in media and other events related to IFOF. Author of the film also gives rights to the organisers to screen the accepted film in the following years after the festival tour of IFOF (for the purpose of showing award wining films or other films of IFOF). Travel costs to the place of IFOF competition will not be compensated. Costs associated with shipping an award to the authors of awarded films as well as festival promotion materials, souvenirs, etc. is compensated from organisers budget.


Film-makers that applied for IFOF touring festival give rights to festival organisers for public screening of their film for the duration of the touring competition (for festival in Ostrava and other towns of Czech Republic, Slovakia and eventually on places in other co-operating countries). They also give rights to screen parts of the submitted films for IFOF promotion purposes in media, on social networks, public events, in film invitation to IFOF that will be screened in cinemas, TV, on the internet and internet social networks, or in other media or also on public events (also in the following years after submission). Submissioner of the film also gives rights to the organiser to screen the accepted film in the following years after submission to the festival tour of IFOF.

Organisers are not liable for violation of copyright if the films are submitted to the IFOF touring competition by authors or producers violating copyright for the film including the copyright for music or other parts of the submitted film. Organizers state not to offer any of the films submitted for the IFOF touring competition for sale unless agreed with the film author - e.g. screening the film in TV, cinema screening distribution, etc. Submitted films will serve only for the purpose of screening on IFOF touring competition, presentation of IFOF and the films on events in towns of Czech Republic, Slovakia or eventually on places in other co-operating countries, for the purpose of archivation in IFOF archive and promotional screening for the purpose of IFOF and film promotion (also in the following years after submission). Producers and authors of the submitted films state to mention IFOF on other festivals, screenings and public events that their film won an award or participated on IFOF touring competion festival.

Photographs sent together with the application form become the property of IFOF and will be used for festival presentation/promotion in all media. The same is applicable also for any following year of the IFOF touring festival. Photographs can also be used on festival posters and on other IFOF printed or electronic visual presentation. This is valid for any following years of IFOF.


Authors of films listed in the competition categories are invited to the IFOF 2018. The Organisers send VIP tickets for the entire Festival in all towns, invitations to the opening ceremony in Ostrava and the award night in Prague. The organisers will compensate accomodation in Prague for the award night, to the winners from abroad, for 2 persons. The Organisers will not compensate transport costs to any of the Festival places (unless agreed with the filmmaker). The authors are obliged to report their arrival and accommodation lead-time to the Festival Organisers in advance.


Participation in the touring competition and IFOF 2018 festival is valid only if the author or producer submitting the film into the competition, approves all articles of above mentioned rules and gives the copyright for public production/screening during this competition and in accordance with all articles of the above rules by submitting the application form.

Mgr. Jiří Kráčalík
Director and the founder of the festival



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